In the Begining

Trainer: Hi everybody. This is my first ever fanfiction and I really hope that you like it. I have been thinking about writing this story idea for a long time and just couldn't find the time to start. Well my partner and twin sister, Spirit.

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Down in the region of Kanto, there is a small town called Pallet Town. And there in this small town is an even smaller place known as the house. This house belongs to a little boy and his mother. This little boy is six years old, has spiky black hair and big red eyes that burn so bright. Right now it was nighttime and his mother was trying to get him to bed.

"Please mom, can you tell me that story again? Please?" The little boy said pleadingly.

"Ok, ok I'll tell you the story of Sir Aaron, but after I finish you have to go to sleep ok Red?" Said his mother. Red nodded in reply not saying another word until the story was finished.

His mother started to tell the story of the great Sir Aaron. "Once upon a time, long ago in Kanto was a kingdom known as Cameran. In this kingdom was a palace that was protected by incredible people. Now they look just like you and me, but they had a power that was so rare to find. But in Cameran, anyone that was a knight had the power of Aura. The strongest knight was Sir Aaron. He was the best at using the power of Aura, which is why he was called the True Guardian of Aura. Later on Aaron took on a student, but he was not human. It was the Pokémon Lucario. He taught Lucario how to use this energy as well. Because of this, the two become close friends. Lucario, however, still saw their relationship as one of master and servant."

All of a sudden Red exclaimed, "But Pokémon are our partners, and our friends."

"Yes they are but Lucario never wanted to move past the idea of having Aaron anything other than his master." Said Red's mother. Then she continued with the story. "One day, Aaron left the castle to stop a war between two unknown armies before they destroyed his kingdom. He found Lucario, whom he told that he was never going back to the castle. However, Lucario instantly jumps to the wrong conclusion: Aaron had left the kingdom for dead, and Aaron sealed him in his staff.

Before he died to stop the war, he sent a message to Lucario using a time flower saying he was his friend and that he did not want Lucario to share the same fate he suffered. Aaron said, "Aura is with me," and restored Mew's power by sacrificing himself. Lucario did not know what had happened, and thought Aaron was abandoning the castle instead of saving it. Until this day, we do not know the whereabouts of Sir Aaron or Lucario. Some believe that they are waiting for a new hero to save them from their tombs of sleep. The End." And with that Red's mother closed the book and tucked her son into bed.

"I'm going to be the first one to find them and I will definitely help them. No one deserves to die before their time." Said Red.

"I'm sure you will, but right now you need to go to sleep." Replied his mother.

12 years later…

Some say that to be a master you need to be strong; others say you need to be kind. In all of Kanto there is but one boy who fits both those qualities equally. No one has seen him since he left for Mt. Silver years ago. He was a legend among legends even to the Pokémon that he has met during his journey. One of the first Dex holders, the zenith Champion of the Pokémon league, has taken down many evil organizations and has been in contact with almost half the legendary Pokémon in the few regions he's been to. Most knew him as one of the three protégées of Pallet Town. Much like his friends, many wished to be his student, however he never chose anyone and no one ever saw him unless they climbed the mountain and faced him.

His closest friends were the other Dex holders, and he was their leader. Well they considered him to be their leader. He was also known as the Fighter of all the known trainers that have a PokéDex. This trainers name just happens to be Red. After finishing his training session with his Pokémon, Red decided to let his Pokémon play in the snow for a little while. Slowly, one by one, the Pokéballs opened and released the powerful creatures that were with Red when he first climbed Mt. Silver.

One of his first Pokémon that he caught on his journey was his Pikachu, which stayed with him while the others went off to play. Red stared off into the white distance at the top of a hidden cliff. Down below you could see all of Kanto in its glory. As he stared, his Pikachu became worried.

"Pika?" asked his Pikachu. At the sound of his Pokémon, Red looked down with a small smile.

"I'm ok Pika. Just thinking, that's all." Replied Red. As Red continued to stare at the white scenery, he noticed a change in the weather. "Looks like a storm is coming." Red turned to the rest of his Pokémon and yelled, "Hey, come on back, we're heading home!" as he said those words, all of his Pokémon grew big smiles and raced towards him. All of them exited to be heading home. He returned them all except for Pika and headed down the mountain. Not knowing of the danger that was growing elsewhere in Kanto.

