"Walker, Walker!" Link shouted searching for Allen Walker who had disappeared while he was sleeping. He ran into the cafeteria looking for the white haired teenager but he wasn't there. So he went to Supervisor Lee's office to see if he knew where Allen was. "Supervisor Lee have you seen Walker I can't find him anywhere" Link said to Komui.

"Well no I haven't seen him, but aren't you meant to supervise him" Komui Lee said to Link while smirking.

"Yes but it won't be a good report if I say that he ran off somewhere without telling me first and you don't want that to happen" Link said smirking back.

"Fine I will give him a call on Timcanpy and see if he will pick up" but right at that moment Timcanpy came in knocking Link over while trying to get to Komui. "What is it Timcanpy?" Komui asked the golem, while Link was getting up from the ground muttering something that oddly enough sounded a lot like stupid golem. "Oh god" Komui said.

"What is it Supervisor" Link said

"Timcanpy just shown a projection but there was nothing to see it looked dark and I heard Allen's voice saying help and an evil laugh coming from behind him, so he might still be here it was dark so I say he might be outside somewhere" Komui said looking worried

"Right on it, thank you for your help Supervisor" Link said running out of the office to the front gate and ran outside into the pitch black forest. "Walker, Walker can you hear me!" Link shouted. Link heard a moan coming from up ahead. He ran into a clearing and couldn't believe what he saw in front of him. Allen was lying on the ground covered in blood with a female leaning over him biting his neck. "Oh god" Link said. The female looked over at him and smiled.

"Oh yum another human" the female said

"Oh a vampire, what fun! I haven't killed one of your kind for a couple of years" Link said getting his knives ready to throw.

"Ah a hunter it may be a bit tough for you to kill me as I am a pureblood" the female said while smirking. "My name is Beatrice Fonay lovely to meet you" she said while standing up.

"A pureblood that means Allen" Link said looking over to Allen's limp body.

"Yes your dear friend may become a vampire if I don't finish him off" Beatrice said while smiling.

"Yes but if I kill you and give him your blood he will not become a Level E" he said smiling.

"You can try" Beatrice said. So the two started fighting, Beatrice using her strength and speed and Link was using his knives he kept up his sleeves but eventually Link got up behind her and cut her head off with his knives. He took some of her blood before she evaporated and walked over to Allen's limp body and poured the blood down his throat so when he wakes up he won't become a rogue vampire like the Level E's. Link picked up Allen's limp body and walked to the front gate to be let in. When Lenalee and Komui ran out and seen Allen limp in Link's arms covered in blood while was covered in scratches and bruises. Lenalee was the first to recover from shock.

"What happened" Lenalee said looking very worried.

"I'll explain inside, Walker needs Medical attention" Link said, and then Komui recovered from shock.

"Take him to the hospital wing and get checked out yourself" komui said in a serious yet worried tone.