The Life and Lies of the Half-blood Prince

Disclaimer: This world belongs to J.K. Rowling, the most inspiring author. The idea behind the world and the characters belongs to her; I am merely supplying an alternate plot idea. I make no money or other profit from this story; it is purely for entertainment purposes.

Chapter 1 – The Birthday Present

Spinner's End, January 9, 1971

Severus woke up, blinking his eyes to clear the sleep from them. It was still dark as he peered out the tiny curtained window of his attic bedroom. He could see the faintest of lightening on the rim of the horizon to indicate the sun was attempting to make itself known. The rest of the sky was the pale beige-white that indicated more snow was on the way. The ground and trees shone white with the snow that had fallen the evening before.

A sound at the door had him turning. His mother entered slowly, still limping from where his father had pushed her down the stairs a week before. She was dressed in a bathrobe and slippers and had a slender, wrapped package in her hands. He hurried over and helped her sit on the side of his bed, the quilt of which was tattered and worn and barely kept him warm on the coldest nights.

Eileen bent forward and kissed her son's brow. "Happy birthday, my Severus," she whispered, pressing the package into his hands. Severus took the package reverently and very carefully peeled the paper away from a long slender box. His heart gave a leap as he realized what must be inside. He took off the lid and set it aside before pulling out the thin black wand inside. The moment he lifted it, green sparks flew out the end, and he smiled, turning back to his mother.

"This was your wand, wasn't it?" He whispered, aware that they must not wake his father.

"Yes, ebony and merfolk hair, according to Olivander. He said it was rigid and quite good for a variety of magics. I want you to have it, my son," she stroked his head, her long fingers gently combing the tangled black locks.

"But what will you use?" he asked, his black eyes wavering on the verge of tears.

"I won't be using one. I haven't used that wand since before you were born. When my parents found out I had become pregnant by a muggle, they disowned me and bound my magic," she whispered, a catch in her voice. "I can still brew potions sometimes because potions don't require you to be magical to brew them, but I can't cast a single spell. You should receive your Hogwarts letter soon and I want you to have a good wand. I also still have most of the textbooks you will need."

Severus looked up at his mother, openly crying now. "I love you, mum. Can't you ask someone to unbind your magic?"

She shook her head, "I'm afraid that's impossible. Only the life sacrifice of a person of my blood would undo the binding and I would rather remain a squib for the rest of my life than to see you give your life for my magic."

"I would do it for you, mum," Severus replied loyally.

"I know you would, but I would never ask you to, in fact I absolutely forbid you to ever sacrifice yourself for me. I want you to swear to me that no matter what, you will not give your life for mine," Eileen's voice was desperate.

In a shaky voice, Severus made a vow, watching with mingled sadness and awe as a golden light emanated from the tip of his new wand and swirled down his arm, coiling around it like a snake.

A bellow from below had her starting to her feet. "Hide that wand, quickly. If your father finds it, he will snap it," she hissed, hurrying out of the room as fast as her limp would allow her to go. "I'm coming, Tobias."