In a hidden location elsewhere in Kanto.

A man dressed in a black suit with slick black hair walked down a long hallway that lead to his private room. As the man walked, he thought about his plans to retake control of Kanto and how he was going to deal with the Pokémon trainer known as Red. No matter what he did, Red always seemed to get the upper hand and ruin his plans. He even faced the young trainer on several accounts, and when it seemed like he would win, Red would pull a trick out of his hat, allowing him to win. If he had won the fight, then Red would have joined Team Rocket for the rest of his days.

To the leader of Team Rocket, Red was one of the strongest trainers he has ever seen. Red was also one of the only people in the world that he couldn't figure out. So much was unknown about Red even after he had his evil organization search for as much information on him as possible.

As he finally reached the room he was heading for, he unlocked the door that had a special lock on it. He typed in his code and entered the room. As soon as he entered, he closed the door and headed for the computer on the desk at the far side of the room. As he turned it on, three of his most loyal Team Rocket members appeared on the screen.

"Are the plans in order?" asked Giovanni; who was the leader of Team Rocket.

"Everything is in order Sir." Said a girl around Red's age. She was a psychic and one of Team Rocket's Elite members. She was also a Gym Leader. Her name was Sabrina.

"Squad A has been looking for the legendary Pokémon, squad B is ready for your command to take control of Kanto, and squad C is still trying to find where Red is hiding." Said a man with spiky black hair. Also a Gym Leader and an elite member of Team Rocket. He was known as Koga.

"From the latest report about Red's location, they believe that they found where he was, but now it would appear to be that he started to head down the mountain to head home." Announced the last of the elite members. He had spiky blond hair and went by the name of Lt. Surge. "We only know this because some of the Grunts were found unconscious and traces of a powerful electric attack was used.

"Tell them to keep an eye on him and report back if there is anything new." Replied Giovanni.

"What will you do now sir?" asked Sabrina.

"The rest of you continue with your assigned missions. I'll be heading out to Viridian City." Said Giovanni. *and maybe I'll bump into Red if he's heading to the Pokémon league or Pallet Twon* he thought to himself.

And with that, he turned off the computer and grabbed his coat and hat to hide his identity from those who might recognize him.

At the base of Mt. Silver, Red finally found the exit from which he had first entered two years ago with Gold. As he left the cave entrance, he embraced the warmth of the sun that he missed so much. The calm breeze reminded him of his home back in Pallet Town. And with that thought he headed to home. Thinking of a route home, Red chose to go through Pewter City, then Viridian City, and then onto route 1 which lead directly to Pallet Town.

"Maybe I should take a look around the Museum. It has been a while since I was there to see anything interesting." Red thought out loud. Sure trainers from all over would occasionally come to fight him but none of them were worth the fight. Not like when he faced the other Dex holders or when he battled Team Rocket's leader so many times.

Red sighed and continued to walk back home. Sure he could just ask his Aerodactyl, Aero, to fly him home, but he felt like walking and he thought it would be good for him to. This way he can see what's changed and get familiar with everything again. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't really talked all that much since Gold left after he finished teaching him some new moves.

After what seemed like forever, Red stopped in front of the museum in Pewter City. So far no one has recognized him since he looked like any other trainer there so he didn't take offence to it. True, he never said he was coming down yet, and he was sure that if anyone did recognize him, word would spread quickly and many more trainers would challenge him to a fight.

At the thought of facing more weak trainers, Red frowned. Walking into the museum, Red found that not much had changed since he last entered the building. He was about to leave when something caught his eye. It was a poster. On the poster was a picture of a man in his, what seemed to be, mid-twenties wearing a knights cloths and holding a staff that had a jewel at the top. Behind him were a Lucario and a Pidgeot.

Red knew who this man was already but decided to go to the exhibit anyway. As he entered the exhibit, Red noticed a group of kids and a tour guide who was telling them the story of the man on the poster. His name was Sir Aaron and he was known as what some called, a True Guardian of Aura.

