(As soon as Bob and Larry put up the call sheets, they are practically run over by the other veggies who are trying to see their roles.)

Larry: Geez, everyone's desperate to know, aren't they?

Scallion 1: I'm going to be a pianist in this movie? This is wonderful! I love to sing! Plus, I'm not going to be in a bad guy role. Isn't that great?

Scallions 2 and 3: Terrific.

Pa Grape: The whole thing of you and Madame Blueberry getting the roles reminds me of something. Wasn't there like a scene in the movie where Rick and Ilsa kiss each other

Larry: Yes, there is, from what Bob told me

Pa Grape: So, if Bob and Madame Blueberry are the main roles, then that means…

Mr. Nezzer: You're going to have a kissing scene with Madame Blueberry!


Bob: Well, if you guys don't mind, I have some very important things to talk about…with Madame Blueberry.

(Everyone gasps)

(Meanwhile in Bob's office)

Bob: I can see where you're coming from, Madame. I would feel a little uneasy, too, if I had to do that. My only thing is, I'm not a romantic type.

Madame Blueberry: Well, I could give you some tips on how to get girls to like you.

Bob (somewhat embarrassed): I don't think that's really necessary…

(In the Big Idea viewing room)

Mr. Lunt: Of course it's necessary! What, are we going to wait until chapter fifteen for you two to start dating?!

Larry: …You really get into this kind of stuff, huh?

Mr. Lunt: Hey, man, I'm just telling it like it is…

Iheartgod175 presents:

Hugs and Kisses: A Love Story

Created: January 25th, 2013

Published: January 28th, 2013

Rated: K+ (For the romantic stuff.)

This Chapter: February 20th, 2013

Summary: A new episode is being filmed, and the producers have decided to throw in some romance. Bob isn't at all fazed by this...until he learns that the romantic scenes will feature him and Madame Blueberry, who are the main characters! Although he's a nervous wreck about the whole thing, Madame Blueberry is delighted, being that she has quite the crush on the tomato. It's not long before their fun-filled lives draw them closer together...Bob/Madame Blueberry, with some Larry/Petunia and minor Archie/Lovey.

Author's Note: Sorry about taking a while to publish the next installment. I have school to take care of. This is going to be a very long chapter, clocking in at 6,825 words. There's also going to be more focus on Larry/Petunia and Archie/Lovey in here. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: As much as I love Veggie Tales, I never will own them. The series belongs to Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, the creators. If they decided to suddenly drop the company into my hands, then this story would be real. Other than that, don't count on it.

Chapter 3: The Weekend, Part 1

Saturday was the best day of the week for Larry. He got to sleep in until ten, watch his favorite program, Alf, at eleven, and then head out to meet his girlfriend.

Today, though, Larry decided to take that last part one step farther and take Petunia to a place that was extremely special and fancy. The last two places that he had taken her to had been pretty mediocre according to him, but she had enjoyed it, which was a good thing.

But this time, he was going to up the ante a bit and impress her. Getting his telephone book, he opened it to the 'A' section, and looked up and down the columns until he found the place he wanted: Andolini's Italian Bistro, possibly the most authentic and swanky restaurant around town. Of course, for such a fine dining experience, one would have to empty his entire wallet…but thankfully, Larry had a special stash set up from two years back where he set aside some extra money to buy something special.

The total amount was about $400, so that was plenty of money to go out to a fancy dinner date and still have some money left over.

Larry dialed the restaurant's number and waited for someone to answer. Then an employee answered on the other end.

"This is Andolini's Italian Bistro-you won't find better Italian food anywhere else. How can we help you?" she asked.

"Yes, I would like to set up a reservation at your restaurant, tonight at 7:30," Larry replied confidently.

"I see. How many are in your party, sir?"

"There are only two people-me and my girlfriend Petunia."

"What is your name, sir?"

"Larry the Cucumber, ma'am. My girlfriend's name is Petunia Rhubarb."

"Okay then. Would you like me to have you listed as 'Mr. and Ms. Cucumber'?"

"Sure, that'd be great!" Larry replied cheerfully, not realizing what she had just asked.

"Alright, then, I'll have the manager reserve a seat in the orchestra section of the restaurant, seat 13B. We hope you enjoy your evening, Mr. Cucumber," the employee said.

"Oh, we will. Thank you very much," Larry said.

"Thank you," the employee replied, and then hung up. It then dawned on Larry that the employee had written on their reservation 'Mr. and Ms. Cucumber'. Although she had clearly heard Larry say that Petunia was his girlfriend, the way it was written out made it sound like they really were married.

