Once upon a time, there were two boys. Now these boys weren't normal boys. No, the were very special. Very special. They spent many an afternoon puffing weed with their 'homedawgs', Jim Pickens and Jefferson Jeffery. Jeff for short.

The two boy's names were Will Fishlips, and Dominic Molomorizedrezderazderun. They had the differences and the similarities. Will liked cheese. So did Dom. Will liked mushrooms. Dominic liked weed. See the difference?

So, on with the story, the two boys were puffing the dragon down by the wreck, when they heard a strange noise.

"What was that Jim?" Said Jeff.

"I don't know Jeff..." Said Jim.


"I'LL DANCE TO IT" Said Dom. Dom was drunk.

Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere!

"Put down your weapons, puny chav homie" Bellowed the man.

"I'LL SHANK YOU" Will ran towards the man. The man shot will. Will died.

"LOL" Said Dominic.

"Dominic Molomorizedrezderazderun, you are special, you are the chosen one!" Cried the man.

"Bruv das sick!" Said Dom

"Indeed. Have this pistol and these magical powers, they grant you the ability to send people on drug trips. As for Will, I shall reincarnate him as a tooth fairy. His ability will be able to shoot lasers from his freckles." He reincarnated Will. Will grew wings. Will took out his machete and cut them off.

"SICK! Blood, can I have dat gun too?"

"Er...sure" He handed Dominic the gun. Dominicshot the man. He then shot Jeff. And Jim. The man died. Then Jeff. And Jim.


"YEAH FAM" Said Will.