Red kept his distance and looked at the other artifacts in the cases. At first glance, you would think that they were the originals. Red just smiled because he could tell they were all replicas. He knew this because he saw the originals back in Cameran when he was a kid. No one in knew about Red's past except for his mother and those back in Cameran. It was his little secret. It was important to him. He kept hoping no one would find out.

As he was about to leave, one of the kids from the group in the same room notice him leaving. It was his fault for wearing such a vibrant shade of red. This made it hard for people not to notice him.

"Your name is Red right?" asked the little girl. Red nodded. "Wow, you're the Champion that everyone is always talking about. The one that's been living on Mt. Silver for two years." Another nod.

The other kids from the group heard her and all of a sudden Red was surrounded by the kids getting ooh's and awe's. Then one of the kids said "There's no way you the champion. Everyone knows that Red is still on the mountain waiting for strong trainers to appear."

At this Red was a little hurt by the kids comment. Forgetting that Pika was still on his shoulder, felt some sparks fly. It was when Red realized that Pika was angry that he tried to calm him down. "Pika that's not very nice." said Red in a quiet voice. Pika stopped sparking but continued to glare at the kid that made the comment.

Red then knelt down to face the group of kids at eye level. "I can assure all of you that I am the Pokémon Champion Red of Pallet Town." he asked kindly.

This took the kid by surprise. Then he smiled as if he had a sure fire plan to beat the supposed imposter. "All right. If you really are him, let's see the legendary Pokédex." Red pulled it out of his pocket at showed it to the group. This earned an amusing look from the boy and a lot of faces in awe. "Ok so maybe you are him. But I won't believe it until I see your team." Said the boy.

"Ok, but we'll have to go outside for that. If you're done here, then let's go outside so we don't disturb anyone in here." replied Red.

Red walked outside and waited for all the kids from the group to come out before he opened his other five Pokéballs. It took a while since the group was in the middle of a tour. That was ok, Red had nowhere to go.

"Come on out you guys!" exclaimed Red.

For the second time that day, all of Red's Pokémon burst forth from their Pokéballs. In order was Venusaur (Saur), Poliwrath (Poli), Pikachu (Pika) who jumped off his shoulder, Espeon (Vee), Snorlax (Lax), and finally Aerodactyl (Aero).

Everyone except for the boy run towards his Pokémon and started to play with them. The boy stared in awe as he saw the legendary team right before his eyes. Red gave him a small smile and walked over to him while the other kids were busy playing with his other Pokémon. As he watched the kid, he noticed that he was on the verge of tears. The boy only noticed Red when he suddenly felt a hand on his small shoulder. When he looked up he saw that it was Red who was trying to comfort him.

"Now I remember you." said Red. "Your one of the kids I met when I caught Pika in the first place. Is that why you were asking me these things? You wanted to prove that I was who I said I was. Correct?" The boy nodded.

In a small voice the boy replied, "yeah, but how did you know?" The boy asked trying not to cry.

Red knew that he needed to cheer the kid up. "I have a pretty good memory. Hey kid what's your name?" asked Red.

"It's Haku." said the boy. Red Smiled.

"Well Haku, how about I help you catch your very first Pokémon. Would that cheer you up?" asked Red. Haku's eyes grew wide. He wiped his tears away and smiled.

"Yeah, that would definitely cheer me up." said Haku.

"Ok, now what Pokémon out here can we catch for you?" said Red as he looked around he spotted one that was keeping its distance but at the same time wanted to come close. "How about that Growlithe over there? He looks like he wants to play with us."

At the same time, Red was trying to figure out why a Growlithe was in this part of Kanto. It was a rare site here in Pewter City. "Um…ok. Are you going to battle it?" asked Haku.

"No I was thinking you could battle it. I'll even let you borrow one of my Pokémon." replied Red.

"Ok. I chose Pika then." said Haku in a childish voice. At hearing his name, Pika ran towards Red and Haku prepared to fight.

"Pika, don't overdo it ok?" Red said to his partner. At this Pika nodded knowing that it was very powerful and it could cause a lot of damage if it wasn't careful.

Pokémon music for a standard battle.

"Um…Pika used thunderbolt!" commanded Haku.