"Geez, that's the fourth place I've gone to that's done that," Larry said to himself. Just then, the doorbell rang. Larry hopped over to the door, and opened it to see Mr. Lunt and Jimmy on his doorstep.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Larry said.

"Well, we were wondering if we were going to go to the mall to talk about our latest album," Jimmy said.

"I don't think that's such a good idea. Remember the last time we went to the mall?" Larry said. Jimmy and Mr. Lunt shivered, remembering the fight that had occurred in the food court.

"Man, that fight was ugly," Mr. Lunt said.

"Yeah…hey, where's Junior? I thought he was with you guys," Larry said.

"Oh, he's at a theme park for one of his friend's birthday parties, so he won't be here until tomorrow," Mr. Lunt reported.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Jimmy asked.

"Well…I'm not really sure. The only idea I have right now is to come up with a few of the lyrics for our new single," Larry replied.

Mr. Lunt and Jimmy thought for a moment, looked at each other and nodded. "Alright, we're going with your plan. Tomorrow, we should start talking about the instrumentals for it," the gourd replied.

"Well, now that we've got that settled, can we come in now?" Jimmy asked. "It's getting pretty warm outside."

"Oh yeah, sure, come in," Larry replied, and stepped aside to let his two friends come inside his house. The minute they got in, Jimmy went straight for the kitchen, opening the pantry and getting the large bag of cheese curls that sat on the bottom shelf.

"Jimmy, didn't you eat before coming over here?" Larry asked.

Jimmy had just bitten into a cheese curl. He said, "I did, but all of that walking burns out your calories."

"He's right about that, Larry. Do you know how far it is to walk from my house to Jimmy's to yours?" Mr. Lunt said, going to the fridge and taking out a can of root beer.

Larry sighed. "Now I know what Bob meant when he had you guys over at his house…"

At Bob's house, the tomato had just finished watering some of his plants, and had just sat down to the computer when he noticed three messages on his email account. He clicked the first one, which was from Larry.

Hi Bob!

The Boyz-minus Junior-are over at my house to talk about our newest album. Well, they seem to be more interested in raiding my pantry than talking about the CD. Now I know what you meant when you said you had to buy enough food for a football team! I'm gonna have to go shopping AGAIN.


After chuckling at his friend's message, he then opened up the second one, which was from Lovey Asparagus. He had almost forgotten that he had given her his email address on his business card before she left for Britain.

Hello, Bob.

I got your message about the new episode that you're filming next week. I'll be in town until then, so that should be enough time to make my appearances for it.

Oh, and please tell Archie and everyone else that I said hello!

-Lovey Asparagus

The last message that he had in his inbox was from his older brother Andrew, who he hadn't talked to in a long time.

Hey little bro! Mom's wondering if you're going to show up for the Fourth of July picnic that we're having next month. Uncle Louie's going to hold another polka party, and several of our relatives are going to show up. I know that you're busy at the studio and all, but don't forget that you have a family who wants to see you. Even giving a phone call would totally make Mom's day. So, be sure to let us know around the next two weeks, because Mom's already sending out invitations. You know how she is.

See you around, Hairless.


Bob sighed at the sight of that old nickname Andrew gave him as a kid. It certainly wasn't his fault that he was the only one in his immediate family that didn't have hair! Two of his uncles didn't, but that didn't apparently matter to Andrew, who loved to find something to torture him about.

Bob sighed, and was about to log off of his email when he thought of something-or rather, someone. Even though she never occupied his thoughts most of the time, Madame Blueberry's speech had definitely aroused some different feelings inside him.

Not to mention that he still didn't understand why she had kissed him on the cheek…

Just then, there was a knock, and Bob got up from his computer to go answer it. He opened it to find nobody there.

"That was weird," Bob noted.

"Um, down here, buddy," said a voice. Bob looked down and saw Khalil, wearing a baseball cap and a vest.

"Oh, hi, Khalil. What are you up to?" Bob asked.

"Oh, nothing much. Mr. Nezzer and I were on our way to the park for a barbeque, and we wanted to know if you were coming," the half caterpillar, half worm replied.

"Well, it beats being cooped up here all day. I'll go get my things, and we'll be on our way," Bob said.

Khalil smiled. "Sounds good to me."

About 20 minutes later...

