Hey guys, I'm new here and this is my first fanfiction so please be merciful with me. I read another story with pirates and princesses and I've already thought about writing own stories but I wasn't sure if I have enough talent. And I'm not a native speaker, so… This story is about a princess and pirates too. I hope Natsu and co. have the character of the real ones in the manga/anime but it's kinda hard to write a fanfiction with the real character of them. So enjoy my first fanfiction and sorry about mistakes I made. As I said I'm not a native speaker.

Chapter 1

Lucy looked out of one of the windows of her room and thought about a solution to get out of this trouble. Her dad had finally caught the infamous pirate crew "Fairy Tail". Or a part of them. They disturbed Mr. Heartfilia in his job several times. Lucy's father had a huge concern which traded with ships but many costumers doubted about the success with boats because they were pirates out there and the business with for example trains were much safer.

So Mr. Heartfilia wanted revenge on the pirates. His live target was to rot out them after his wife died. His love for Lucy disappeared slowly. And now he had caught the Fairy Tail crew and there was nothing anymore that prevent him to get even richer. That wasn't necessary, their mansion was huge enough to get lost in it and they were royal too, so there was always a sum of money. But Lucy`s father always wanted more and more.

Exactly that was Lucy`s problem. Today her father gave a party because of the caught of the pirates and they will be executed today evening. All that was false, Lucy knew that but she would have lived with it, if it was just that. But her dear father had decided that today evening Lucy´s fiancé will be chosen. Probably it would be an old, fat man with a big wealth, so his daughter would be merchandise too. Lucy wished a hundred times already that she would be ugly. But unfortunately her mother was one of the prettiest women of this world. That was heritable. No one would wait to catch a young cute girl if he's ugly and fat and old.

Lucy groaned and walked over to her bed. It's troublesome to be too cute. She laid down on her bed and thought again about a solution. She wouldn't let her get married like merchandise. She had already scare off several guys. But this time it wouldn't be this easy because her father prayed that she will marry tomorrow. She had already talked to him but Mr. Heartfilia hadn't listen.

Lucy jumped out of her bed as she got the perfect idea. If there isn't a bunch pirates to execute there wouldn't be a party with a fiancé, right? Lucy clapped into her hands happily. No one else knew this mansion like her, because she had often played hide and seek with her mother the time she was still alive. Her father said that the pirates are in the prison in the second floor. No one knew why the prison were in the second floor and not in the cellar like usual but they were far away from the residential interiors so everything was nice with them.

Let's see…I have to run down the corridor and go in the living room of this wing so it's mine and I won't be disturbed (giggle). There I will take the secret gang to the toilet of the east wing. There won´t be anybody because the east wing is just restored and dad lives still in the north wing. I hope. Then I have to go to the library and take the secret gang to the prison. There I have to take care that no one will see me. I will release the pirates and let them, uhm, what then? I can't just drag them through the mansion to the front door. They're too many guards. Wait, in the third prison is a removable wall, right? I'll just let them go through this. Lucy you`re so smart! But maybe they want to take me as a hostage once I opened the prison. They're still pirates! I need a disguise.

Lucy opened her dressing room and found next to her thousand dresses a pair of short trousers and a tank top. She took off her dress and put on the trousers and the top. But something lacked. Right, she needed something for her head because they would recognize her, if she show them her face. She couldn't just use one of her hats, that would look weird but she reminded a tricorn, one of the potential fiancés had forgotten here. She found it in one of the corners of her wallboard. She put it on and looked in the mirror. The first moment she couldn't say or think anything. Wow, she looked like a new person! Fast she pulled herself together and walked out of her dressing room. She opened the door of her room and looked out for a guard or anything else. No one was on the corridor. She ran towards her living room and shut the door behind her. She walked over to a shelf and pulled on one of the Fabergé Eggs. A door next to the shelf in the wall opened. Lucy scoot through it and shut it fast. It was dark inside of the gang but Lucy knew that the gang was small enough to make out the way by touch. Lucy stretched her arms until she found the walls next to her and went through the gang slowly.