Just as Haku said, Pika used thunderbolt on the Growlithe. Growlithe yelped in pain and growled back at the Pikachu. Growlithe fire a powerful ember attack. "Pika, dodge the attack and use thunderbolt one more time! Please!" said Haku.

Pika quickly dodged the attack and while in mid-dodge shot a thunderbolt straight at Growlithe. It was a direct hit and Growlithe fell to the ground. Before anyone could make another move, Red threw a Pokéball at Growlithe and waited for the Pokéball to accomplish its task. As soon as the Pokéball stopped moving and flashing, Red went over and picked it up. Then he turned back around and handed the Pokéball over to Haku.

"Wow! I just got a Growlithe!" said Haku full of joy and excitement. With that he hugged Red and laughed with a big smile on his face. Red was surprised by Haku's sudden hug. When he recomposed himself he broke out of the hug and returned his Pokémon. With that he went on to continue his trip home.

Little did he know, a man in the shadows was watching him. It was none other than Giovanni. He watched as everything happened from Red looking at the exhibit to helping the kid catch a Pokémon. He didn't care that Red was still a carefree teen who saw Team Rocket as an evil organization. That would soon change as soon as he got Red to join. What he was really interested in was why Red seemed so focused on the exhibit about the Aura Guardians. Multiple questions were forming in his mind. One being, 'Why did Red come down from the mountain now and not before?' Sure he was glad that Red came down, it made it easier to keep track of him and they didn't have to go looking for him somewhere in a hidden cave.

He decided to follow Red to see what else he would do. Nothing interesting happened on the way to Viridian City. In fact there were no trainers at all on the way which was unusual to say the least.

Red didn't stop once at the Pokémon Center and he didn't say Hello to his friend Green or Yellow how practically lived there now. Green being the new Gym Leader since he left and Yellow was a girl who took care of the forest Pokémon.

Then out of nowhere Red stopped and looked around. *Did he see me?* thought Giovanni.

Red was about to continue walking when his PokéGear went off.

Red pulled it out, "Hello?" asked Red.

On the other line were the voices of the Elite four of the Pokémon League in Kanto. "Hey been awhile since you came down from the mountain. Why is that? Got some big plans or were you getting bored of watching Kanto from your perch up there?" asked Lance the dragon master.

Red smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know." Replied Red. For Giovanni, this was the first time he saw Red act mischievous. "If you really want to know, I came down to get a change of scenery."

"We all know that's a big fat lie Red." Answered Lorelei the ice type specialist.

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not." With that said Red got a lot of looks that said to just tell them. "Fine I'm going home for a little while and then heading out for another adventure."

The next one to talk was Bruno. "You do realize that as the Champion you have a job to do."

Red closed his eye and sighed. "I know that, but this journey will depend on what happens when in the future. I will be heading to Cameran soon to see the rest of my family. You four are probably the only ones that know about that. Also I've been told by the Professor that there are some new Pokédex owners in Unova region. Not only that but my father has asked me to return, something about an old organization returning and I'm needed to help with the situation.

"Fine but you better come back with good news. Also if you're going to Unova, bring back some Pokémon for each of us. I hear they have plenty of Pokémon in our type specialties. By the way, where that nosy fox of yours anyway? Usually he would have annoyed me by now considering how that dark type is always with you." Said Agatha, the creepiest member of the group.

"Hey I'm allowed to have some fun too you know. And as for my Zorua, he's around here somewhere watching from a distance and keeping me informed as always." Red answered in a calm voice and smirked again.

This was way out of Red's usual behavior from what Giovanni was used to seeing. Sure he knew the kid was brave and had incredible speed and battling skills. But to see him act this way was new to him. He acted a lot like the other Gym Leaders that were a part of Team Rocket. He sounded cunning, mysterious and seemed always one step ahead of everyone.

Red said his goodbye's to the other members of the Elite four. Funny how they were once his enemy that froze him in ice are now his comrades that fought on the same side as the other Dex holders. Red turned to the tree opposite to where Giovanni was hiding.

"You can come out now Zorua. Or should I say Dāku ko." Red said to the tree.

Just then a black fox Pokémon came down the tree. It was no bigger than and Eevee. It had black fur everywhere except for its paws, the tip of its tail and the tip on top of the tuff of fur on its head. It had bright blue eyes that twinkled with mischief.

