Hello all!

Sorry, this isn't a chapter update (but with a brand new computer and a less busy, post-holiday schedule working in retail, I promise a new one will be coming soon!) rather an appeal, a rally call if you will.

Katie, also known as hybridlovelies on , Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc, lost her apartment and the majority of her belongings in a tragic fire just before Christmas this past year. Through the kindness of local friends and charities in the windy city, Katie's much better off than she'd otherwise be in this situation.

However, she still needs to get a place of her own and, almost more importantly, a computer with which she may find a new place to live, write fanfiction, use for her everyday work and largely in her field of graphic design...and to write fanfiction.

We've already raised some money to help her out, but today, the amazing women at the Klaroline Magazine on Tumblr have organized a large fandom effort to spread the word about helping out our fellow Klaroliner! Anyone that donates today may get something special from the numerous bloggers and fanfic writers and graphic artists that have offered up their talents to anyone generous enough to spare Katie some assistance!

If you're interested in donating, please visit the CrowdRise page I've made: From the Ashes: Helping Katie Post-Fire

You can find more info and ways to help Katie via The Klaroline Mag!


Becky ;)