After half the way she groped a slimy thing on her right and she squeaked a minute. She regretted already to go without any good planning. But it was for her future, right? Lucy took again a step and bumped in a wall in front of her. Groaning she touched on her forehead and touched something wet. Scared she flinched a little. She bled? That was rare. The last time she had bled was years ago. Lucy shrugged and touched the wall in front of her. So she was already on her finish? She thought she had walked just half the way.

She punched one of the bricks and the wall began to open. She walked in the bright bath room. Her eyes hurt by the sudden light. She needed a minute to see something again. Lucy opened the door of the toilet and looked around for guards or a lost guest or –the worst- her father. Nobody was seen. She ran fast towards the next corner. There she stopped and looked again around before she ran towards the huge library of the mansion. There she stopped first to get a candle and a match before she walked to a shelf. She pulled out one of the books and pushed the button behind it. The as a shelf disguised door shot open and Lucy jumped out of the way so she couldn't get hurt from it. Since when was this door so fast?

Lucy shrugged the shock off and walked through the door. Before she shut the door, she lit the candle. The gang was now light enough to get through it without a slimy thing and a bloody forehead. Lucy walked now faster too. She needed to hurry, so her father couldn't find her room empty the time he tells her that the party starts. She found the end of the gang fast. She kneed in front of it and punched again one of the bricks again. The small door shot open. Fast she reached out to stop the door to bounce again the wall and inform the guard that she's here. She crawled through the door and searched for the prison with the pirates. She knew the guard was on the right behind a corner so she walked to the left first. Soon, she heard voices.

'Natsu give up. We won't find a way out of this cell.', a female voice said.

'How can you just give up? I won't let us get killed by this fucking bastard', a male voice said.

'Sometimes there isn't a way to get out of a hopeless situation. That's why it's called hopeless, Flame brain', an another voice said.

'Wanna go, Ice bastard?'

'Oh please, no fighting!', the female voice said again.

Some loud groans and cracks and this came out of the cell.

'Levy said no fighting!', a hard male voice said.

Lucy slowly appeared in front of the cell and saw three men, two punching and a girl. Poor girl to get in jail with three men! One of the men had pink hair what made her giggle slightly. The others looked normal. Just the girl looked as if she get a heart attack. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Lucy. Probably she thought that they're going to get executed now. Lucy gestured her to be quiet. She frowned. The man who wasn't punching looked at Lucy now curious. He had flinched slightly as she came but looked as if nothing can surprise him. The two punching guys haven't recognized her yet.

Lucy pulled out a hairpin. She poked in the keyhole with it. Soon there was a click and the door opened. The girl looked at her surprised. The man stared at her in disbelief and then he separated the two fighting men and showed them the open door. The two of them were smart enough to stay quiet. Lucy gestured them to follow her. She opened the door of the third cell and kneed in front of the right wall. She punched –again- against the wall and a little hole appeared. She grabbed in it and pulled out the little part of the wall. The four pirates stared at her surprised.

The guy with the pink hair whispered: 'Amazing'

'Go', Lucy whispered and gestured them to go through the hole.

One of the punching guys, the one who looked normal jumped through the hole first. The girl jumped next and the normal-looking-not-punching guy after her. That was the moment the cell door shut. A loud bang appeared.

The guard screamed: 'Is there somebody?'

'SHIT', Lucy hissed. First she looked in disbelief on the door. Her plan was perfect and now a door crushed him. Then Lucy heard steps. Fast she pushed the pink haired guy through the hole, he was just as shocked as Lucy and whispered a slight 'Eh?' the moment she pushed him through the hole. Fast Lucy closed the hole and sat up again. She stood only a second before the guard appeared in front of the cell.

Cliffhanger! I'll try to update soon. Meanwhile you can think about what happen next! I wonder which punishment Lucy will get…