Red Aura Chapter 6

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"The next round of the tournament will now commence. On the green side we have Amber. On the red side we have Koga. This will be a six on six battle. BEGIN!" said the referee as he swung his arms down.

"Grimer!" Koga threw his Pokéball, releasing the small poisonous Pokémon. On the other side of the field, Amber had thrown out his Floatzel.

"Wash them away Floatzel with Aqua Jet!" said Amber; his Pokémon being encased in water and propelling itself towards Koga's Pokémon. Koga didn't even bother to tell his Pokémon to dodge. Grimer to the hit and was instantly knocked out. "Yes! Easy as pie!" yelled Amber in victory. When Floatzel landed, it cringed and looked sick. Amber was beyond confused and worried.

Amber look to Koga to see what his next Pokémon would be only to see the man smiling. "You fell for my trap. Now your Pokémon is poisoned." When all he got from Amber was more confusion he tried to explain. "When you attacked my Pokémon, his special ability is to poison the attacker during battle."

Now Amber understood and was now furious. "No one tricks me. You are going to regret doing that to my Floatzel."

Koga threw out his Muk this time. "Sludge Bomb!"

"Dodge it and use Sonic Boom while in midair," countered Amber.

Koga scowled, "Don't let it get away!" Muk shot more Sludge Bombs at Floatzel while it was in midair causing the two attacks to collide and explode.

The battle continued like this throughout each of their matchups. Since Koga's Pokémon weren't as strong as Ambers, it ended with Amber winning with only using four of his Pokémon. However he will be forever terrified of Koga's Arbok and its ability to regrow any of its body back when it's cut of thanks to his Gallade and Gachomp cutting to many times.

Red went to go see how his brother was doing after his fight with Koga. That meant he wouldn't get to see all of Green's battle against Surge. Red found Amber leaning over a garbage can in the trainer's area for the competitors who entered from the Green side.

Red sweat dropped when he saw his brother puke. "Was your battle that bad?" was all Red could ask.

Amber lifted his head fully disgusted. "I never knew that that guy would scare me so much. I think I inhaled some of the toxic fumes from his poisonous attacks," said Amber before he puked again.

Red had an equally disgusted look on his face at the sounds coming from his brother. "Gross." Red knew this was going to be a long day. "I hope Green is having a better time than me" thought Red.

Up above, Green was taking out each of Surge's Pokémon with ease until he got to the Electabuzz and Raichu. He finally beat Surge just as Red and Amber came up above. Amber still looked sick and Red looked, well it was hard to tell how he really looked since he kept a stern look on his face as he looked onto the battle. Standing in victory was Green's Machamp who was slightly charged from the unconscious Electabuzz on the ground.

"Next up we have Jade and Red. Would competitors please come to their respected sides for battle," said the announcer. Both Red and Jade got up from their seats and walked toward the exit and down to the competitor's area.

"Who do you think is going to win between the two of us?" asked Jade.

Red smirked at her while they walked, "Sorry to say this but it won't be you. I know how you fight and also I've become stronger than I used to be. Even when we were kids you could never beat me in a fight."

"Ok tough guy," said Jade. She leaned forward and gave him a mischievous grin, "Who will win the whole tournament?"

They reached the area where their paths split. They turned to go separate way when Red turned to look at her leaving. "We'll just have to wait and see now won't we? Good luck."

She turned and waved, "You too." Little did she know the battle was going to take less than ten minutes. Each of her Pokémon knocked out by a single attack from Red's Pokémon.

After the first round of battle, the semifinals and the finals went by pretty quickly. Red was paired up to face Riley while Green and Amber faced each other. Riley and Red had an almost equal battle with Red's Saur lasting just a little longer than Lucario. Amber was still a little out of it from his battle with Koga and was crushed by Green's team.

It had something to do with the fact that Green knew of many ways to take down Red's team and Amber's Pokémon team was too similar to his brother.

Green and Red fought for the title of Hero of the Festival. As always Red won again against Green. The finishing blow being Pika using a Thunderbolt on Green's Ninetales knocking unconscious.

"And the winner is Red!" shouted the announcer. Everyone in the crowd started to cheer for the winner of the tournament.

After the tournament, everyone went to get ready for the party to close the festivities; everyone except Red. He was sitting in the attic area where a lot of Pokémon like to come and play. He was sitting on the windowsill staring up into the night sky.

"So it would seem that the three mystery women from before have left. That's good, but Team Rocket is still here. Whenever the three elites are together, it spells trouble for me," thought Red. He closed his eyes, "Which means Giovanni isn't far behind." Red's eyes snapped open and his hands were in balled fists; his knuckles turning white from how hard he was squeezing them.

"Red, you should get dressed for the party. You should look more like a guardian than a trainer. Come on, you won the tournament and now you get to hold Sir Aaron's staff!" said an overly excited Mew. Zorua was napping on Red's lap the entire time.

When Red turned his head to look at Mew, the moon was making a silhouette around him. The only thing you could make out where his bright red eyes. "I guess. This will be our first step to Sir Aaron; releasing Lucario from his prison. Then we just have to get him to trust us and understand without him getting mad.

In Red's Room

Red was in the bathroom attached to his room leaning over a sink and splashing his face with cold water. He needed to stay awake. It was going to be a long night and since he was the winner of the tournament, he would have to sit it on the "hero's" chair for almost the entire party.

His best chance at doing anything during the party is that he gets to have one dance and pose like Sir Aaron at the end. If he was lucky he could just slip away from the person in charge to make sure he doesn't go anywhere.

Really Red just wanted to relax and not go to the party. It would be boring for him and he didn't really like crowded areas. One of the many reasons he went up to Mt. Silver; to avoid the news and fans and it forced only the strongest trainers to make it to the top.

