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Hi Notebook,

So, before I die I'd really like this to be written down for future blackmailing purposes! Fuck, if I live I can sell this to Chris for an easy $50,000. Hell, I can sell this and write a book on it! Then, I'll be rich and I'll have bodyguards to save me from the angry mob outside of my room! However, I still would need to figure out how to get out of here to get that book published and if I did get that book published I would dedicate this book to Bridgette, Leshawna and Courtney! I would dedicate it to Heather but she gets enough attention from this show! she doesn't need my help. Anyway, all 3 of these girls I mentioned earlier need to read my unpublished book because I had successfully convinced Alejandro to go gay with me. It was actually easy and only took me an hour to do it! How? Well he has a very huge ego and I played that to my advantage...

I accidentally on purpose made it so that we would end up in the stupid community showers across the hall and then I took a 50/50 chance of either hooking up or getting punched in the face. Honestly, he did try to punch me at first but I assured him that it was a compliment.

So, long story short? We ended up in the shower together, I looked at his dick, he got creeped out and tried to punch me, I assured him that his was much bigger than mine and I was simply jealous, He looked at mine, I touched his, he felt weird, I lied and said I never screwed a guy, he admitted to only having sex with Heather, I screwed him in the shower, He was my boyfriend for 9 hours...

Dating: Dating him for that 9 hours was awkward. Did you know that 90% of the time he walks around without a shirt on! Hello! It's February and it's cold out! Put a shirt on like a normal person!

He also has this annoying habit of brushing his hair every 10 minutes! It's so annoying! He has one of those little glittery mini hairbrush things in his pocket! It looks like it belongs to a 10 year old girl! I asked him if it was Heather's and he told me it wasn't. So, what the hell? Why couldn't he go with blue or red? did it really need to be glittery? He tried to brush my Mohawk too! Doesn't he know you can't brush a Mohawk?

He also talks in Spanish like a lot! So, if you're going to date him or screw him I would suggest knowing Spanish because he goes from English to Spanish in seconds and the only word I know in Spanish is Uno...I guess I should have stayed awake in Spanish and actually paid attention...

He's also a fan of the Spanish soap opera channel that we apparently have here. Why am I not surprised? At least he knows what they are saying...Maybe one of these days Trent, Alejandro and me can all go somewhere and watch the show together...or at least figure out how to get subtitles on the TV because once again, I had no idea what was going on or why I was pretending to cry...I think Pablo died...He hasn't been in the last 3 episodes and everyone was crying including Alejandro, So I would assume that's what happened.

Cheating: This one was actually hard for me. He told me that he lost his virginity to Heather and she would be so upset with him for letting his emotions run wild with me. So, I told him I would have to cheat too, to 'Make it fair' and he agreed with me. That's what made it really really hard! How do you cheat on a guy who actually lost his Virginity to Heather and really cares about her? He made an exception for me, I think he actually felt like he was in love with me. So, I really had a hard time playing the player. Yeah, he kissed a bunch of chicks but he only had sex with one girl, plus the two times we had sex, he was really bad at it. Sorry to Courtney, Leshawna and Bridgette who most likely thought it would be amazing, Zeke could most likely turn me on during sex than Alejandro could have! So, I remembered my tip about not going to have sex with Leshawna! So, I knocked on the nearest door and found out it was Justin's room...Unfortunately for me, I found out that Justin and Owen were apparently already having sex...That was a big surprise for me and Owen was all open about it and Justin was like "You can't tell anyone, bro!" so then I was thinking to myself. "Oh yeah, future blackmail!" I was about to give up and just like to Alejandro and told him I cheated when that hairspray bitch from season 4 came off the elevator, Annie? Anna Belle? Santa fe? Oh well, her name isn't important. she was willing to sleep with me and that's all I needed. She gave me her number and told me to call her and I planned on it in the near future. So, I could happily tell my boyfriend that I cheated and we were "Bromigos" again, whatever that means.

Breaking up: This was the weirdest one yet. I told him I felt like we should see other people and end this before Heather found out! He cried with tears of happiness! He was grateful that I was dumping him? In fact, he wanted to dump me but didn't want me to tell Heather. I told him it was okay and I kissed him one last time before I told him that Heather was cheating on him with Chris...He was not happy about this at all and thanked me for being so generous and telling him about it. He also said he was going to talk to Heather about this later and he questioned their relationship!

Best breakup ever! Not only did I also tell him that she was sleeping with Chris, I also mentioned to him that I slept with her too! Okay, so I got caught up in the moment with that idea...Yeah, he punched me in the face for that! Then he told me I was a whore and was using him...That was how I became enemies with Alejandro and Heather. Alejandro was mostly offended that I slept with Heather! He wasn't even really mad at her...Just upset.

They're freaks. That's the only thing I can think of is that both of them are manipulative freaks who deserve each other! I needed to find someone else and this time it was going to be a girl who was easy enough to date and wasn't already dating someone...I was going to try Justin...But he was busy...So yeah, definitely a girl and I was thinking Sadie.

Chapter completed and next we have Sadie! Without Katie so this is going to be amusing.