Hey everyone, I'm back from the dead!

I've grown up a lot in the time I've been gone, and I've learned a damn lot about love.

I'm now ready to fill you with feelings more so than ever before!

The Girl with Light in her Eyes

~ Prologue ~

The wind was bitter this early in the morning; vinegary cold like the intentions of a killer. A time of day where kindness is unknown ground and the desolate Earth bears its true colors. Yes, those colors that do not simply paint all life, but rather strike like a bullet; piercing through all, and leaving behind only their pigmentation stained upon the corpses of all that is good. Stained and ruined, what was once pure is now painted black, and has transformed.

One cannot help but to feel their inner darkness seeping out, the true pessimist that resides within every creature emerges, spreading an even further misery to all that may go near. Just as this evil is gained by one, it rapidly spreads like wild fire, becoming a plague of hatred across the land. It has no preference for whom or what it paints, it simply and absolutely rules.

The sky was gray, and the rising of the sun covered by the repulsive hue. There was a field; it was clearly neglected, filled with weeds and brown grasses. The entire planet lay a wasteland of filth corrupted by the advancements of technology.

Some may tell me that it was all for the best at the time; however I must sorely disagree. It never was for the better, and never will be. Throughout all of time, the destruction of nature has never been beneficial for anyone. Could only I see it?

I sighed in disappointment as I sped through the field, attempting to admire the little that was left in this world around me. The world that was once beautiful, but has now faded into only pigments of gray. The color had been taken from my world, and instead was replaced by the horrid truth. The true nature of the world showed itself to me, and has ruined me. I can never see her again, and the world only laughs as I struggle. The more I remember, the greater the pain. The solution may appear to be forget, but how could I? Affection is one thing, infatuation another, but love? I cannot possibly be expected to forget such a feeling.

The further my thoughts drifted about her, the faster my legs carried me. I began to feel as if I were flying, my legs ascending off of the dark, cold ground, until I finally flew off to the place where I'd see her up in the sky.

My fantasy soon came to an abrupt halt. She would never want to see me again, who was I fooling? That pristine gem of mine, my flawless rose had been stolen right out of the palms of my hands, and it was my own fault for letting her slip away.

Hero? Please. I'm just a pathetic mess who can't even protect the girl he loved the most. And what do I mean loved? I love her now, and I always will love her. But how could I have been so blind?!

All I did was run, trying to outrun the speed of my beating heart, and outrun the red creeping onto my face whenever I saw her. I ran, and hurt her. All I'm useful for is killing, not saving.

Sonic the hedgehog was no hero.

This plethora of thoughts caused my legs to come to a halt without my consent, or even knowledge. A tear escaped my eye faster than I could wipe at it. I shook my head with angst. I don't have the right to cry, especially after what I did to her. If anyone should be crying, it should be her.

But hell, she couldn't cry! I'm sure wherever she is, she's forgotten all about me, and is living where her kind belongs.

Because angels belong in heaven.

This thought led me onto the verge of a breakdown. I did not know that she had met this fate; but it is what Tails had assumed. It had taken him all the courage in the world to be able to confess it to all of us, and it had taken us all the tears in the world and more to cry over her.

We had to face it; lying to ourselves wouldn't fix anything. Lying wouldn't bring her back into my arms.

The world was just so bleak without her. I gazed around once more; where all I could see was the ruined world, others could see color and beauty. Beauty? Ha. They must not have laid eyes on my girl. No flower, no rose for that matter, in the world could match the lovely hue of her quills.

No girl could match the kiss she gave to me that day.

No one could ever get me to fall in love like she did.

I couldn't fathom the thought of never being able to see her, to hold her, to kiss her , ever again. It's been a year and I still can't even imagine life without her forever! I lived a lie, because without her:

I was not living.

Merely a shell of my former self was what she left me, and what I will be forevermore, until my shell ceases to be. I felt the tears stinging at the corners of my eyes, and I couldn't decide whether I could risk having her watch me cry from up above, or to just let it out.

Oh what the hell.

My tears attacked my face, invading every part of me, witnessing my pain. They entered my mind and fell off of my face in sorrow; they knew many more of them would be shed. All shed for her, the most special girl I had ever met, the only girl who could watch me make a decision, and come to a tacit understanding of my choices.

I wailed and sobbed, the tears taking my body over. It was as if they whispered into my ears:

Stop the pain, Sonic. It's alright to cry.

My senses failed, and my body withered away into the scenery. I looked just as sad and dead as the gray field with its browned landscape, and overall dull appearance.

The true colors of the world were harsh; and god knows they painted my pure Amy into black.

But Amy was different from the other girls. Amy had the light in her eyes; the light that remained even through the darkness of the world.


Thank you for reading! I'll try to update often!