At the park, dozens of veggies in all kinds and sizes were ordering ice cream, listening to a few bands play, and playing on some of the rides. When Bob and Khalil got there, Mr. Nezzer was ordering some popcorn from one of the booths where Scallion 1 was working at. He was holding a huge tub of popcorn.

"Here's your popcorn, sir-extra-large with extra butter," Scallion 1 announced, handing Mr. Nezzer the bowl.

"Thank you," Mr. Nezzer said, and as he turned he spotted Bob and Khalil. He made his way over to them when they had found a seat and plopped the popcorn on the table.

"Wow, how many people are going to be joining us?" Bob asked.

"Oh yeah, Pa Grape is supposed to be here, and he said he was going to join up with us in a minute. I made sure that it was extra buttery," Mr. Nezzer said.

"I'm surprised that that scallion actually works here," Bob said, noting the line of customers lining up for popcorn.

"It's not just him. The other two are there, too. He told me that he had volunteered to set up a popcorn booth for the barbecue, and they let him in when he brought some samples," Mr. Nezzer said as he ate some. "And I have to say, they made a good choice."

"Doesn't anybody know that popcorn is made out of…you know ..." Bob said, growing nervous.

"Oh, don't worry; he told everybody that no talking veggies were used. Eventually, the little scallion put up a big sign that said it so people would stop asking," Mr. Nezzer remarked.

Bob let out a sigh. "Thank goodness. I was worried for a second," he said, and started to eat some popcorn.

"Ah, there you are!" Pa Grape yelled over the crowd. He came forward with two teddy bears, a cup of lemonade, and some popcorn of his own. "You wouldn't believe the line for the funnel cakes! They ran out of batter, so they had to shut it down."

"Aw, that's too bad," Bob noted, slurping some lemonade. After a few moments of silence, Khalil spoke up.

"So, Bob, how did things go with you and Madame Blueberry?" Khalil asked.

Bob gulped down his lemonade and stared at Khalil wide-eyed. All of the guys were looking at him now.

"You guys really want to know what happened at the meeting?" he asked.

"Well, yes, Bob. Everyone's noticed that you've been acting very strange lately-especially around Madame Blueberry," Khalil said.

"I have a theory, but I want to know exactly what's going on," Pa Grape said.

Bob sighed. He knew he couldn't lie his way out of this, because he had announced that they were going to talk in front of everyone. Naturally, they had the right to have their suspicions.

"Well, if you really want to know, I admitted to her that I was extremely nervous about the whole kissing scene that's going to show up in the movie. I know that this probably isn't the case for you guys, but…I've never kissed a girl, even back when I was in high school," he said. "To find out that I'm actually going to be kissing a girl, especially since she's my friend, is pretty nerve-racking for me."

Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, and Khalil had gone silent, letting Bob's words sink in. Then Mr. Nezzer started up a conversation.

"You know, Bob, there's only about one or two romantic scenes in the movie. You're not really required to fall in love with Madame Blueberry's character," he said.

"I know, but wouldn't it be weird for you to kiss a girl who'd been your friend for years?"

"Eh, he's got a good point," Pa Grape noted. "But you know… it wouldn't hurt to have some experience in the romantic field."

"W-What are you saying?" Bob asked.

"Simple, Bob-I'm saying you should try to get a girlfriend, or at least get a date off of the Internet," the elder grape said.

Bob stared at him in shock. He was expecting to hear this talk from Larry or Mr. Lunt, not from the three that were sitting in front of him.

"He's right. You never know unless you try," Khalil added.

"Guys, I'm not so sure if I should go through with that…" Bob muttered.

"Oh come on! It'd make you a whole lot happier. Plus, if you're lucky, you won't be terribly nervous when you have that kissing scene with Madame Blueberry," Pa Grape said, a smirk on his face. Bob moaned, still unsure.

Mr. Nezzer sighed. "Pa, you don't need to rush him so quickly. He's still thinking about it," he said.

"I'm just telling him what my dad told me when I was a teenager," the elder grape protested.

Khalil was surprised, while Mr. Nezzer stared at him. "I'm now scared to ask how old you are, Pa," he said.

It just so happened that Scallion 3 overheard some of their conversation as he was taking out the trash. He went back inside the booth, where Scallion 2 was popping the popcorn.

"Hey, make sure that you put salt and pepper in mine!" a carrot said from the front of the line.

"Don't worry, I've got it taken care of!" Scallion 2 replied, shaking the two seasonings over the finished popcorn. Once he had put in the small bag, he handed it off to Scallion 1, who gave it to the customer.