"Hey don't call me a dark fox. It's not even clever." Said the little fox Pokémon. To Giovanni's surprise it could use telepathy.

"It's your name Dāku. And besides it sound cooler in the ancient language of Pokémon. Just as Mew's name is Raito neko. By the way, any luck finding her?" asked Red. The little fox shook its head and climbed onto Red's other shoulder since Pika already had one of the occupied.

"But why is my name Zorua Dāku ko. All it means is Zorua the dark fox. Why not give me a nickname like the others?" wined the Zorua.

"Because you were the first Pokémon beside Mew that I caught as a kid. Also I don't think you want to be called Shadow or anything like that. Mew is the Raito neko, the Light cat. You are a dark fox. Now let's go find her before it gets too dark out kay?" said Red. Zorua nodded and he continued walking into the forest where he fought Mew with Poli.

Well this was a surprise to say the least. Red had a Pokémon that Giovanni had never seen before and now he learned that Red had previously caught Mew as a child and was looking for it. He also found out that Mew was a girl but that was beside the point. Now he knew where Red was going to be in the future so he could now set a plan to get Red to join Team Rocket. It was only a matter of time.

He continued to follow Red but kept his distance. He wasn't sure about this Zorua Pokémon. He felt that it might be able to see him or hear him if he wasn't too careful. As they kept walking, Red came to a small clearing.


Nothing happened for the longest time. It was quiet and nothing moved an inch. Then out of nowhere, a bright light started to zoom around until it slowed down to circle Red. As it were playing it swooped down and grabbed his red cap.

"Hey, Mew that's my hat. Why do you always take it from me?" said Red as he chased the small legendary around the clearing. To Giovanni, it was quite amusing to see the boy have so much trouble with this fast and playful Pokémon. He could also see Red's face for the first time in a long time. Red had gotten taller and he grew his black hair out so now his bangs were covering his eyes slightly. Although it seemed to work for him since his hair naturally grew into a spiky style. He seemed to have built some muscles while living on the mountain yet he was still thin.

Red finally caught Mew to Giovanni's surprise and proceeded to trip and fall flat on his face. Mew squirmed free still holding Red's hat. Zorua, Pika and Mew all started to laugh while Red got into a sitting position and glared daggers at the three. "Ha ha very funny. NOW RETUN MY HAT YOU THEIF!" Red shouted as he pounced at the Pokémon.

"Hahaha, Red can't catch me, Red can't catch me." Chanted Mew as it dodged Red once again. Mew had the voice of a small little girl which seemed to fit her small body.

"Arg! I…huff…give…up." Red said trying to catch his breath. By now he was lying on his back breathing heavily. Giovanni never thought he would hear Red say those words no matter what the situation was. Although he had hoped they would be when he joined Team Rocket.

Mew floated over and sat on Red's chest. She stared at him for a minute seeing that the game was over. She dropped the hat on his face and went over to Zorua and Pika. Mainly to talk to Zorua to catch up but to also let Pika in on what was going on. Red sat up after catching his breath and put his hat back on his head.

He looked over at the Pokémon and gave a small smile before he frowned and look back at the ground. Mew sensed this and went back over to him with Pika and Zorua not to far behind.

"Red what's wrong? Usually when we play you don't get sad about it." Said Mew.

Red looked up to Mew and then back to the ground like there was something more interesting there. Red let out a big sigh and the replied, "It's nothing you did Raito. It's just that I'm going to be heading to Cameran soon and there's some trouble going on lately. I'm worried. The Shadow Myths Organization aka the Shadō shinwa soshiki, are rising again after all these years and I have to go to help protect everyone and to stop their plans."

"Well then I'm going to." Stated Mew. At this Red's head shot up surprised written all over his face. "What? You think you're the only one allowed to fight? If this is anything like before, we'll need the help of everyone including your family and the other legends. Also I could go for an adventure, staying in one place for so long is boring and Team Rocket keeps trying to catch me. It's getting really annoying."

Red blinked a few times before he burst out laughing. "Ok I admit that you right but saying that your bored because playing with Team Rocket is tedious is a really strange thing to say." Said Red. "Even if they caught you, it wouldn't do them any good considering you've been caught be me already."

