He is stuck, back against the side of a building, an uprooted stop sign at his throat. Red eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. After a moment though, Izaya smiles and holds up his hands in mock surrender.

"Looks like you got me, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo is furious. He is furious and has been chasing Izaya for well over an hour now and he's ready to bash Izaya's head in now that he finally has him-

He actually caught him.

And then Shizuo remembers just how easy it had been to chase down the flea and pin him. And out in the open, no less? No, Izaya's much more careful than that. He narrows his eyes, can't believe he had forgotten; there's only one day in the year Izaya allows himself to be caught.

He feels like he's the one trapped against the wall, what with the way Izaya's smirking at him. Damn it all, how is he supposed to go through with this now?

He thinks about going ahead and beating Izaya into the ground anyway, just to wipe that damn look off his face, but they do this dance every year and they both know how this is going to end. Izaya holds his gaze, smug and silent, daring him to misstep. They stare at each other, suspended.

Eventually Shizuo sighs and maneuvers the stop sign away from its position as Izaya's neck.

"Get out of here, flea."

Izaya is pleased but unsurprised as he pushes off the wall.

"It's been fun, Shizu-chan." The ever familiar switchblade twirls between his fingers.

"I really will kill you next time." Shizuo warns, but this too, is just another step in the sequence. There's no venom in his voice; he's resigned and irritated but he doesn't move when Izaya brushes past him.

"Happy Birthday~"

And Shizuo will find a pack of cigarettes in his pocket and a gash across his chest, red against white like a love letter.