AN~ I lied. It has a plot. Not really sure where it's going yet, but it's got one. That's probably better, honestly. If it was just oneshots, I wouldn't do as good a job. I'd trail off. Now I have direction, which will shape it a bit and keep me going. 57

When Veronica walked downstairs and was told that her daughter had gotten herself glued to her housemate, she laughed and laughed and laughed.

This was rather different from Henry's reaction, which wasn't as explosive as Sabrina had thought it might be, more of a resigned disappointment than anything, but not angry. It was a bit of a relief not to hear his shouting on top of her own- though she'd sunk into resignation of her own, by this point. She'd been glued to Puck for three hours now, and her firey anger had worn off.

Now she was just sitting at the table with the rest of her family, wishing she could cross her arms and not trying to look too pout-y as she waited for Granny to finish cooking breakfast. She was incredibly glad that her left hand was attached to Puck instead of her right, because at least now she could still do stuff.

Granny laid a plate of buttered and syrup-laden waffles down in front of the two children, and Sabrina picked up her fork... then put it down and looked at her knife. She couldn't both hold her food steady and slice it at the same time. And there was no way she was going to do what Puck was currently doing, picking up the waffles whole and stuffing them into his mouth. She looked pitifully at her mother.

Veronica chuckled again and leaned over to cut up her daughter's waffles, spreading the syrup around as she did so. It sent Sabrina back into nostalgia of Saturday mornings when she was younger, and her mom would do the same thing.

"Hey, no fair!" Puck complained, noticing. "Cut mine, too!"

"I would, but you seem to be doing fine on your own," Veronica said, giving the half of a waffle left dangling from Puck's fork a meaningful glance.

"Oh," Puck said, looking at his waffle. He shrugged and stuffed the last of it in his mouth.

Sabrina made a face and pulled back. That was just disgusting.

"Can I have more?" Puck asked after he'd swallowed his enormous mouthful of waffle.

"No way!" Daphne complained. "You can't have seconds 'til the rest of us have had some!"

"I can so!" Puck snapped, standing up and dragging Sabrina's arm with him as he pushed his chair back. "I'm a king! I can do whatever the heck I want!"

Sabrina tugged at his arm, saying, "Sit down, idiot."

"Make me, pigbutt."

Sabrina did, yanking her arm down hard, pulling Puck back into his chair awkwardly. He glared at her, and she ignored him, eating her waffles serenely.

"You can have seconds once everyone else has had some," Granny told Puck, giving Daphne and Red their own stack of waffles.

Daphne stuck her tongue out at Puck. He glared at her.

Sabrina sighed. She'd been doing pretty well on the teen angst thing since her mother pointed out that she was being a grouch, but right now she wanted to slide into a corner and write poems in a sticker-encrusted journal about how much her life stunk and how nobody understood her. Or at least complain about the immature people she was surrounded with.

Henry patted her on the shoulder sympathetically.

She smiled at him, grateful. At least her father understood her- this time.

Snow and Charming, who had been off in another room with Mr. Canis, reappeared, grave looks on their faces.

"What is it?" Sabrina asked, noting their expressions and deciding that her complaints could wait 'til later.

"Have any of you seen the Book of Everafter lately?" Snow asked the room in general.

The room in general shook their heads, or said no, or made some other sign to show that they hadn't seen it.

"How come?" Basil asked, turning his four-year-old cuteness on Snow- he'd learned that he got many more answers to his questions when he did that. Sabrina was proud of him.

Snow looked at Veronica with a question in her eyes. Veronica nodded, and Snow turned to Basil and said, "We have... a situation."

"What kind of situation?" Red asked.

"Well, you know we asked most of the Everafters who left town to keep in touch with us, in case they ran into trouble of some kind?" Snow asked.

Everyone nodded. Sabrina thought it had been a pretty good idea, actually. By letting the Everafters out but giving them a line back to Ferryport Landing, it turned the town into the safe haven for Everafters that it was supposed to be. Snow had convinced Charming to open up the Hotel of Wonders (repaired by Bunny), and any Everafter who needed a place to stay for any reason was given a room there. Snow and Veronica were working on setting up a more defined support system, with Jake as their ambassador to the more far-flung Everafters.

"We've had some disturbing reports from not just one, but several of them," Charming said, grabbing a waffle as Granny walked past him.

"Hey!" Basil, whose waffle that was supposed to have been, complained.

"Jeez," Jake muttered, rubbing his eyes and sipping a cup of coffee. "You make it sound like we're still at war here, Charming."

"You can have my second one," Veronica told Basil, moving a waffle from her plate to his and proceeding to give his breakfast the same treatment he'd given Sabrina's.

"We may be," Charming said stiffly to Jake.

"Thanks," Basil said, satisfied.

As the noise picked up and the kitchen got more and more hectic, Sabrina's head sank into her hand and she fought to control her growing frustration- she'd been trying to be better with her temper recently- but she couldn't, and she exploded, "Would you just get to the freaking point already?"

The kitchen went silent as people stared at her. Henry gave her a disapproving look- he didn't want her using anything remotely like a curse word around Basil- and Veronica sighed (she'd been doing so well, too). Sabrina glared back at them. She'd had a tough morning. She was entitled to some explosions. Snow chuckled, though.

