Prologue: Shadowy Recollection

This kingdom isn't yours, Cadance.

Folly, it's absolutely folly that you believe otherwise. The history books may tell you of this impending evil that loomed over the kingdom. All ruled by the evil and sinister unicorn that enslaved and contorted his people like dolls. We know that's not entirely true. You cannot say that my methods were any different than Celestia. Ha ha ha. Yet, she is praised for what she did. Then she had the audacity to strike me down. And what makes it better is that she sent you and her precious, precious six little students to do it. Isn't that the very meaning of puppet? But, yet I'm the wrong one; yet I'm evil.

You know what. Who isn't?

We can pretend everything's bright and happy, Miss Cadance. You can have festivals in my defeat, parties on my grounds. But, happiness is addicting. You can take one sip of it, take one bite of it, and it makes your world worth living. But it doesn't last forever. Does it? It's transparent. The crystal ponies knew that. Why do you think they had to renew their precious Crystal Heart? Even its very name shows how thin it is. You can't bring happiness with you, no matter how tight you hold it in your heart. It's like water, it always slips away.

That is why I ruled that kingdom the way I did. Happiness is unfair. It is unjustifiably given to the people that fate decides deserves it. It was my right to decide that everyone should be equally treated. Why should the unicorn without a parent deserved to be left alone? Why does the pony with no special talent get pushed aside? See. Everyone can't be happy, so why not drain it dry and use it for the uplifting of the kingdom. My family created that slab of crystal nonsense, but never used it. Never thought this could be used to better the kingdom.

My family was close minded. They never saw what happiness did to ponies. But I did, and I took advantage.

But, Cadance, you'll never know my story. You heard only from what other ponies had scribbled in their little books. You don't know what happened, you weren't there. Celestia may have told her side, and it was probably taken as complete truth. Parts of it are true. She's not complete liar. But she's far from a saint.

Author's Notes: Hey guys. This is just me having a little fun with my headcanon of King Sombra's backstory. The real chapters are going to be standard length. But since this is a monologue, I thought to keep it brief. I hope that you enjoy and this hooked you in. I needed at least one story that I can just recline and relax.