The Waves mission

(There will only be little parts of the wave's mission.)


Ryoko growled as her Scythe sliced through water and the Demon of the Most soaked into the ground. She was furious with herself for having not noticed the demon's presence.


Ryoko was walking behind the smelly old oaf. She wrinkled her over sensitive nose in disgust at his scent of mixed alcohol tobacco and BO. Kakashi snarled out the order: DUCK! Ryoko dove forward and pinned Tanzua against the tree as a huge Zanbato cleaved through the tail of her jacket and into her back. She gasped and spat blood on Tanzua's face by accident. She grinned, her sharp teeth stained with blood frightening the older man,

"Sorry Tanzua-san." She turned around and pulled the sword from her back, it was taller than her, about as long as her scythe. She ran her finger along the bloodied blade. "Momochi, this is an Impressive blade, but mine is right up there with Hoshigaki's in fear factor, ne? You've fought with Sushi no?"

"Not many can stand after a hit from the Head Cleaver, Kitten." Zabuza Momochi stepped from the shadows, "If you hadn't got in my way with your families stupid Kage Ryu Hakori Yori. (Shadow Dragon Scale Armor)"

"Oh! You have spoken to Sushi since I last saw him! He isn't still thinking of joining that accursed Akatsuki ne?" Ryoko grinned, as if she were speaking with an old friend.

"I wouldn't know. Return my sword, little girl." Zabuza growled.

"Nah I think I'll fight you for it. How the bounty hunters will pay for your head." She picked up her scythe from the ground where she dropped it in her haste to protect Tanzua. She placed the Scythe on the ground, holding it upright, the wolf skull facing Zabuza, a wave of killing intent rippled from the girl, causing Kakashi to shrink against a tree, Naruto and Sasuke passed out, Tanzua pissed himself as he went unconscious. Zabuza's eyes widened as the empty sockets of the skull seemed to glow with darkness, the KI directed at him made him shiver in fear. This Gennin was more than she seemed. "If you can find a way to break my Shadow dome, you can have your stupid sword" she reached out with her hand and a shadow entwined around the sword.

End flashback

Somewhere nearby-

The sound of the body dragging was calming to the red head. He was walking behind the three others, his brother sister and sensei- not that the sensei was a sensei in the roughest terms. All he was was a babysitter, to try and help Gaara if he lost control. He frowned the feelings coming through his bond with Ryoko were confusing… fear pain… adrenaline filled power.

"Kankuro, Temari." He growled. Both the elder siblings looked back; they recognized the strained look that their brother's face was wearing. Kankuro walked back and put his hand on his shoulders,

"She's going to be ok, Gaara." Kankuro then jumped back when Gaara's yes went wide, and he hissed. Pain had exploded through the bond, and fear beyond any had ever come through before. Immediately he ran off in the direction of the village. Kankuro and Temari looked at Baki, who was standing there with the body slung over his shoulder,

"We have to go after him Baki. We will meet you at the bounty collection." They leaped after Gaara as he raced ahead at jounnen speeds.

Back with Ryoko

The Zanbato had been taken back as a clone had feinted towards Naruto; the clone was abolished with a swipe of the scythe. But as she was pulling back the Zanbato hit her back. It had driven down to her ribs and through muscles. She growled and drove a kunai into his leg as he pulled it out.

"That hurt bastard." She growled as she pulled the kunai from his leg. She jumped away, and grinned, "Ill show it back to you." She placed her foot in a splat of her blood and dragged it until she had made a circle then a triangle inside. She licked the kunai consuming his blood. Her eyes darkened nearly red, her skin became black as night and red tendrils appeared framing her eyes and mouth, curving around her belly and arms, looking kind of like a skeleton. She grinned and plunged the kunai into her belly, Zabuza gasped as a wide hole opened in his stomach. She grinned and hissed out, "how do you like your pain?" Zabuza screamed as she twisted the kunai around, digging deep into her stomach, his wound opened further, dripping large drops of crimson blood.

"Ryoko...?" Kakashi had been knocked out at some point and woke to watch Zabuza frozen and screaming as Ryoko drove her kunai deep into her belly. She dragged the kunai up, opening a deep long gash in Zabuza's belly. She giggled, and swayed obviously dizzy from chakra loss. Kakashi tried to get up, but could not. Suddenly though, a man appeared behind Ryoko. He was huge wearing a white rob that's collar rose to cover most his face, this robe also had swirls of green on it.

"Kitten, that is enough, you will fall soon if you don't release him." The large man rumbled, his huge sword on his back seemed to squirm in assent. Another boy appeared too. He was taller than Ryoko, meaning he was about the same size as Naruto, but obviously stronger by the look of the gigantic gourd on his back. Kakashi noticed from his vintage point that this one was a Suna gennin, who had the same marking on his forehead that Ryoko had on her waist.

"Ryoko –hime." The red haired boy growled seeing her covered in blood. His teal eyes flashed in anger as she collapsed against the large man.

"Hey Kitten your alright, remember you can't die." The large man's voice was tight in fear. The bondthat allowed Gaara to feel Ryoko went dark. He snarled and turned to the bloody man gasping on his knees. He walked over to the man and gripped his hair and pulled his heads back to look him in the eyes. It was like looking at death. No, it was like looking into the eyes of Cerberus, the girl. The girl was death.

"You will die slowly." He snarled. Sand whipped around him, and curled around each of Zabuza's limbs, and lifted him up. Three senbon came from nowhere and killed Zabuza hitting him in the throat. A small hunter Nin came from the trees and looked at Gaara,

"I will take it from here, Suna ninja."

"I will make sure he is dead." Gaara growled and each tendril of sand jerked and both arms legs and the head were popped off. The hunter Nin gasped and started shaking as her master's blood spattered over her. Gaara's sand went back to his gourd the blood filtering off with a warm splatter. He picked up the head and turned to Kakashi,

"I will mail you your bounty. Seeing as you are in no shape to turn in yourself." He growled. Kakashi was able to pick himself up enough to lean on a tree.

"Who... Are you? How did you know how Ryoko needed help?"

"I am Gaara no Sabaku… Ryoko belongs to me. I take care of what belongs to me." The boy body flickered away.

"Kitten has a protector it seems." The large man had woken Sasuke and Naruto with smelling salts, and Tanzua was being carried between the two shaken boys. Kakashi tried to take a step towards the man but nearly fell. The man was able to stop him from falling. "My name is Kisame Hoshigaki, I have been watching over Ryoko since her father died- I made her scythe for her."

"So... You must be who she calls Sushi?" Kakashi asked seeing his blue skin. Said blue skin turned a purplish color.

"Still calls me that eh? Oh well show me where you need to go. In fact ill return to Konaha with you. I was on my way to see if I could join the Konaha jounnen anyway."

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