"Hey, I've got something really important to tell you guys!" Scallion 3 said.

"Can't you see we're busy right now? We have a line that stretches from here to the stage!" Scallion 1 said, handing three kids cotton candy.

"But it's really important!" Scallion 3 repeated.

"You'll have to wait until we close up shop. Meanwhile, you can help and make some more cotton candy so we can have some on hand," Scallion 2 said. Scallion 3 sighed, and went over to the cotton candy machine.

"Hopefully, we won't be stuck here all night…" he muttered as he added the sugar, water and some of the corn syrup.

At the airport, Archibald Asparagus looked around for any sign of Lovey, who had arrived on schedule, but he had been held back for twenty minutes due to traffic. It seemed like everyone in town was going to the barbeque.

After standing around for about three minutes, he spotted her picking up her luggage. She was wearing a pink dress with polka dots as well as a hat with a pink rose on the left side. She looked very pretty, and Archie couldn't help but stare at her.

Just then, she turned- and her eyes lit up when she saw him. "Archie!" she gasped and picked up her bags and went over to him. Archie snapped out of his daze, and smiled at her warmly.

"Hello, Lovey. It's so great to see you again. And you look absolutely beautiful," he commented.

Lovey giggled. "Thank you. You look rather handsome yourself, Archie," she said. Archie smiled shyly, and then his eyes lit up as he remembered something.

"Ah, yes, I almost forgot-I brought these for you," he said, and pulled out a bouquet from behind his back. A bright smile appeared on Lovey's face.

"You brought these for me?" she gasped.

"Of course. I remembered that yellow roses are your favorite," Archie replied.

"Oh, Archie!" Lovey said. She soon reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "How can I ever thank you?"

Archie's heart began to race, and his entire face began to grow hot where she had kissed him. "I-I think you already have thanked me, Lovey," he said finally.

"Well, then, I say we should take my bags to my hotel, and then we can go out for a while," she said.

"That sounds great! Also…maybe while we're out, would you like to go out to dinner perhaps?" Archie said, his heart racing again.

Lovey smiled brightly. "That would be just wonderful!" she exclaimed.

"Mind if I take your bags?" he asked.

"Oh, not at all. You're such a gentleman, Archibald," she said. This caused Archie to blush again, but he smiled at her, and soon they were on their way out the door.

Petunia was doing her laundry when her phone rang. Hurrying to the kitchen to answer it, she managed to pick up the receiver before it went to voicemail. "Hello?" she answered.

"Hi, Petunia. It's Larry," Larry's voice came on the line.

"Hi Larry! How are you?" she asked.

"I'm doing great. Actually, I called to ask you if you were doing anything later," he said.

"Well, not at the moment. I was going to spend a day with Madame Blueberry and a few of the other girls," Petunia replied. "How come?"

"Well…I figured that tonight, we could go out to dinner again, but this time to a place you've always wanted to go to," Larry said.

Petunia gasped. "You don't mean-"

"That's right-we're going to Andolini's Italian Bistro tonight. I reserved a seat and every-"

Petunia squealed with joy at getting to go to her dream restaurant with Larry. Once she was finished, she asked, "Larry, are you still there?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm still here. I had to hold the phone away from my ear since you screamed so loud," Larry chuckled.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I got carried away. So, you said that you reserved a seat for us?"

"Yup. The seat is reserved for 7:30."

"I'll be ready around seven," Petunia replied. "Are you going to pick me up, or am I driving?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. I'll come pick you up. The restaurant's only ten minutes away from your house," Larry said.

Petunia giggled. "You really are a gentleman, Larry. That's what I love about you."

"Aww...thanks, Petunia. Well, I'll see you tonight!"

"See you later, Larry!" Petunia hung up, and sighed happily at the thought of going out to one of the best restaurants in town for their date.

"Madame Blueberry's going to flip when she hears about this," she said, and went back in her room to finish her laundry.

"Hey, Bob, I think your phone is ringing," Pa Grape said.

"It is?" Bob listened carefully, and then recognized the distinct ringtone on his cell. "Oh, it is! Excuse me for a second." He opened it to see that it was Madame Blueberry who'd called. Surprised, he decided not to be rude and answer.


"Ah, hello Bob! How are you?" Madame Blueberry said.

"Oh, I'm doing well, and you?"

"Just fine, dear, just fine. Anyways, I was wondering if maybe tomorrow, we could go out for lunch. I don't have anything to do on Sundays," she said.

