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Calculus, World History, Spanish, English, LUUUNCH, Bio II, Gym

"So, what am I supposed to do?" Harry blinked owlishly at the green eyed Sea Prince. Percy laughed at Harry's confusion before picking the sword up.

"We're training, silly. Just picked it up and hit me." Harry looked at Percy before hesitantly lifting the sword up.

"It's kind of heavy." Harry stated, the sword feeling bulky to him.

"Yeah, it's because it's not yours. My sword, Riptide, was made for me so it feels natural. We'll get you a sword soon anyways, so it's alright." Harry nodded and experimentally thrust the sword forward. "Hey, that's pretty good. So, are you ready?"

"Okay, let's go." As soon as Harry said that, Percy attacked him, the sword slicing at the air. Harry yelped and jumped back, a few pieces of his hair falling off. As Percy raised his sword again, Harry used it to block it and with a weird twisting move, knocked the sword out of Percy's hand. The sword fell with a clatter and Percy started at him with wonder.

"That was really good!" The sun kissed boy cheered and Harry blushed darkly.

"Thank you."

"How did you do that?" Harry bit his lip before replying.

"Well, sometimes when we're practicing for Quidditch, Oliver makes us do these weird stretching exercises." A loud laugh was heard and Harry turned to see the stormy eyes of Annabeth.

"Percy, you know what Chiron told us." She lowered her voice, but Harry could still hear her. "He tends to hallucinate because of his home, remember?" Percy nodded and threw Harry a concerned look. Harry clenched his fists before throwing the sword down.

"I need to go." He muttered before running to Cabin 11. He burst through the doors and the two Stoll brothers looked at him.

"Hey, Harry!" The shorter one said, grinning mischievously. Harry looked at them before turning around and running for the woods. He dashed for a nearby tree before falling down and sitting.

"I know I'm not crazy." Harry muttered bitterly. The blonde girl flashed through his mind and he resisted the urge to punch something. He looked at the sky and began calculating. "It's almost time for the letters!" He whispered in realization. A small smile came onto his face. He looked to the sky and sighed loudly. He didn't know why the others didn't believe him when he told them about Hogwarts, but it aggravated him. Harry stood up again and began walking when a searing pain shot up his head. He fell to the ground and soon, he landed into a familiar darkness.

"Hello, my child." Harry groaned loudly and rolled his eyes.

"Hi, dad. What do you need?" He felt annoyance coming from the speaker's side and he snickered softly.

"Your letter to Hogwarts will be coming soon. I have placed the Mist around you so none of your…teachers will be able to find you. Do you still have your wand?" Harry nodded and the voice continued. "Good. I will send the red heads to you a few days after your letter and you will go with them to your wizard world. However, remember to tell NO ONE about this camp."

"Alright. Wait, I can't tell Ron or Hermione?" He asked in disbelief. There was a lull in the conversation as the man thought about it.

"You may only tell those two. Keep safe, my son."Harry felt dizzy and the darkness descended on him.

"Owwwww." He moaned softly as he woke up. "Does he have to do that every time?"

"Do what every time?" Harry jumped and turned to see a short figure wearing a brown cloak.

"Well, he knocks me out basically. Who are you?"

"I am Hestia."

"Hullo, Hestia." Harry smiled at her and she waved slightly.

"A word of advice, Master of Death. Be wary of bathrooms." Harry gazed at her strangely before nodding.

"Um, thanks. I'll definitely not eat any bean burritos." He mumbled. Hestia laughed softly before a sudden wind blew and she disappeared. "Weird." He muttered before walking away, his mind of bathrooms and burritos. When he reached the training grounds, he was encountered by a worried Percy.

"Where did you go?"

"I was in the forest." Harry replied.

"There are monsters in the forest! Don't go there without a weapon!" Percy shook his head and Harry fingered his wand's outline.

"I survived the Forbidden Forest." He sighed before walking to the Big House.

"Where are you going?"

"To sleep." Percy followed him and started talking.

"You can sleep in Cabin 11, you know that. Why do you want to sleep in the Big House? Doesn't it get lonely?" Harry shrugged and sped up, wanting peace so he could think. "Well, at least come eat dinner." Harry stopped before obeying. The two of them walked to the pavilion (not sure if that's where they eat) and each went to their respectable tables, Percy to Cabin 3's and Harry to Cabin 11's.

As they were eating a fluttering sound was heard and everyone froze. Looking up, they saw two owls flying towards them. Every pair of eyes turned to Annabeth who was smirking slightly except for Harry. He waited patiently and when the owls landed in front of him, he pushed his goblet to them.

"Sorry, Harry, my mother probably sent them to me." Annabeth said snottily, making her way to him. He looked at her and held up a letter for her to see.

"No, it's mine. From my school." He ignored her flabbergasted stare and opened it, skimming over the school supplies. "I need a brand new cauldron?" He sighed before moving onto the next owl. He ignored the disbelieving stares from the other people and opened it, a smile breaking onto his face when he saw the familiar writing.