"For the record, I didn't know that you were practicing your throwing. Also who uses actual Pokéballs to practice? It was only after I broke free that we talked and I agreed to be a part of your team." Stated Mew with an, I'm not amused tone.

"Sorry, sorry. Well now that that's taken care of. We should head home before it gets to dark." Red said as he stared at the sun setting for the day.

Giovanni thought he had seen enough, so he walked back to his hideout to inform the others of what was happening. He was already thinking of several ways to catch Red. He knew that if he got Red, he would get the other Dex holders too easily and with that, he would be able to take control again. He also saw it as an opportunity to catch all the Legendary Pokémon.

Red continued to walk home not even realizing that Giovanni had been watching him the entire time. Sure he knew that Team Rocket was looking for him since he had defeated many of them on the way down the mountain but he didn't think they could catch up to him or know where he'd gone for a while.

On his left shoulder was Pika, on his right was Zorua (Dāku ko), and on his head was Mew (Raito neko). He was on Route one now and everything was peaceful. No trouble came his way and he was enjoying the company of his Pokémon since he didn't get to just stay quiet and enjoy the silence.

Red made it to Pallet Town. Everyone was already in their houses so he made his way to his house. When he got there he realized he was the only there. His mother was not home for some reason. Pika and Zorua jumped off his shoulders and onto the couch in the living room. Red searched the house until he came upon a package in his room. There was a letter attached to it. He opened the letter and began to read it.

Dear Faiareddo,

Yes I called you by your full name mister. I'm sorry I am not home right now considering you are reading this. I have gone to Cameran before you and this package is from everyone there and from me as well. Inside there are some gifts and some things I'm sure you'll be happy to see again after all these years. I have put a pair of black jeans and sneakers, a red shirt, and a jacket as well as a pair of gloves for you to wear when you come. There is also some food I made in the fridge if you get hungry.

Love, Mom. Hiiro tōsho.

Red looked back to the package and decided to open it. Inside were a few Pokéballs, the clothes his mother talked about, a PDA and head piece that came with for his job in the future. A pair of goggles and a pair of headphones that were black and red like the clothes. There was also a pendent which he immediately recognized. He attached it to a chain with the same metal as the pendent and put it around his heck. Then he looked down at the Pokéballs. Inside the Pokéballs were a Riolu, a shiny Vulpix, and a shiny Eevee. There were two other Pokéballs but the Pokémon inside were not normal. In one there was a black Persian and a shiny black Rapidash. They were both permanently black because they were once Pokémon who's hearts were closed. Red decided to take them all downstairs with him and feed his Pokémon.

Red released all of his Pokémon including the ones he recently re-obtained. He introduced them all to each other and then fed them as well as himself. He let all of his Pokémon sleep outside of their Pokéballs for the night.

He took a quick shower and stayed up a little to just think over everything that had happened that day. Lying in bed, Red couldn't help the feeling someone was watching him outside. It was the same feeling he had right before his PokéGear went off. He was sure someone was following him and he had gotten pretty good at detecting when a new presence was near. After all, he stayed on top of a mountain for two whole years. His senses became stronger to deal with the cold around him just as his Pokémon got stronger.

Red ignored his feeling thinking it was just because he went from a cold atmosphere to a warmer one. He turned off the lights and got back into bed. Slowly but surely sleep took him and for once in two years, Red was sleeping on a comfortable bed.

Outside though was someone that Red was hoping he'd never see for a long while. Or should he say multiple somebodies. Outside in the darkness of the night were Giovanni and the three other Gym Leaders. After talking to the others, Giovanni chose to surprise Red with a welcome back present. One that he wouldn't forget in a long time.


"Wait, are you telling me that the kid is at home? Not only that, but he has Mew. The kid has a legendary Pokémon at his disposal?" Asked Surge.

"Well this is surprising to say the least." Added Koga, "So now we know where he's going. What now?"

"We are going to 'surprise' him with a welcoming 'gift' and test him to see just how strong he has become." Announce Giovanni.

"Are we going to capture him or just test him?" asked Sabrina. "We should be stronger than him if all of us are going, so why not just capture him now or put him asleep. There's no way he can take on four powerful Gym Leaders at once."

