Since her flight left at 6 am (so she would have to be the airport by 4am) they had just 3 hours left together. They talked for a little while longer about philosophy and life. She insisted on picking up the check, and then they headed to a hotel. He would be staying the night before moving on with his rig, and she would be calling a Taxi.

He took a shower while she watched TV. Elieen considered flipping through a bible in the drawer but she would just look stupid. She had actually tried to read a bible once, out of boredom, and she could not understand a word of it.

Wearing only white boxers he knelt by the bed to pray. The sight of his strong, muscular body, humbled before god- brought about feelings she could not express. He was like a sculpture, and icon of what faith could do. She was lost in thought when she blurted out-

"Do you pray for your wife's soul?" she immediately froze after the words left her lips. "I'm so sorry, that was the rudest thing I could have possibly said." Eileen turned away and turned up the TV. She nervous awaited his answer; because if he wanted to he could take that is implying his wife's soul was in need of help.

"Sometimes, but not today." He motioned for her to kneel with him. She turned off the TV and obliged. Sat with him, so close she felt his muscular arm brush against her. His long hair hung loosely over his shoulders, brushing against her cheek. She put her hands on the bed, the same ways she used to pray as a child when she was afraid or just needed to speak to someone other than her grandpa.

Wolf placed his hands over hers; they were so huge in comparison.

"Dear Lord, we pray for strength and courage in the days ahead, for what we know and what we will never understand. We pray for those we have loved and lost; that they will always live in our hearts.." as he spoke Eileen felt her hands trembling.

"As always, we pray for ... hope." He looked in to her eyes; her beautiful brown eyes were glittered with tears. Lord only knows what she was thinking about. "... amen." he said in a whisper. What could cause such a reaction? Maybe she was homesick? Maybe she was afraid for the future? Maybe she had no hope? Either way in that moment he felt ashamed.

"Can I stay here until you fall asleep?" she whispered in an emotion cracked voice not even bothering to wipe her tears.

He kissed her forehead hold his lips perhaps longer then he should. He lay on the bed on top of the blankets. She was so innocent, like a child. She lay beside him, close enough to feel his warmth.

Was it like her father's warmth? Why did she feel this way? She moved closer, resting her head on his broad chest. She could feel the motion of his breaths; waves of calm, and peace. Her hand found his, she held on as if she was afraid he would slip away. His eyes were closed, as he moved his other hand on her back, loose enough so she wouldn t be stuck when she had to leave, but strong enough for her to feel comfort.

She didn t want to leave this man.

Did she even have to? What would be the point of going to the next tournament location? Possibly finding her hero, Pai Chan? Pai might not even be a good person. What is she was a snob? What would happen then? The whole point of the tournament would have been for nothing.

Or maybe-seeing it to the end. So she could come back and tell Wolf what exactly was at the end. Yes, that was her destiny. She got up, washed her face and looked back. He was asleep, or at least looked asleep. She touched his hands one last time. She would never forget those hands.

"Goodbye" she whispered and quickly left. She called a cab, but in the 20 minutes it took for the cab to get to her she walked around Wolf's big rig taking down all the information she could.

Her cab arrived and she made it to the airport by 5am. On the plane she looked out the window at the night sky. "Dear God, hear my prayer" she started, in a whisper. "Please give me the" she said trying to find the right words, "the tools, the knowledge, the courage to find my way back to him." God would know what she meant, God is God after all.