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Chapter 1

Knighton – November, 1187

Marian sat up in her bed, it had been 3 weeks since Robin had left and she had done nothing but lie in bed and mope. Her eyes felt heavy, and they stung from the endless tears. But after hearing about the state the farm was in and John and her father arguing she decided enough was enough. She would not waste more tears and days on a man who left her for glory. She climbed from her bed and opened the curtains to reveal a blanket of snow covering Knighton, people would need her help, she knew it. She pulled on a shirt and bodice, some trousers and then one of the spilt skirts she owned and made her way downstairs.

Sophia and Melissa nearly jumped when they saw Marian standing before them. Marian flashed a smile, it was not her usual smile that could launch ships, before taking the bread and water from the tray and tying her cloak around her shoulders. She made to open the door but was stopped by a comment from Sophia, "Lady Marian do you think it is wise to go running around outside. You have only just…" She trailed off when Marian turned to look at her.

"Only just got out of bed. Yes you are right, which is why I need to get out of this house and go to see my village. My father is getting older and cannot go out in the snow, so I will and beside my father will not set foot on the farm." Marian stated.

"Very well, but please put these on." Sophia sighed and handed Marian a pair of gloves. She gasped when she saw what she had handed Marian. "Mi'lady I am terribly sorry. Forg…"

"Forgive you for what, handing me my favourite pair of gloves?" Marian interrupted. It was true they were her favourite pair, although Robin had bought them for her 17th birthday, they were her favourite. "Well I have work to do I will be back soon." She remembered she would need food to hand out so jogged down to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of food.

She walked around her village, from house to house, handing out a little food to each household. Every time she knocked on the door she was greeted by a warm smile and a loving hug. She loved this village and everyone in it and the smiles on her people's faces when she handed them food.

"Thank you Mi'lady." The women of the last house said.

"You are very welcome." Marian smiled.

"Are you ok mi'lady? Everyone was worried about you." She asked placing a hand on the young lady of the manors arms giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I am fine, who says you need a man to be stronger?" Marian laughed an unconvincing laugh, it still hurt deeply that Robin had left, it physically ached, she wondered whether she would ever get over him leaving; then she realised she would have to. You cannot wait for a man who is fighting a war, it doesn't work like that.

"I am glad to hear you say that Lady Marian and god bless you for the food." The lady said stepping back into her house. Marian turned and headed to the barn of Knighton farm, she heard the door shut behind her back and he blew the air from her cheeks. The hardest part done and no tears, perhaps she would be ok.


Robin and Much were in their room which they had been sharing, they were packing up their bags ready to move onto the ship that same after. Robin had his bow and quiver slung over his shoulder as usual. They remained silent as they packed, in fact Robin had been silent the whole journey, only speaking to inform Much that he was in fact listening or to answer the king.

"Master if you are so upset about the way it ended with Marian, why did you not go and see her?" Much finally asked, hating the silence that filled the room.

"She made her choice, she didn't want to see me and so I respected that and I stayed away." Robin sighed.

"Then do not mope." Much said shoving his master.

"I am not moping."

"Yeah of course. Come on we do not want to be late." Much said grabbing his own and his master's bag.

Robin stood on the deck watching the private guard, which he was now captain of, loading the last of the supplies onto the boat. Robin sighed knowing that this may be the last time he would ever see England, but he would not dwell on that now, he was going on
the greatest adventure of his life, to fight alongside his King and for the country he loved. Nothing would dampen his mood which had now lifted as he saw the gang plank being pulled in. It would take them 6 months to sail to the holy land, plus then the journey to the battle ground which would be a week of constant moving only stopping for a few hours a night, well that was what the king had explained to him. As the Captain of The Kings Private Guard he had to know the kings plans, he was a leader now, responsible for people's lives, this was an adventure. One he was glad to embark on.