Once Red was finished getting dressed, he looked in the mirror to see how he looked. He was wearing his red runners with a pair of black jeans. He also wore a black tank-top that had a bit of a turtle neck to it. Over top of that was a jacket similar to Riley's but it was red. He finished the look with a red and black hat that also resembled that of Sir Aaron's where the main colour was red with a black band around the middle with the emblem on the front.

All in all he looked very dashing. Red smiled to his reflection, then Mew and Zorua landed on his shoulders. "Should we get going?' asked Red. Both Pokémon nodded and the three of them left to meet up with the other.

In the Grand Hall

Everyone was just entering when they heard the grand hall for the party. Red had made it once again and merged with the people and Pokémon. He thought he was in the clear but once he entered and got a clear view of the entire room he noticed a woman glaring at him.

She was fairly old and had her hair tied up in a bun. Said woman was waiting impatiently while she held a staff protectively and carefully. Her glare made Red shrink a little. He knew the woman well considering she kept all artifacts and the castle itself in good condition and safe from any harm.

The woman continued to glare at him and made a hand motion for him to come over and take his seat. Red gulped but did as he was told in a silent manner. He gave a glance to the side to see Amber and Riley who were also dressed like him but in their respective colours of blue and a dark amber like colour. Jade was there as well with a green dress on. All of them snickered at his unfortunate position as the "Hero" since he was being bossed around and was going to be stuck in his seat all night.

Red sighed and kept walking forward. When he made it to the woman, she gave him the staff and practically nagged his ear off about being careful with the staff. He just kept nodding his head and took his seat. The woman never leaving his side and continued to point out everything he was doing wrong.

During the party, Team Rocket noticed Red and how he was forced to act in the role of the hero. Only one thought about the situation was on their minds: perfect blackmail. On the other hand, Giovanni was interested in the strange staff that Red was holding with such care.

"Must be important if he's actually trying to not break it," thought the Rocket boss.

Each of Red's friends and family came to talk to him and make it more tolerable for him but every time the same woman would tell them that he had to stay where he was and be a proper symbol to the word hero. To which Red would slump and mumble under his breath about how this isn't how a hero should be shown. This earned a whack on the back of the head by the woman he was complaining about.

Red was used to not eating for long periods of time so he didn't mind that he couldn't get up and to grab some food. Green thought it would be a good way to have some fun against his rival for to fail and for two little Pokémon to chase him around the room threatening him for teasing their trainer. However, this did get Red to crack a smile so he was entertained for a short time during the festival's closing party.

By the end of the party, Red's father came up the stairs to where Red was and announced to the people, "Now we shall close this year's festival of heroes with our tournament winner finishing his responsibilities as this year's hero."

Red looked at his father and nodded before he looked at the tapestry with Sir Aaron riding his Pidgeot with Lucario right behind him. Red mimicked the pose and without even trying some of his aura went into the staff and release the one trapped inside. The force had knocked Red off his feet and onto the ground while everyone else had to block the light or look away. When the light faded, Red was staring at a Lucario with its eyes closed.

No one said anything for the longest time until Red broke the silence with a single word. "Wow," and some people just stared at him and he was grinning. Mew hovered above Red while Zorua jumped onto his trainer's shoulder again. Lucario's voice rang in everyone's heads.

"Finally I have been release you traitor!" he yelled toward where Red was. Lucario had his teeth bearing and he was growling too. Red just cocked his head confused with a small 'what'.

"Sorry, but I think you have me confused with someone else Lucario," replied Red. All of Lucario's anger quickly disappeared and he slowly opened his eyes only to notice that the young man before him on the ground was not his master Sir Aaron.

Lucario jumped to his feet utterly confused. There were a few people in the room with nearly identical auras to his master yet only two stood out the most. One was the young man with raven hair and red eyes and a second young man near the first who looked nearly identical but was a different colour.

Scared, Lucario ran out of the room to get a better look at where he was. Red immediately went into action and took off after the aura Pokémon. It wasn't long until he found him it the room that was once the Pokémon's a long time ago.

Red felt kind of sad when he saw how shocked and scared Lucario was. When he found him, the aura Pokémon was standing over a case that held several artifacts from his time. Red just stood there and let the Pokémon clam down. Or that's what he was hoping for at least.

Lucario's emotions changed so quickly that Red had no time to properly dodge Lucario who turned around to punch him. Red was able to just get out of line of the punch but ended up falling with Lucario on top of him.

"Why!? How could this happen? Why do you keep following me? You do not even know me since I am not from this time, am I!?" yelled Lucario.

Red stared at Lucario before his eyes softened and he pushed Lucario off him a little. "I don't look familiar to you at all?" asked Red. "It's me, Red; the little boy who came from the future and met the two greatest aura users of all time."

Lucario stared at him like he was crazy but there was no denying the look in his eyes. They were the same as the small boy he had met while Sir Aaron was with him in the forest. "I'm sorry that this is all kind of sudden Lucario. It was the only chance I could get to set you free. Also, I have another plane that I need to do but you need to hear me out first before you continue to hate Sir Aaron," said Red.

"Why should I when all he did was betray his kingdom?" argued Lucario.

Red was getting annoyed just a little bit, "Because he did not betray anyone. He sacrificed himself to save everyone from war and he didn't want you to share in his fate." Lucario looked to Mew to see if what Red said was true. When she nodded her head, Lucario sat there speechless.

Finally Lucario looked up at Red straight in the eye, "What is the plane then?" he asked quietly.

Red smiled warmly at the aura Pokémon, "Easy, we are going to bring Sir Aaron back from his crystal slumber." Lucario's eyes widened. While he did want to see his master again, he did not want to risk the lives of others to do so. He sighed knowing that the young man before him would not back down, just like his master was which brought a small smile onto his face.

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