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"Harry, try again." Hermione said patiently as Harry dropped to the ground. He glared at her and pouted. "You're the one that wanted to practice. I told you to not push yourself, but you insisted." Harry groaned loudly before picking up his dagger. "I did all the research for you about the dagger."

"I know, Hermione." Before Harry could say anything else, the door flew open and the twins bounced in.

"How are-" Fred grinned widely.

"You guys-" George smirked from behind him.

"Doing?" They finished. Hermione frowned at them before waving them in.

"Don't distract him! He's learning how to fight. Honestly, I don't know why you refuse to tell the teachers, Harry." She directed her glare at him and he shrugged feebly. When he told Hermione about his summer, she ran to the library and looked everything up. However, the one topic she kept arguing about was the fact that Harry refused to tell any adults about what happened.

Of course, she also disapproved of him telling the twins, but she quickly lost that argument when they showed her an old abandoned classroom hidden behind a secret door. Suddenly, the door flew open and Ron ran in, wheezing.

"Filch...hoo...was…haa...outside…with...Mrs...haaa a..Norris." He panted. He slumped against the door and they all froze when they heard Filch's voice.

"Where are they, my preeeecious?" He cooed. The cat mewed at him and started scratching the door. They all shot panicked looks at each other but after a while, Filch swore heavily and walked away.

"Ha! I knew he couldn't get in!" Fred grinned and Hermione scowled.

"If you told Dumbledore, then we wouldn't have to keep hiding!" Harry groaned loudly and Ron shook his head.

"Don't argue, Hermione. It's Harry." The bushy haired girl bit her lip before nodding.

"Oh, it's really late!" She cried. Harry peered at her and nodded.

"You guys go up first; I'll come after I clean up." He looked around the room and all the torn pillows. He waved off Hermione's protest and they started walking away one by one. Soon, he was the only inside. Harry glanced around before whispering a spell silently. A small rainbow appeared and he fished around for one of the drachmas Percy had given him. After his small prayer to Iris, the rainbow shimmered and Percy's concentrated face materialized. "Percy!"

"Harry?" Percy looked up in shock before beaming widely. "It's been two months since I last saw you! How is it over there? Are you alright?" Harry nodded and blushed lightly.

"I've been fine. How about you?" Percy's face fell slightly, but he mustered up a small smile.

"I've been…coping." Since Percy went to a mortal school during the year, he had it worse than Harry with the dyslexia. Seeing that Harry also had part of Hecate's magic in him, he was able to read Latin, the language of magic. "So yeah, I have to go on this recruiting mission in a few days." Percy spoke up and Harry frowned.

"Recruiting mission?"

"Yeah, Grover thinks he found two more demigods, he asked Annabeth, Thalia, and I to go along." Harry bristled silently at the mention of the blonde girl before speaking up.

"Who's Thalia?" Percy gaped at Harry for a moment before shaking his head.

"Oh yeah, you got there after the whole poisoning the tree thing happened. She's our cousin."


"Daughter of Zeus." Percy chuckled and Harry blushed. Before he could ask another question, the cool metallic voice of Iris spoke up.

"Guess this means I gotta go." Harry waved shyly at Percy. "Good luck!" With those last words, the rainbow disappeared and Harry sighed sadly. He really missed Percy. And Grover. And the Stoll brothers, but that was it. They were practically his only friends since no one trusted him or believed him. Sighing once more, Harry began packing up his things.

"Try again Harry!" Hermione sighed impatiently. Ron nodded and looked uncomfortably at the door. The three of them were caught two days ago near the petrified form of Mrs. Norris and of course, blamed. All of the teachers were on edge after they saw the message about the chamber of secrets. However, they refused to tell the three and that left them more uneasy.

"I'm trying!" Harry bit back, slashing viciously at the dummy. Hermione made a disbelieving noise and continued reading a book. She had collected books on King Arthur, fighting techniques, and shadow spells. Also amongst the books were books about chambers.

"You're supposed to be on the defensive side, Harry. Concentrate on the shadows around you and pull them towards you." She explained again before putting the book down and grabbing a book named Chambers and all their Glories.

"Easy for you to say." Harry groused. He tried once more to pull the shadows towards him and Hermione groaned.

"There's nothing about the Chamber of Secrets!" She cried before looking up. "Harry?"

"What?" He replied, annoyed.

"Where'd..you go?" She asked. Harry looked down to see total darkness.

"I..did it. I DID IT!" He grinned and the shadows fell away. "Never mind."

"No, that was good!" Hermione praised him. Ron nodded quickly, a silly grin on his face. "I'm glad something was done today. I still can't find anything about the Chamber of Secrets!" Harry shrugged and tried to pat her on the back.

"I'm sure you'll find it. I mean, you are Hermione!" They all laughed before beginning to pack up. As they were walking out, they ran into Draco and his minions. As the blonde opened his mouth, Harry cut in.

"Shut it, Malfoy. You're father isn't here, you pansy." The blonde turned a peculiar shade of purple and he gave a loud scoff.

"Fine. I just wanted to inform you about the little dueling club tomorrow." Here, the blonde gave the trio a dirty smirk. "Wouldn't want any..injuries." He sneered before walking away, laughing.

"Dueling?" Ron murmured. "Harry, you gotta beat him! "The two males started debating fiercely only to have Hermione hit them on their heads.

"Have you forgotten Harry has that dagger? We still don't know the full extent of what it could do! What if he accidentally uses it and it hurts someone?" The two kept bickering and Harry walked away, leaving them to their spat. Sighing wearily, Harry froze when he heard that taunting voice again.

"Bloooooood." Ever since that run in with Mrs. Norris' body, Harry had been hearing this voice during the night, whispering the word blood.

"It's not real." He muttered to himself. "Not real." With that, he sped up and tried to ignore that chilling voice that came from behind the walls.

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