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Randy logged on to Skype to talk to his sister like he usually does at 10 p.m. As the video rang waiting paciently for his sisters face to appear. When he sees her smile he is glad to her in one peace.

"Hey Randy! your not going to believe what Lindsay told me Told that I think your going to like" Kid stated with a look of glee

"Well don't leave me hanging sis tell me!"




"Finally i get to meet my little sister in person" Randy stated with a grin as Kid smiled in response.

"Well i'll see you there then tell Heidi and Howard I said hi" Kid stated then hung up Randy chuckled at his little sister glad shes okay and coming to Norrisville this day got better. It's too bad tomorrows gonna get worse.

Heidi walked calmly to the store with Randy by her side He insisted on coming to help her so she had no choice. As the two walked Randy felt a disturbance in the atmosphere he felt evil near by and that someone was following them. He chose to shrug it off and ignore it. That's when two figures were behind the building both smirking like mad men. One had demonic black eyes and a tounge which resembled of a snake with fangs and demonic bat wings, the other had bear like features and paws but still had features of human. Both followed the Heidi and Randy.

"Alright Randy can you go look for the pockys? i've been dying for some lately." Heidi stated with slight drool at the thought of eating a pocky and blushing thiking of playing the pocky game with Randy too. Randy only nodded in response and walked off Heidi sighed to herself. "Oh Randy if only you knew." She walked to the produce section only to be be blocked by a demon and an animal Demon.

"well well look what we got here a little angel and a sexy one at that as well." The Animal Human stated smirking as he check Heidi out the Demon scoffed.

"A fine piece of ass is not what we here for where is he?" The demon damned. Heidi Growled in response she knew they were after Randy.

"I won't tell to the likes of you i obey no one but him and his sister I will protect them until they are ready!" Heidi stated as she extended her arm out. A light source came out and a holy like spear appeared as she took her stance. "I will not betray him I shall serve him to my dying breath!" The Demon smirked as he extended his arm darkness appeared and formed into an Axe, The Animal Human Smirked as he took position.

"tch... so be it" the demon stated as he charged towards Heidi she Quicky blocked his attck wincing at his strength

'damn he's strong in the first move my arms hurt already this isn't good...' Heidi Thought to herself as she pushed him off '... But I can't let him touch Randy I have to fight' Heidi ran towards the Demon and swung her spear towards him as he dodged them she attempted to stab him but it was no use. She heard a roar behind her as jumped releasing her wings to help her fly The Animal human tried to jump on her but missed leaving an incredibly large crater under him. "what the hell"

"HEIDI! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" Heidi Froze, no, no, why did he come? He's gonna get himself killed! Heidi turned around an saw Randy Holding the pocky box with a look of concern.

"RANDY GET OUT OF HERE YOUR IN DANGER!" Heidi Yelled at him only feel a punch on her gut she gagged out some spit in the process as Randy stood there in shock. Heidi was sent across the supermarket and through the wall. The Demon smirked as he walked towards Randy with a look of interest

"There you are young reaper... your more troublesome to find like your sister." The Demon stated smirking Randy only looked in shock.

"R-rea-reaper?" he stuttered out.

"Yup one if two last reapers alive but now you will die" The demon lifted his Axe up high and started to send it down Randy was too shocked to move. All that was heard was a clash of metal.

The demon stood in shock as the little girl in front of him blocked his attck with her Sycthe. When she looked up he stood in fear.

"no this can't be you weren't suppose to be here til tomorrow!" The demon yelled The Girl held glare that could make anyone shudder for she was furious.

"I know when my brother is in danger i will not allow him to die like this." Thats when Randy snapped out of it this girl was his sister, his ten year old sister was more skilled then he thought in fat he never knew. "Hey Randy sorry our meeting could have been better then this but you were bound to figure it out sometime... Lindsay Take Heidi and Randy to a safe distance this won't take long." Lindsay who appeared behind Randy nodded as she grabbed Randy's shoulder and fast stepped towards Heidi and fast stepped towards the enterenc of the store so they could get a good view of the fight while Lindsay stretched out her hand as a small blue aura started to come out of her hand and started to heal Heidi Randy sat next to Heidi holding her but looking at Kid at the same time.

Kid's face was with rage as she calmly dodged each attack from the Demon who was swinging like a mad man while the animal human was trying claw her. "sorry. nothing personal but you will not hurt my brother or his allies the fact you tried to kill him is unforgivable and for that..." Kid stated to glow red like color as her eyes changed to gold as she charged towards the two and with one slice they were split in half "... you die" kid stopped glowing and her eyes turned back to its icy blue color when she walked back to the three all she saw was a shocked yet enraged brother.


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