Chapter 1

"You can't be serious!" Ratchet protested, staring down at the human presented in front of him. "I'm way too busy here at the base to look after… a human!"

Optimus Prime was used to his medic's antics after working with him for thousands of years, and wasn't fazed by the ambulance's open opposition.

"Ratchet, I am aware that you work harder than I'd ever expect from any of my underlings. But the truth is; that Nurse Darby is in need of an Autobot guardian. Unless you can argue that Smokescreen is the better choice, I suggest you make yourself acquainted to your new charge."

The Commander knew how much just his mere stance held authority over his mechs, thus he rarely needed to ask anything twice. The pure respect the Autobots held for the Prime insisted they all –deep down– knew their place in the small squad; so Optimus never needed to remind who was in charge, the way his archrival did. Not that he ever even wanted to. Even Ratchet, no matter how old or stubborn he was, knew when to stand down; especially if he knew the other option wasn't the better one. That however didn't mean he liked it any better.

"Uh… Alright, fine! I'll do it. I won't like it, but I'll do it." the medic surrendered with an assuring stance, silently cursing his darned luck. Why did Optimus always have to be right?

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do!" he scowled, in his usual, slightly dramatic manner, retreating back in the makeshift medical bay of their former-missile-silo of a base, quietly grumbling under his breath.

"Wow." said nurse whistled at what she had been presented with. "He sure does know how to make a girl feel special."

"Don't take it personally. Ratchet is like that to everyone. He's just one of those glitched, war-hardened aftheads. He doesn't mean it half the time." Arcee, her son's guardian and the only female of the robotic group, consoled the woman.

"Yeah." The giant, green wrecker, Bulkhead, agreed. "Once he's gotten used to you, it won't be so bad. Chances are, he'll like you but won't admit it. The slagger has one heck of a pride."

"I must apologize on Ratchet's behalf, Nurse Darby; but I, too, must concur that Arcee and Bulkhead are right. He may have his… issues with this planet and its inhabitants; but deep down he has a spark made of the purest crystals of the Praxian gardens. My wish is that you only gave him a chance. I strongly believe this union is… for the both of your benefit."

"Alright… So, what am I supposed to do now?" June asked, feeling slightly insecure around four giant bots.

"My suggestion is that you get to know one another better. How you go on about it is completely up to you. Although I regret I cannot stay here to see to your progress. I have to go on a scheduled patrol with Bumblebee." The Prime said, turning around. "Arcee, please open the ground bridge."

The blue motorcycle did as was told, and as Optimus was stepping in the cyan green spiral; he turned to address the nurse one last time.

"Until later, Nurse Darby." He made a small salute, and June answered him with a similar wave of her hand as the leader of the Autobots transformed in his renowned alt-mode, the Peterbild truck, and drove in the ground bridge with the yellow sports car that was Bumblebee right on his tail.

As the vortex died down, Arcee walked over to Bulkhead and began dragging him from his arm.

"We need to go, too. Bulkhead and I also have some stuff to do."

"We do? But, didn't Prime say…" the big, green bot began, but realized his mistake as he met the glaring look on his comrade's faceplate. He immediately began playing along, although awkwardly.

"Oh, that stuff. Right. Uh, lead the way. Don't wanna be late!" he said hurriedly, as they both escaped the room to the opposite direction from the med bay.

Mrs. Darby could see through the façade, but decided to let it slip. It was obvious what they wanted her to do now and she supposed she didn't have an option, for now. After all, Ratchet was the one that was supposed to take her to work and back from now on, so she had better start buttering up the old bot sooner rather than later. Without further ado, she began walking towards Ratchet's self-proclaimed Kingdom.

The inside of the Med Bay was just like the main room, only a bit smaller. Scattered across the tables and the floor were all sorts of gadgets and doohickeys, gears, plates, bolts, nuts, springs, and so forth making it look more like a garage than a medical bay. In the middle of the room were two medical berths, and on the other side of the wall were some more computers… or at least multiple screens. Not as many as in the lobby, though. Ratchet was currently busy pretending to be typing something important with such an exaggerated hurt look on his face that it made June chuckle in light amusement, until suddenly:

"I fail to see the humor in this situation."

It didn't faze June though. If anything the other bots had told about him were true, she knew just the way to handle someone like him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know my opinion mattered." She answered, smugly, smiling mischievously at the doctor who just briefly glanced at her direction, quickly returning back to staring at his computer screen, closing his optics and shaking his helm in disbelief.

"Can you please go away? I'm trying to concentrate here." Ratchet asked, in his usual 'you're-bothering-me' tone. June didn't care, though. She looked around and finally found a way to climb up on the desk that was just next to the screens in front of Ratchet. While on top, she sat down on something and watched Ratchet 'working', with an amused look on her face.

"You're not waiting for me to say 'please', are you? Because if so, you're wasting your time." Ratchet said, not even bothering to turn his head this time.

"Nah, don't think so. I was just going to wait and see how long you're going to pretend I didn't notice you're just pressing random keys and not actually writing."

That made the typing suddenly come to a halt, and the baffled medic turned his head towards the human in wonderment.

"Caught ya." was the nurse's smug reply, and immediately Ratchet cursed falling for the old trick, making him drop his fists on the keyboard and glancing back at the intruder.

"Just a lucky call." he snorted, obviously only trying to save some face after being so brutally owned by the human female.

"I'm a mother. I can tell pretend from genuine." She playfully snapped back at him.

"You would."

"Are we going to carry on this pointless conversation or are we going get to know one another as Prime wished we would?"

That made Ratchet's optics widen and his mouth drop open. The nerve of this woman! First she down right humiliates him and now, this?

"What on Cybertron is…Uhh, fine!" he surrendered, lifting up his arms in a dramatic matter.

"You win. But don't you think I'm going to forget this." he said bitterly, sitting down in front of the screens.

"Didn't expect anything less from you." June said, smiling. Her plan was coming along just fine.

AN: Decided to try something new for a change! Not sure how often I will update, but I feel pretty confident about this. There's gonna be a lot more happening than just these two. Sadly, there won't be any human x bot pairings, but there shall be pairings in the future chapters. Rating also may go up, not sure at this point. Anyways, hope you like it! ^^