My Monster


Gaara looked at his hands; he saw the blood that no one else could. His regret was tempered by Shukaku writing in pleasure at the blood that stained the sand around him, everyone who crossed the boy died no one loved this child born from sin.

His little whispers; love me love me. That's all I ask for; love me love me.

All Gaara wanted was a kind soul to return the love that Gaara was sure he could give.

"Gaara?" came his sister's tentative whisper; her eyes wide at the blood stained sand around him. He looked away the bloodied sand filtering clean back into his gourd; dropping the blood with a warm sickening splash. Why couldn't his sister love him? All she saw was the monster within him… "Daddy says to come home and get ready for dinner. The Konoha ambassador and his daughter are here…"

"Whatever," Came Gaara's lifeless drone. His voice held no emotion. Not since the night he received his brand.

He battered his tiny fists; to feel something. Wandered what it's like to touch and feel something…

Gaara snarled and put on fist through the wall; his gaze icy cold. His father the great Hero of Suna Hiro Kaze couldn't even keep the hatred out of his eyes when he looks at his son…

Monster how should I feel? Creatures lie here looking through the windows.

He knew like Temari when his father looked at him all he saw was the Shukaku.

"G-Gaara-sama?" a servant's tiny whimper sounded from the doorway. Gaara's anger was barley bridled at her intrusion.

"What do you want Mikoto?' he snarled. She whimpered and stammered out:

"L-Lord H-Hiro said y-you have to c-come down for d-dinner." Her green eyes were wide in terror. It was sickening to Gaara that a grown woman was this fearful of a small ten year old boy. He raised a hand and the cork of his gourd popped off breaking a mirror and sand wrapped around Mikoto and slammed her against the opposite wall eliciting a panicked shriek of terror from her. He walked over to her and put his hand on her face; the sand that coated his skin slicing easily through her soft oily skin;

"You as a human have every right to fear me Mikoto. But don't worry I won't kill you yet." The sand dropped her and flew back to his gourd faster than light and he snarled; "Get out of my sight." The girl whimpered and got up running away from the boy.

In the dining room a dark haired man's head snapped up at the shriek; but Hiro growled out;

"It's just a servant. They fear my youngest son… if it was Mikoto she might still be alive."

"She… mightbe alive?" the male growled.

"My son had blood thirst and I would rather him kill the servants than my ninja or civilians." Hiro let his lip twitch.

"Da-daddy…" a small girl stood by the dark haired man; she wore a plain black long sleeved shirt and long pants with a red dragon design that matched the flaming shade of her hair. A silver necklace hung around her neck; it was beaded and had an upside-down circle with a circle around it..

"What's wring Ryoko?' the dark haired man asked and lifted her up, she buried her face in his shoulder;

"I'm scared Daddy. I smell him… he smells like blood and warm sand."

"Don't worry Ryoko. Daddy won't let anything happen to you" she smiled at him

Ryoko and her father were alike in many ways; she took a little after her deceased mother; having the faded violet pupiless eyes. Her father didn't believe in Jashinism like Ryoko's mother did. But he did have the same rusty red hair that lit up like fire in the sunlight.

A boy walked down; he had similarly red hair to the two; but it wasn't rusty or fiery; it was the deep crimson of blood. He wasn't much bigger than Ryoko but he wore a large heavy gourd on his back that had seals and cracks in it; it shuddered slightly as it there was a sand storm raging within its thin walls. He wore simple nin garb; different from most suna nin but the Konoha ambassador assumed that this was because he was different; with the abnormal bloody hair and black ringed teal eyes; he stood out anyway with his brother and father with their messy brown hair and dark brown eyes and sister with the short sandy blonde hair and honey eyes. His skin was paler too. Not one scar although he knew the child and his brother and sister should have been out on missions. His baggy black pants and tight black and net shirt had no dirt and no rips; unusual for living in a place full of dust and cruel elements.

