K, so for the contest, the winner is Dancingchocolatesmudge and the runner up is StormOceanStar! I owe ya guys :)

The answers were:

1. Clove

2. Glimmer

3. Foxface

4. Rue

So here's the chapter:

At first I paid no attention. After all, she was from District 12. How much of a threat could she be? I went on eating my food, sipping my wine. Then came the pig. It used to be my favorite dish, served to me on special occasions. I was so distracted, hypnotized by the pork that I forgot to pay the slightest bit of attention to the poor girl. Just as I was reaching for a piece, she shot the apple. In my surprise, I fell backwards into a bowl of punch. How Humiliating! This girl had to pay for her consequences. She definitely would, in the Games. Oh yes, she will die a painful death. The question is: how do you kill a mockingjay?

Lemme give you a moment to think about this one... Ok, a few more seconds... Almost there... Okay! Times up! It was Plutarch Heavensbee!

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