Emma rushed in to the apartment slamming the door behind her and running straight upstairs. Mary Margret witnessing the whole scene sat frozen not sure what to do. She didn't know Emma well enough to chase after her and find out every detail, she didn't want to ruin their relationship. However that's not the type of person Mary Margret is, she has the need to help people. She slowly got up from her seat and put down her hot chocolate with cinnamon.

"Emma." She paused, silence. "Emma."

She knocked on her door quietly. "Emma, what's wrong?"


"Emma, do you want to talk about it?"

"No. I am fine."

Through the door you could hear Emma's soft cries muffled by her pillow. Mary Margret took a deep breath, moved the little strands of hair she hand in her eyes and opened Emma's door. There Emma lay, on her bed, crying in to her pillow. This was a side of Emma she had never seen, she was so vulnerable. Mary Margret took a step towards her bed and stood there, watching. She smoothed down her skirt and sat on the edge of Emma's bed. She took one hand and softly stroked Emma's face.

"You know… you can talk to me about anything. I know that it's hard for you to open up to people but I'm not going to judge and I can listen. I will listen. It just kills me to see you upset; you are, I don't know, you are my family. And I could never stand back and watch my family be upset."

Emma looked up at Mary Margret, her eyes all red, tears running down her pale cheeks. No one had ever told her this before; to be told she was part of a family it touched something inside of her. She threw her arms around Mary Margret's neck and hugged her so tight. She felt like she never wanted to let go. She felt so warm inside when Mary Margret placed her hands on her back and holding her whilst she cried. She shushed her and rubbed her back.

"It's ok, whatever it is, it will all be ok. You will be ok. You have me, and you are never, ever going to lose me." Mary Margret assured her.

"Graham died." Emma whispered.