"If he proves to be weak enough to take now we will. If he still stands afterward or he escapes we'll try again later. With the data we collect we have a better chance to leave no openings for Red to break free and recover the next time." Replied Giovanni.

They all nodded in agreement and listened to their Boss's plan.

End Flashback

With his plan set to go, all he had to do was give Surge the signal. When he gave the signal, Surge would create a diversion to get Red outside. When he chases Surge to a clearing far away from the town, Koga and Sabrina will appear and surround Red from escaping. They would then battle him to test his skills. If he was strong enough to hold off those three, Giovanni would join in the battle. The battle would be too far away for anyone to hear it or see it. If Red was defeated, there would be no one to come to his rescue.

It was a perfect plan, but there was a part of him that was saying that Red could still find a way to escape. If Red had enough strength to break through their defenses, he could get home and leave before any of them could catch up. If that happened, Giovanni would try to catch him before he left his home for his journey. After all, it will take a while to get back to his house if he was already tired and weakened. It was just a matter of time. And there seemed to be not enough for Red this time.

Giovanni smirked darkly and turned to Surge. He stared at him for a moment and then nodded. Surge took off to lead Red back to them. As long as Surge didn't destroy anything, it would be fine. His job was to just get Red's attention. Use his Pokémon to make a commotion.

Within the hour they saw Red would arrive. Then the fun could begin.

Surge had just arrived at the main road that lead straight into Pallet Town. He looked around for a brief moment before searching for Red's house. "Man, this place is so dull and boring. No wonder the kid went on a journey. Everything is too peaceful, not enough action to entertain someone for long." He commented.

He finally found which house he was looking for and pulled out a Pokéball. The house alone was pretty big and it was further away from the other houses in the small town. He opened the Pokéball and out came an Electrode. "Self-destruct!" he commanded. BOOM! If the light didn't wake Red up then the sound sure would.

Inside Red's Room

Red was sound asleep when all of a sudden, he heard a loud BOOM! Come from outside his house. At this, Red shouted "AHHH!" and fell out of his bed with a THUD! "What the heck was that?" he mumbled for he was still tired and was confused to be woken up in the middle of the night.

He got up and went over to his window. Everything was dark outside and covered in a dust cloud. *ok, now I'm really confused* thought Red as he crossed his arms and continued to search for whatever made that explosion. Soon enough the dust cloud faded away and Red was able to get a better look outside. He scanned the area and his eyes landed on a figure about five meters away from his house. Upon closer inspection, his eyes widened at who it was.

It was none other than Lt. Surge from Team Rocket. Surge was grinning and made a gesture for Red to come out. Red was really annoyed by this time. He was tired, was woken up in the middle of the night, and now was being taunted by an old enemy. "Guess Team Rocket knows I'm back. Now they want to fight me? In the middle of the night? I am so not in the mood." Grumbled Red as he got his new clothes on that his mom left for him.

He went down stairs and collected all his Pokémon. Even the ones he recently got back. Now he had twice as many Pokémon with him. The ones from his journey plus the ones from the package. Mew and Zorua jumped onto his shoulders. In total he had 13 Pokémon and he knew that there was probably something fishy if it was Surge trying to get his attention. He just didn't know for what.

He ran outside to face Surge but as soon as the Rocketeer saw him, he ran away. Naturally Red ran after. *What, no witty banter? No insults? What's going on?* Red thought as he chased Surge farther and farther away from Pallet. He kept running until he found himself in the middle of a clearing. With his only source of light being the moon, Red looked around to see where Surge ran off to.

With no sign as to where he went, Red looked up to the moon. Snap! Red spun around to be facing Koga and not Surge. *Huh, a ninja who made a noise.* thought Red. Then he heard a laugh, and when he looked over his right shoulder he saw Surge smiling smugly. Then he looked over his left shoulder to find that Sabrina was there. *Great. I knew this was a trap and I came anyway. Man that was a bad choice.* Red commented to himself.

Red got ready to battle but waited for his opponents to make the first move. Everything was quiet and you could feel the tension in the air. *I knew I should of stayed in bed today.* He added.

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