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Genre: Humour

Character(s): Bunnymund and Jack

Summary: Ooh, Jack's never gonna live this down...

Not often did Bunny visit the North Pole - minus zero degrees tons and tons of snow, not to mention the constant loud noise meant that the pooka avoided it at all costs - but apparently there was an emergency this time, and Aster was needed.

Reluctantly, the pooka tapped his foot on the ground of his Warren, taking a breath to brace himself for the cold that was to come, before bounding down through the tunnel, silently cursing North.

What could be so important that he had to get his furry butt cold for it?

Thankfully, he tunnelled straight in to the workshop, saving himself from the Arctic weather. He held back a smirk as several yetis jumped after he'd popped up from the ground out of nowhere.

"Evenin' boys." He sarcastically, tipping an invisible hat to the workers, who grumbled in Yetish under their breath as the pooka sauntered off to find North.

Even after the amount of times he'd been to this place, he still got lost. The huge complex was just that: complex. Three floors, huge workrooms and a bunch of different offices and departments for researching which children were Naughty or Nice and what they would be getting for Christmas, before organising how many of certain toys they'd be making that year, not to mention actually making said toys - it was so confusing and busy. Bunny much preferred his Warren.

He sighed, preparing for himself to get lost once again. Even his sharp hearing couldn't make out the thick Russian accent of North through all the elves chattering and testing toys. May as well do it the old fashioned way: search.

Fifteen minutes later and he'd barely started. Despite his ability to run so fast, he'd only managed to check about twenty-seven different doors, and he still had no clue where the man might be.

He let out an irritated sigh as another door came in to view, just at the end of the hall. Great. Another one he'd have to check.

But (to the pooka's surprise) there wasn't the sound of squeaking elves, mumbling yetis or the whirr of toy biplanes as they flew through the air. No, it was music. Rock music, by the sounds of it. Really really loud rock music. He was surprised he hadn't heard it already.

Intrigued, the pooka walked forward, his paw reaching out to the door handle. As quietly as he could, he pushed it open. At the sight he saw, he had to use all of his will power not to burst out laughing.

In the center of the room, jumping around like a lunatic, was Jack.

It took a while for this to register in the pooka's brain.

The boy held his staff as though it were a guitar, strumming invisible cords while he mouthed every single word to the ear-splitting song blasting out of the nearby speakers, not taking the slightest notice of Bunny looking at him through the doorway.

Said pooka was beginning to lose it, his sides shaking with silent laughter as his emerald eyes began to tear up. Sure, his ears were hurting from the noise, and he'd hated rock music since the 50's, but this...

This was just absolutely brilliant blackmail material.

Unable to take it anymore, he burst out laughing, rolling back on to the floor as one of his flailing legs pushed the door. The boy froze mid-pose, on his knees with his staff held above his head, his eyes wide as he stared at the slowly opening door, revealing the laughing pooka outside.

He just wanted to melt in to the floor and never be seen or heard from again.

"B-Bunny?" He stuttered weakly, quickly standing up as though he had not just pretended to slide across a stage with a guitar held above his head to greet a crowd of imaginary fans.

Bunny's laughter got even louder as he glanced up from where he was lying. The pooka felt tears in his eyes and his sides were hurting he was laughing so much. And all Jack could do was sit there numbly, trying to form some sort of excuse in his head.

"Oh, you're never gonna live this down, Frostbite!"

And Jack could only gulp as he realised something.

Bunnymund wasn't ever, going to let this go.