Hey Harry!

It's Ron here and I just wanted to let you know that we're picking you up in three days to go to Diagon Alley. It was a really weird thing actually. This man dressed in all black just materialized in front of The Burrow and told us we had to pick you up. He gave us a Portkey (I think) and told us it would take us to you and then take us back. Weird isn't it? Oh well, as long as I get to see you. Since it seems like you didn't receive our birthday gifts, Hermione sent it to me and I sent both of them to you. Happy late birthday, mate!

Ron Weasly

Harry took out the box and stared at it happily. He opened the first one and grinned when he saw the deck of card. "Exploding snap!" He was about to open the second one when he noticed the dead silence surrounding him. Looking up, he blushed when he saw everyone's gaze on him. Mr. D walked over, a frown on his face.

"Henry Pitter, what is all this?"

"My letter from Hogwarts. My friends are coming to pick me up in three days." He beamed happily and Annabeth chuckled maliciously.

"He probably sent those to himself because he wanted us to believe in his imaginary school!" Mr. D looked at her before sighing.

"Go." Harry grabbed all his things (and the owls) and dashed away, tears of anger pricking his eyes. Frustration was building up inside of him. Why didn't they believe him about Hogwarts? He dashed to his small room in the Big house and threw all of his things down. Nobody liked to talk to him (except Percy) just because he's the son of Hades. And on top of that, everyone took Annabeth's side when she says he hallucinates!

"They'll see later." He muttered as he searched for some paper. "Guess I have to use a pencil."
He quickly penned out a letter back to Ron and handed it to Errol. "Rest for today and then give this to him tomorrow, alright?" The tired owl gave a small hoot and placed his head onto his wing, falling asleep. Harry smiled at the creature before tucking himself into a bed and following suit.

"Come on Harry! Try harder!" Percy called out to Harry, who was lying on the ground, panting. It had been three days since the owls came and he was practicing with Percy again.

"Shut up." He grumbled as he picked himself up. "Stop going so hard on me! This sword is heavier!" He held it up again and motioned to Percy. "Let me try again!" Percy grinned and nodded. As they moved back into place, one of the Stoll brothers ran up, his face filled with excitement.

"A flying car just landed in front of the tree!" The two demigods stopped to look at him and Harry grinned.

"They're here!" He dropped the sword and ran to the front, dimly hearing Percy's voice calling him. As he neared the tree, he had to push past the crowd of demigods, but finally, he had a clear view of the small, blue car. A small trio of redheads stood in the front of it, arguing heatedly. Harry couldn't stop the grin from showing and he called out. "RON!" The shortest one turned and a matching grin lit up on his face.

"Mate!" The chattering crowd fell silent as Ron came closer. "Hey, are you ready? We're supposed to have you back at the Burrow in thirty minutes."

"Yeah, I packed everything. Just let me go grab it." The remaining two of the duo walked up and smiled mischievous grins.

"Let us-"

"Get it." Fred raised his wand and waved it. "Accio Harry Potter's trunk!" A loud crash was heard and Harry turned to see his bulky, brown trunk flying towards them quickly. He ducked as it zoomed over his head and Fred caught it, a proud smile on his face. Hedwig hooted indignantly from her cage.

"Let's get going then." George spoke up and Harry nodded. "You still have your wand?"

"Yes." Harry replied as he took the wand out, brandishing it proudly. A sputtering came from behind him and he turned to see a very red Annabeth.

"I don't know what you did, but I didn't know you were going to go this far for a stupid joke!" She screeched. Harry cringed and Fred waved his wand.

"Silencio." The raving blonde fell silent and the rest of the campers gaped at them. Harry scuffed his foot against the grass before waving meekly.

"Well, I guess I'll see you guys next summer then." He turned to leave when a loud galloping noise came up.

"C-C-CENTAUR!" Ron pointed, his eyes wide. "What is it doing here?" Chiron frowned at the red head before holding out a small dagger.

"Take this." Harry reached out a grabbed it, a small gasp escaping from his mouth as he felt the magic tingling up his arm. "This is known as Carnwennan, a dagger given to King Arthur, son of Hades. It can cloak the user in shadows; learn how to use it." Harry beamed widely and tried to stick it in his pocket. Chiron let out a small snicker before reaching over and pressing a small button, transforming the dagger into a black bracelet.

"Oh." Harry placed it on and smiled at Chiron. "Thank you." Percy came up from behind the centaur.

"I guess you're going then? I'll IM you!" Harry cocked his head to the side before shaking it.

"No, I'll owl you. Or maybe I'll IM you." He shrugged and Percy dug through his pockets, pulling out two drachmas. "Thanks!" Fred sighed loudly and Harry jumped.

"We should get going now." The small savior nodded before waving his hand.

"Bye!" The four of them turned and walked off to the car, not noticing a dark figure watching them from the back.

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