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Chapter 16

The next year and a half had flown by for Mike and Eve without question. Eve had given birth to two wonderful children, a set of twins who she named David and Madeleine, just like she had dreamed of doing for as long as she could remember.

Her and Mike had moved away, no longer wanting to deal with Maryse's drama, or his parents for that matter. Now that he was done servicing his times overseas, he wanted to get a fresh start, away from everything. So they moved to the beautiful sunny state of Florida.

The couple had a very small intimate wedding, it was just them and their children with Zack as their witness, which he was very happy to see their wedding dreams finally come true after all the couple had been through.

Mike and Eve also made Zack the Godparent of their children, knowing that if something were to ever happen to both of them, there would be no one else in this world they would want to take care of their children other than Zack.

After their wedding, Mike had bought his family an absolutely amazingly-breathtaking beach house. Eve had protested about it at first, because she didn't want Mike to spend that much money on a home, but he had reassured her time and time again that he wanted nothing more than to give her the life that she was so deserving of, as well as their children.

Eve had accepted the gift, and she and Mike were now living the dream life the couple had wanted since they were both teenagers, and Eve finally began to believe that maybe, just maybe, dreams could actually come true. Especially since she was now living hers, and couldn't be happier.

The twins were a handful, of course. They were close to a year old, and getting into everything, but Eve absolutely loved being a stay at home mom while Mike would do everything in his power to support his family.

He was currently training to see if he could become a WWE Superstar, and for Eve, the idea of her husband putting his body on the line every night made her rather nervous, but of course she supported him, and she knew that he was more than capable of reaching his dream. She could remember her and Mike having short and brief conversations about his love for wrestling as a teen, and she's so happy to see him chasing his dream.

Mike walked through the door of their beautiful home to see his wife and children watching a movie. He had been gone for about three and a half weeks, and was so happy to finally get the chance to see his family again.

"Dada!" David called out, quickly spotting his father when he walked through the door. His son stood to his feet, and trotted over to him, his legs still quite wobbly as he clapped his hands excitedly.

His younger sister quickly followed behind her brother. "Dada!" Madeleine giggled, clapping her hands together, very happy to see Mike.

Mike smiled warm smile at his children. There was no better feeling then coming home to his wife and children after three and a half weeks on the road. "Hey David, hey buddy!" He said, picking up his son, who had the same amazing blue eyes and dark hair as Mike. "Are you driving your Mommy crazy, hm?" He asked.

He then looked down at his daughter, who had her arms stretched out, clearly wanting his attention as well. "Dada!" She repeated.

Mike chuckled as he bent down, and picked up his daughter as too. "Hey baby girl," he said warmly. "Are you staying out of trouble, hm?" He asked, kissing her forehead.

Just like her brother, she had Mike's eyes, and his dark hair. But both of the twins had Eve's outgoing bubbly personality. Though she always joked with Mike that when they hit two that they would have his personality, and they would really put them to the test.

"Hey baby," Mike said, finally able to make his way into the kitchen where he saw her starting to fix dinner.

She turned around and smiled at him, walking over to him as she kissed him softly on the lips. "Hey you, I missed you." She said. "I'm so happy you're home."

"I am too," Mike said, kissing her back, and then placed the twins in on the floor as he watched them go into the living room, laughing at them softly as they went. He knew they would get the hang of walking sooner or later.

"Are they driving you crazy?" He asked; his eyes still on his children as he watched them interact with one another. His blue eyes were soft; he never knew he could be this happy.

Eve shook her head, kissing him again. God, she had missed him so much. "Not too bad," she smiled as she watched her children, they were beautiful, they were perfect, and they were something that she had created with Mike out of nothing but pure love. Nothing could top that. "They miss you though," she added. "They're always asking for you," she smiled.

Mike smiled back. "I miss them too," he said, helping her set the table before getting the twins and placing them in their highchairs. "But I do have some good news," he added as he sat down across the table from Eve, and had Madeleine to his left.