Gaara looked at the two Konoha Nin. Their hair… like fire... he looked at the girl and his eyes darkened. She had pretty faded pink eyes; and her necklace gleamed in the light. He wondered what her blood would look like… what it would feel like between his fingers… warm or cold?

"Gaara, why are you wearing that filthy outfit? I thought I told you that you were to wear formal clothing and leave that gourd upstairs." Hiro growled. The Ambassador was surprised y the raw hatred in the man's voice for his son. The boy shot a glare at hi8s father shutting him up. The glare was one of those if-looks-could-kill-you'd-already-be-dead looks. He shuddered then smiled at the boy;

'Gaara-sama, it is nice to meet you I am Hakuro Miotsu." he smiled then gestured to his daughter standing behind him; "This is my daughter Ryoko." Gaara looked at Ryoko who tentatively walked up to Gaara and bowed slightly;

'Hello Gaara-sama." She whispered. He leaned over and growled;

'hello Pet." His voice was a quiet hiss that only she could hear; it sent shivers down her spine. She didn't know why; but she liked it.

They all had dinner together and spoke of politics. Gaara didn't eat the food that sat before him; instead he watched Ryoko like she was food; it both scared the small ten year old jashinist; and exited her, no one in Konoha looked at her with such… possessiveness.

Later that night; Gaara sat on the roof watching the moon like usual. Shukaku whispered things to him. About the girl. The Dragon of Jashin. Gaara growled softly and stood he went back into the house and crept into the room where Ryoko slept.

That night he caged her, Bruised and broke her

Gaara closed the door behind him as sand whipped forward creating a cage around him and the girl. His girl. His Dragon.

He struggled closer then he stole her

Gaara walked forward with a gleam in his eyes. He heard her quick breathing. She was awake; he was very surprised she hadn't screamed yet. he saw the frightened glow of her violet eyes and grabbed her wrists hard and pinned them above her head; sand wrapped around her ankles pinning her down. She let out a frightened whimper,

"Don't hurt me… please…" she yelped out quietly.

'Don't worry Pet. Your special. You belong to me."

Violet wrists and then her ankles Silent Pain

He placed a hand under her shirt on her stomach just under her right rib. Sand swirled under his hand; she screamed in pain just before sand clamped over her mouth- no one heart her.

'Shh… Pet its aright the pain will fade. But you will never escape me." He pushed chakra through the new bright red brand he had placed on her waist; a match to his own; it said Love in bright red against her pale skin. Her eyes widened as his dark chakra coursed through her; the light washed pink of her eyes faded out into a dark fuchsia. His eyes widened at the terror that flowed through his brand to him. He didn't know that her emotions would come to him through the brand. He had never felt anything like this. He snarled and fell back at the onslaught of fear and pain that hit him. He fell to his knees and put a hand to his head.

Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams
It was worth it. He could keep his pet.

The next day as Hakuro was bidding Hiro goodbye; Gaara grabbed Ryoko's shoulders; and growled against her ear;

"I will come for you my pet. You will be mine. And I take care of what belongs to me." Ryoko looked up into Gaara's light sea foam teal eyes; and smiled softly,

"Good bye Gaara-kun. I will see you soon." She liked the animalistic affection and possession she saw in his eyes. She turned and walked away with her father. She had sweetly asked him to go shopping before they left; and he had agreed. They had come back with him looking exceedingly disgruntled. She wore a long sleeved shirt that stopped just under her developing breast and a net undershirt that showed the brand on her waist. She had kept her black pants and nin boots. Gaara had smiled. His chakra had done its job already turning her into a more outgoing girl; though from what he knew about; as a Jashinist she would have become this way eventually. As they walked away he gave an animalistic grin and ignored his father's glare of hatred. He felt the anticipation glowing from the bond of his Brand from Ryoko. He like her was exited for their next meeting.

Monster, how should I feel? Creatures lie here Looking through the windows I will Hear their voices I'm a glass child, I am Hannah's regrets
Monster, How should I feel? Turn the sheets down Murder ears with pillow lace there's bath tubs Full of glow flies Bathe in kerosene their words tattooed in his veins, yeah!

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