My parents died when I was 3, My sister was captured by the Shredder to be experimented on. I was mutated into a turtle by a ooze, I was taught the art of ninjitsu by my master, Himokara. With three other girls who have gone through the same transformation as I have. Now we roam the streets of new York, fighting foot ninja and trying to destroy the shredder once and for all. My name is Diamond and my team? Well you can call us the rebel ninjas.

Character List:

Name: Diamond (D)

Age: 18

Appearance: Silky black hair tied into a high ponytail, dark blue eyes, icy blue bandana.

Personality: Calm yet very lethal defines Diamond. When under pressure, Diamond is always cool and collected. Diamond is leader and is at times questionable about why she was made leader. But its with her Hope that keeps her team together.

Weapon: Tessens

Name: Romina (Roe)

Age: 18

Appearance: short brown hair, red eyes, pink bandana

Personality: Roe is very aggressive. She's nice but when angered she is known to be a total hothead. Roe also loves to ride motorcycles. She can also be very seductive. She has a human baby sister named Tatiana, who is her life.

Weapon: whip

Name: Celia (Cece)

Age: 18

Appearance: red curly hair that's tied in a braid. Purple eyes. lavender bandana.

Personality: Celia is vey smart, she loves to invent devices for her team to use. Even though she's a tech wiz she also packs a punch. Celia is also very antisocial, she doesn't talk much. She gets along mostly with Diamond who encourages her to stand up for herself.

Weapon: Spear

Name: Summer (Sunny)

Age: 17

Appearance: blonde hair that's tied into two ponytails, blue eyes, orange bandana

Pesonality: just like her name Sunny is very bright and bubbly. She is very foolish and playful, she loves to pull pranks, eat pizza and read comics. Even though she's the baby of the group, she is also very protective of her team.