Poland held his hand and wouldn't let go; he led the way and barked out orders to his ally. Did he really care, or did he just want to be in charge? Lithuania wasn't sure, but he had no choice but to go along with it. Their bosses had made an alliance and that meant that the two kids would be stuck together for a while.

"Then I was, like, no way, you know?" Poland liked to hear the sound of his voice, but Lithuania always listened very politely. "I mean, come on! Hoods and armor are so yesterday! Like, who wears that anymore? I mean, come on!"

"I don't know," Lithuania said thoughtfully in his smaller, meek voice. "Don't you need armor to protect yourself in battle? Besides that England kid likes hood—"

"No way!" Poland said. "All you need is battle ponies who can run over the enemy, you know!"

Lithuania wasn't sure if that was true, but he knew arguing about it was useless. "Well…if you say so."

Even though he wasn't really trying to be, Poland was a demanding person once he had a hold of someone. Forming a friendship was hard for him, though, so instead he preferred to just stick with Lithuania who would already listen to him. He was so shy towards strangers that he would push Lithuania ahead to talk to them. If they were friendly enough, or gullible enough, Poland would quickly jump in and take charge. This bothered Lithuania, but still, he didn't have much of a choice.

Lithuania actually needed the help. Before he became Poland's friend, he was always getting beat up by the older countries. But even Prussia would occasionally show up and throw acorns at him or jump on him if he was really excited. Lithuania tried to make weapons to defend himself, but no one took him seriously. All he could do was hold a shield up all day to protect from the constant attacks. He noticed that once he became friends with Poland all of it stopped. So that was why he went along with Poland's sort of mental abuse.

Hungary had visited that day in order to check on Lithuania. He had given 'Lithy' a few words of advice on the competition and sort of helped him out a few times. Lithuania liked Hungary, but Poland didn't seem to, probably due to the fact that Hungary was so 'free-spirited.' It was a shame, though, because Hungary and Poland both admired horses and would probably have more in common than they thought.

As for Prussia, neither Poland nor Prussia could stand each other and often clashed heads and argued. The Teutonic Knights had converted Poland, but Prussia still hated him and they tended to stay away from each other. Lithuania still held polytheistic beliefs, though, and that was probably why Prussia picked on him so much. Poland was a safe haven for Lithuania and so staying here would obviously be more beneficial than fending for himself.

Then, there was that other child…He always showed up when the snow would be heavy. He had an ominous aura surrounding him and Lithuania's dog always turned vicious when he was around. The child's hands would be scratched up and his body would be bruised, but a smile was on his face to hide the pain. Torn clothes and white scarf would distinguish him from the snowy background. Every warning in Lithuania's head would be going off upon seeing this eerie child, but he was always too frightened to move. He offered to be the childs's friend, but the kid refused saying that they could only be friends 'once he was stronger.' Lithuania never learned this one's name, but he had already met him twice.

Lithuania gripped Poland's hand tighter. All of their neighbors were pretty frightening. He felt as if Poland was the only one whom he could trust at this time and also felt a sense of comfort and relief. His heart felt warm to the thought that he was safe at last.

This is the real end, guys. What happens afterwards? I love history lessons!

Hungary will be converted with Poland and Austria's help and eventually accepts her role as a woman, though her tomboy tendencies remained. She became very devoted to God and favors listening to Austria's music once she became a servant in his house.

Prussia will continue to tease and pick on the other countries, but he favors doing that to Hungary and Austria until he finds out that Hungary is not a boy but a girl once they reach puberty. Soon after this, he found out what the Teutonic Knights real priorities were and suddenly it wasn't a game anymore. They could plunder, kill, and rape without answering to anyone. This came as a shock to the little faithful boy. He thought the words 'or be tortured' was just a figure of speech. This and other traumatic events will eventually lead to Prussia's loss in faith and his belief in his own human abilities.

Turkey was a strong might and almost conquered all of Europe with his Ottoman Empire. Met with resistance, his spunky spirit took centuries to finally relax a little. He is still not on good terms with the people of his youth, especially Greece, but actually found an admirable spirit in Japan after they rescued one another.

After a long battle, Lithuania will be ripped away by Russia while Poland only laughed at the 'expression on his face.' I think poor Lithuania is the only one who really gets ripped off by a friend here. (except for Prussia's heartbreak upon finding out Hungary's secret, but that really wasn't her fault). Poland will still be Lithy's friend, but Lithuania will always have mixed feelings about their relationship because of that betrayal. He can't decide whether he likes or hates Poland.

Poland wasn't very strong, but he could never be kept down for long and became known as a "Rising Phoenix" because of this. His longstanding relationship with Lithuania is missed, but he feels so confused about it that he doesn't speak much on it and tries to change the subject. He still has difficulty making friends, but had control over the Baltic States until they're taken away by Sweden/Finland and eventually Russia as well. His fondness for ponies and fashion remains.

Russia is a rising power that everyone in Europe was beginning to fear, but he was a mystery that no one understood. He was becoming strong and intimidating. Not much was known about him for a while besides that his country was in turmoil and violence was a normal occurrence there.

I feel bad, but that's how it happens. Thanks for reading it to the end, meine freunds. Sorry if my rough history lesson is inaccurate in any way, but I sort of put a little twist on some parts. That's what Hetalia's about anyway, right? If you liked the story or have anything to add, please leave me feedback. I appreciate.