"All right," she agreed, "The thing is, several people have called us and told us that they've been finding what seems like new Everafters."

Sabrina had thought the kitchen was silent after she'd yelled a few seconds ago. She'd been wrong. The only noise was the popping 'spat' of the waffle iron as everyone turned to look at Snow.

Puck laughed quietly. "But... that's not possible."

"That's what we thought, too," Charming said, "But we figured they couldn't all be confused, so we came here to ask around. Would you mind if we took a look at the Book of Everafter, just to make sure?"

Sabrina blinked at Charming, impressed. Snow had made a big change in the man. He was asking permission.

"Of course," Granny agreed. "Sabrina, Puck? You're done with breakfast. Would you show them where it is?"

"I'm not done eating," Puck complained. "I'm waiting for seconds!"

"Shut up, dognose," Sabrina said. "You're not getting any more food. Come on." She stood, tugging his arm.

Puck muttered, but as Sabrina began walking off, pulling him with her, he got up and followed.

Bunny had offered to repair the Grimm's mirror, too, when she repaired the others, but Granny hadn't accepted, saying that she had too many bad memories associated with it. She had, however, taken in Briar's mirror, which was now home to everything they had been able to recover from the Hall of Wonders, including the Book of Everafter, still in a Grimm-locked room.

Sabrina led the way there now, smiling at Reggie as she passed through the mirror, mounted on the wall by the front door and heading for the back of the magical space.

"Wow," Snow said, looking around, "I've never been in here before. It's not what I imagined."

The inside of Briar's old mirror was very plain, a lot like the hall of wonders, but less grandiose, with flowered wallpaper and chairs every now and again.

"I know," Sabrina agreed, "But it works for us. And it's enough different from Mirror that Granny doesn't get sad using it."

"Where's the Book?" Charming asked.

"In the back," Sabrina said, "Geez. Patience."

Puck sniggered.

Sabrina sent him a dark look and asked, voice full of venom, "What?"

"It's just... you telling someone else to be patient," Puck chuckled. "I think there's a word for that that someone who likes books would use, but I don't know what it is, so it's just funny."

"Irony," Charming supplied.

"Sure," Puck agreed.

Sabrina, angry, dragged Puck close to her, yanking at his arm until he was forced down to her level as she said fiercely, "Listen, buster. Just because I'm stuck to you doesn't mean I have to put up with your insults. Watch your mouth."

"Or what?" Puck challenged.

"Or I will hurt you," Sabrina said ominously, starting to walk again. "Very much. Repeatedly. Until you learn when to shut up."

"We're attached," Puck pointed out. "You can't get away from me."

"Yeah, and you can't get away from me, Mr. Always-flies-out-of-my-reach," Sabrina pointed out.

The color drained out of Puck's face as his eyes widened. He stumbled and tried to stop, but Sabrina stubbornly kept on walking.

Charming was laughing quietly to himself. Snow elbowed him, and he tried to compose himself, but Sabrina had already noticed. She stuck her tongue out at him, and he rolled his eyes.

Puck regained his composure by the time they made it to the back room, and Sabrina stuck her free hand into the lock on the door, opening it to reveal-

"Well," Snow said.

"I guess that explains it," Sabrina said. "Although it also kind of makes it worse."

"Yeah, just a bit," Puck agreed.

"Fudge," Charming muttered.

The pedestal on which the Book of Everafter was supposed to rest, closed, was empty.

They made it back to the kitchen with minimal arguing, and Puck set down to eat the remaining waffles as soon as he saw them, completely ignoring the expectant looks of everyone else in the room.

"It's not there," Sabrina told everyone, leaning halfway over while Puck gorged himself one handed, giving him a withering look, which he ignored.

"But... how could it be not there?" Daphne asked. "I mean... it has to be there, right? Where could it have gone? Who could have taken it?"

"That would be the question," Charming agreed. "Since the door requires the hand of a Grimm to open it, and all the living Grimms are in here right now."

"Not necessarily," Veronica corrected.

"Huh?" most of the others asked.

"Well, we're-they're- just the most direct descendants," Veronica said, nodding at her children. "There were plenty of others, and they probably grew up and had kids. And what about Jakob's descendants? We never hear about them."

"Fudge," Daphne muttered. "I was hoping one of us just sleepwalked or something."

"Well, it still could be," Puck told her with a grin. "But probably not."

"Yeah," Sabrina muttered. "That'd be too easy. We don't get easy."

"Last year wasn't so bad," Daphne pointed out with a smile.

Sabrina gave a sarcastic laugh and said, "You weren't in middle school."

"Poor baby," Puck said, equally sarcastic, mouth full so that it sounded garbled.

"Says the guy who spent the past year traveling the world having fun," Sabrina shot back.

"Speaking of traveling," Jake interrupted, putting a hand on each of their shoulders, "That's probably what we should do now."

Granny nodded. "It's a good idea. We should find out where these new Everafters have been found, first, and someone should track down the other Grimms."

"Several someones," Henry put in.

"Well, lieblings," Granny said cheerfully, looking at the room in general. "Looks like we've got another mystery on our plates!"

Puck looked up, swallowing his last mouthful of food, and said, "Plates?"