"What's that?" Eve asked curiously as she fed her son a spoonful of applesauce.

Mike took a deep breath, and then he proudly said, "you are currently looking at WWE's newest Superstar," and a bright smile crossed his face.

Eve set down the spoon she was using to feed David, and her eyes lit up. "Baby! I'm so proud of you!" She stood to her feet, and went over to where Mike sat, wrapping her arms around his chest from behind, as she kissed his cheek, and his shoulder. "I knew you could do it!" She said happily. She then kissed the top of his head, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh Mikey," she whispered. "I'm so, so, proud of you. I always believed in you," she added.

Mike looked up at her, smiling as he kissed her lips. "I know, and thank you."

Eve smiled down at her husband, and kissed him quickly one last time before going to finish feeding her son.

After dinner, Mike happily gave both of his children a bath, read them a story, and rocked each of them to sleep. Eve watched Mike interact with their children as she leaned against the doorframe of the twins' room. Her eyes were soft. He was such a good father, and such an amazing husband. She couldn't get a better life if she was to ask for one, and she would never want to.

Once he was sure that both of his children were sleeping, he placed both of them in their cribs, kissed their foreheads, told them that he loved them, and said goodnight.

He dimmed the lighting in their room, leaving on a nightlight as he made his way over to Eve who took his hand into her own, and he closed the door quietly before Eve led him down the hall into their master bedroom.

"So," Eve said, closing the door. "How does it feel to finally accomplish your dream?" She smiled as she sat down on their bed cross-legged, and threw her curly brunette hair into a messy bun. She had changed into comfortable pajamas while Mike had gotten the twins ready for bed.

Mike smiled back warmly before sitting on the bed beside his wife, and he gently tucked a piece of hair that framed her face behind her ear. "Oh Eve," he whispered. "Don't you know that I accomplished my dream the day I got to marry you?" He asked in a soft and gentle tone. "And of course the day our children were born perfect and healthy. Me becoming a WWE Superstar is just an amazing bonus." He explained.

Eve blushed, even after all this time with Mike, he still had the ability to make her blush. "While were sharing news, I also have something to say," she said.

"What's up, baby?"

"Well…" Eve started slowly. "I'm officially a journalist!" She happily exclaimed. "Not only that, but I found out today that the twins will have a brother or sister in about nine months." She added.

Mike grinned hugely as he jumped to his feet, and spun Eve around. "I'm so proud of you!" He said, "and I'm so excited! The twins are growing up so fast, I would love to have another baby around here," he quietly whispered, kissing her forehead as he set her down, and the couple climbed in bed, and turned out the light.

Eve giggled at Mike's excitement; she was so happy that he was this happy. It warmed her heart, and it was great to see. "I'm excited too," she grinned.

Mike kissed her forehead, "and this goes without saying, but we do make some really, really, damn cute kids," he whispered.

Eve pushed him playfully. "You're so full of yourself," she said, kissing him softly.

Mike kissed her back, and then kissed her stomach. "Hey, you can't deny the truth," he whispered against her skin.

He then took Eve into his arms, stroking her hair. "Get some sleep, beautiful. I'll be here when you wake up."

As Eve shifted closer to Mike, and closed her eyes, she realized just how perfect her life truly was. All her life, all she ever wanted to do since she was a little girl, was spend the rest of her life with her best friend Mike Mizanin, and she was now living that life.

Even though the couple had been thrown challenge after challenge, they had gotten through it, and they had gotten through it together. Eve wouldn't change a thing, because this was her life, and it was perfect.

As Mike closed his eyes, more than content with his life, he could hear Eve softly whisper, "I love you."

And it was in that very moment that Mike came to realize that, dreams really do come true, even if other people try to destroy those dreams. If you truly, truly, want it, you have the power to make it happen, and he whispered, "I love you too. Forever."

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