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"Whatever you do, don't tell them. Avoid it completely. You were simply a servant. Nothing more. It's basically the truth. Not really a lie. More like just part of the truth." The seventh seat tried to prepare himself for the interrogation. The interrogation that should have taken place years before, but held off until today because no one wanted to remember the family he had worked for before entering the Shinigami Academy. That was before the Invincibles had suddenly begun appearing again.

The majority of Squad 11 was gravely injured at the hands of these strange Hollows. He had been helping with an emergency surgery when he was suddenly summoned.

He took a deep breath before entering Captain Unahana's office, wondering how easily he'd give himself away. His captain sat in front of a desk cluttered with various files and documents. Great. With all that information, he could mess up one tiny detail and ruin everything.

"Hello Hanataro. Please sit down." She offered him a sincere smile and he relaxed slightly. The shinigami lowered himself into the wooden chair on the opposite side of the desk. Unahana took out a sheet of paper and prepared to take notes.

"Now, we understand you worked for the Ugokanai family before their estate burned down. What duties were you given?"

Hanataro wondered who exactly "we" pertained too, but quickly answered.

"I... I was in charge of Eriko-cha- I mean Ugokanai Eriko."

"Yes, I believe you were quite close to the child if I'm not mistaken. You attempted to heal her burns after the fire." The young shinigami sat still with fear, wondering how she knew this, until he remembered it was Captain Unahana herself who had told him there was nothing anyone could do to save Eriko.

"She.. she wasn't like the rest of them, Captain. She never tried to... to control people. She wouldn't do that. She didn't deserve..." he broke off, aware that tears were beginning to blur his vision.

How would he know what she would have become? She was only a child.

Hanataro clenched his fists, angered at what had just run through his superior's mind. But he couldn't say anything. Then she would know.

"Let's move on," the captain said a bit too cheerfully. "The Ugokanais were able to defeat the Invincibles by using mind control to make them want to be destroyed. As the Invincible population decreased to an assumed extinction, the family's status within the Soul Society also diminished, no longer really having a purpose. Then they began to use mind control to keep themselves in power. Do you have anything to add to that?" she continued to smile, although something about her thoughts told him he better have something to add.

"Um, that's all true. They were very powerful. They thought there was a way to keep their power... pure..." This wasn't looking good. He had gotten onto the topic he was trying to avoid. That was just the story of his life.

"And how exactly did they intend to do that?"

"Well, if you'd recall, every Ugokanai had 'golden hair and pearly skin'," he replied, vaguely quoting one of the Codes of the Ugokanai.

"Yes, I remember." the Captain frowned. " Are you implying that this as intentional? But there had to have been some children born without those characteristics."

Sweat began forming on the seventh seat's forehead. His hands suddenly became cold and clammy.

"I...I don't think that ever h-happened, Captain," he stuttered. But it did.

The Captain nodded and the shinigami in front of her didn't dare risk trying to find out if she bought that. He tried to focus on anything but her mind.

"Did the Ugokanai have any other abilities besides mind control?"

"Well, basically, they were able to access a soul's mind completely, at least the ones who possessed the power could. Some could only read minds. Some could control them. The Head Ugokanai could do both and so could any of the Ugokanai warriors."

The captain's brow wrinkled. "That's new. There's no reference to any mind reading in these files," she said flipping through them.

Hanataro's eyes widened. "Oh! That was the most well-kept secret of the Ugokanai! No one is supposed to know about that! How'd I forget?" Now he was in trouble.

"It's fine really. Now we know why it was so easy for them to take control of the Soul Society. Do you know any more secrets, Hanataro? It would be a great help to us." she asked sweetly.

"Not really." Yes, really, he thought.

"Hanataro, after several tests, it was found that my mind had been tampered with during the Ugokanai Takeover, yet I never felt as if any of my thoughts came from someone else. They all felt genuine."

"A talented Ugokanai can blend thoughts with his own commands well enough that the one being controls can't detect any difference." Unless you're an Ugokanai yourself.

"I see. I have a few more questions, and then you are to report back to the Operating Room." he was glad it was almost over.

"The spiritual pressure of the Ugokanai should be very high, yet it is the same as any normal soul, as the Invincibles seem to be average Hollows. When the estate burned down, there seemed to be no survivors, well except for you that is."

He still felt a bit guilty about being the only one who got to live.

"But the Ugokanais had a private Senkaimon on the grounds."

"You think some of them might have escaped to the World of the Living?"

She nodded. "It's possible. But there is no way to root them out as they don't have a particular spiritual pressure. Do you know of any way to distinguish them?"

"I could." What are you doing? Shut up! No, no she'll figure you out. Think of something.. fast!" Uh... some people could sense their spiritual pressure... if they were around them often." Okay, that was definitely a lie. It was impossible to tell, thank God for him. But there was no proof otherwise.

Her eyes widened. "In that case, if you can sense the Ugokanai, then you may be vital to our mission. I'll have to send you to the World of the Living. You'll leave in the morning, hopefully. I'll speak to the Head Captain. There's no time to waste, but we need all hands on deck to keep those Squad 11 members alive. This all came on so fast.. who knew the Invincibles would come back? And with no Ugokanai... oh, you're excused. Please go back to the Operating Room. In fact, I should be going as well. I wish the interrogation could have waited, but unfortunately the Head Captain wanted this information as soon as possible. Well, go on."

Shakingly, he stood and hurried out the door, not wanting to dwell on his Captain's lingering thoughts.

There's something he's not telling me.

So she was suspicious. Now he knew he had to do everything he could to lay low around her and not give anything away. He sighed with relief, grateful to be out of the hot seat and that he didn't give anything away.

Hanataro wasn't used to this skill at all. It had come out of no where hardly two weeks before. He honestly hated being forced to be so invasive, but he didn't really have a choice. After hours of working nonstop that night, he finally had the chance t ask himself the question.

If he could read minds now, what else could he do? And did this mean... Hanataro Yamada of Squad 4 was possibly the last Ugokanai?