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Chapter 4

Knighton Hall – beginning of May, 1188

Marian woke feeling refreshed it was the first night she had spelt soundly since John's collapse the previous week, he had been ordered bed rest and that was up today. She was going to Locksley to ensure he did not over do anything. She rose from her bed and opened the shutters, winter and spring had been and gone; now the sun was shining down and it spelled a good summer, hoping meaning better harvest. Marian had woke before the house as she usually did, but something did not feel right this morning.
Suddenly she heard whining, a baby whining, and it was close. She quickly pulled on her clothes and rushed down the stairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs the whining became crying and she heard the sound coming from the front door. She rushed across and pulled open the door to find a baby wrapped in a ragged cloth on her doorstep, she scooped the child up and hurried across the yard to see if the mother was around. Marian rocked the baby in the arms and she turned in a slow circle. Knighton was silent beside the baby she held in her arms. From the size of him he was around 10 months old, she guessed that the father had left for the war and the mother couldn't cope. "Shhhh, shh it's ok little one, come on lets go find some milk for you." She smiled gently stroking the child's face.

Marian sat in the chair feeding the little boy with a milk soaked cloth, as she discovered whilst changing him. "Lady Marian, what are we going to do?" Sophia asked standing over watching the smile on Marian's face, Sophia sighed inwardly seeing how happy Marian was. The young women in front of her was definitely ready for a family but that wasn't going to happen, not with Robin away at least.

"I'm not sure, Sophia." Marian said not taking her eyes of the boy. She thought a moment longer. "We will look after him until either his mother comes, and if she doesn't he stays with us."

"Have you spoken with your father?"

"No, he will understand."

"What do we call him?" Sophia asked as Marian rocked the baby as he was falling asleep sucking on the rag; she finally looked up at Sophia.

"Dan, short for Daniel." Marian smiled.

"Very well Dan it is." Sophia smiled. Marian smiled and rose from the chair to put the small boy into the cot they had dug out from her childhood.

Locksley Village

Marian rode into Locksley the following day clutching baby Dan in her arms. She was extra careful not to be noticed, rumours spread, easily and quickly. She rode into the stables and dismounted, then made her way through the stable door into the house. John had told her there was no need to knock anymore; she was as much as family as Robin was. "Hello… John… Thornton." She said walking into the main room.

"In the kitchen Lady Marian." Thornton voice carried from down the hallway. She made her way down familiar halls and into the kitchen to find Thornton making bread and John sat in the chair.

"Hello." She smiled, gently rocking the baby to keep him asleep. "I have bought someone for you to meet." John gasped when he saw the child in Marian's arms.

"Marian, what is this?" John asked crossing the room towards her.

"This is a baby," Marian laughed. "A baby boy to be precise."

"I see it is a baby, I mean what are you doing with it." John said reaching for the baby. Marian handed him over and her face turned serious.

"He was left on my doorstep yesterday morning, the mother was long gone."

"What are you going to do with him?"

"He is going to stay with me, either permanently or until his mother comes back for him."

"Do you think that is wise, I mean rumours, Marian your name may become tainted?"

"Then taint away, as far as I am concerned he is my family, and will be until circumstances change."

"He is a lovely young lad." John smiled. "What's his name?"

"Dan." Marian smiled. John eyes turned sad and then back to joy.

"Robin's grandfather on his mother's side was called Dan." He smiled. At the mention of Robin Marian turned sad, she would not admit it but having a child around made her miss Robin even more than she already did. John watched the tears well in her eyes. "Sorry Marian I did not mean to upset you."

"It is fine, I am quite well." Marina said wiping her eyes and then taking Dan back in her arms. "Anyway I guess I bought him here so you could meet your grandson."

"My grandson?"

"Yes, well you are like a father to me." Marian smiled.

"Of course. I am honoured Marian."

"Good, I am glad."

Port of Acre – Holy Land

"This is it Much, we are finally here." Robin smiled stepping off the boat and onto the ground of the Holy Land.

"I for one am glad. Have I mentioned that I hate boats and seas? I mean really hate them." Much complained, having suffered from terrible sea sickness he was happy to be on dry land.

"It may have slipped out once or twice." Robin smirked.

"Unbelievable," Much muttered.

"Robin!" The king called from on the boat. Robin ran back onto the boat Much close at his heels. "See to it that everything is unloaded from the boats."

"Yes sir." Robin said and the king turned and left. "Right Much work to do." He walked to the front of the boat and stood on the tallest point he could. "Right men, everything needs to be taken of every boat. Let's get to work!" He shouted and men started to move boxes. Many of the men were annoyed to be ordered around by a 'boy' but they also knew he was a favourite with the king, nobody dared to cross him.

The boats were emptied in now time at all. Men and horses were ready to move out to the battle field. It would take a week to reach where they planned to make camp. "Robin are the men ready?" The king asked atop his horse next to Robin and Much.

"Yes sir. Everything is ready, we can move out."

"Good. MEN MOVE OUT!" The king shouted and they started there long journey to their camp.