Bob was surprised. "Um, sure," he replied. "What place did you have in mind?"

"I was think we could try the new sandwich shop that opened up recently. Everyone says that it's one of the best sandwich shops in town," she said. "It's practically packed on weekends."

"Well, if it's that good…I think it'll be a great place to go to," he replied.

"Wonderful! I'll meet you around, say, 1:30," Madame Blueberry said.

"Don't worry-I'll be over there on schedule. Thanks for the invitation," Bob said.

On the other end of the line, she giggled. "You're welcome, Bob. See you then." Then she hung up. Bob had hung his up when Khalil started talking.

"Well, it seems that you just got a date, vegetable buddy," he said. He wasn't the only one who'd been listening in. Pa Grape had put his ear next to Bob's phone the entire time.

"Oh, come on, Khalil. If it was a date, I would've asked her out," Bob replied. "But we're just going out to lunch. There's nothing wrong with that."

"Yeah, that's what they all say," Pa Grape said. "Sometimes, an invitation to lunch ends up leading to a dinner date, and then things go on from there."

"And how do you know all of this, Pa?" Mr. Nezzer asked.

"My wife's a romance fan. In fact, it was back when I was in college that I first asked her out to lunch, and we had so much fun that we went out to dinner the same day. And before you know it, we were inseparable," Pa explained.

"That's a very touching story, Pa. But I'm pretty sure that will not happen to me and Madame Blueberry," Bob affirmed.

"You never know, lad. You never know," Pa said, and then continued to drink his lemonade.

Meanwhile, the line for the popcorn booth had grown steadily as time progressed. Soon, it went from around the stage to all the way near the sandwich shop. Scallion 3 was busy in the back, looking for more popcorn seeds. After a few moments, he was floored.

"Oh, NO!" he yelled, and the shout caused Scallion 2 to nearly spill the oil.

"Is everything alright back there?" he asked. He and Scallion 1 were busy trying to placate the agitated customers. Scallion 3 emerged from the back, looking absolutely shocked.

"We have no more popcorn seeds," Scallion 3 reported.

This made both scallions stop what they were doing and stare at him. "What?!" they both exclaimed.

"I went through the entire bag, and there's not a single seed in there!" Scallion 3 replied. "I even checked the floor!"

"So, does that mean that we'll have to close down?" Scallion 2 asked.

"I'm afraid so," Scallion 1 asked. "I'll tell the customers." He then turned to the restless crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very sorry to say that we've run out of popcorn seeds to make any more popcorn. We're sold out." At this, there was a collective groan from everyone.

Scallion 2 came to his aid. "H-However, we do have other treats for you, so it's not a total waste of your time," he said. "Would any of you like some cotton candy, ice cream or cookies?"

This seemed to cheer up the crowd some, and some of the veggies who looked like they were going to leave the line looked up in the menu for other options. Several others, though, left the line.

Scallion 1 looked relieved. "Thanks. You're a lifesaver," he said.

"No problem. Good thing I convinced you two to sell some other foods instead of just popcorn," Scallion 2 said.

"I want a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles and chocolate sauce please!" one kid called from the front.

"Coming right up!" Scallion 3 replied.

Later that evening…

Petunia looked at herself in the mirror checking her lipstick and mascara, and then she heard a knock on the door. Her heart skipping a beat, she went over to the door and opened it. Larry was standing there, dressed in a blue suit and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

"Hey, Larry," she said.

"Hi, Petunia," he replied, and then they leaned in to kiss each other. After they parted, they gazed at each other for a few more moments before Larry broke the silence.

"So, are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Sure, let's go," Petunia said, and she closed and locked the front door of her house. They soon made their way to Larry's car, and he held the door open for her.

"Thanks, Larry."

"No problem, Petunia." Larry soon started the ignition and backed out of Petunia's driveway before pressing down on the pedal and driving forward.

"It was really nice of you to pick me up for our date, Larry," Petunia remarked.

"Aw, shucks, it was nothing," he replied, bashful. "I figured that we could do something fun for the weekend since we've been busy the last two months to even think about going out on a date."

"I can't wait to see how great Andolini's is! This is so exciting!" Petunia said.

Larry smiled at her as they stopped at a red light. "Trust me, Petunia; you're going to be amazed."

Sometime later…

Andolini's certainly lived up to its reputation for being an authentic Italian bistro. The walls were decorated with beautiful pictures of Venice, Florence, and Rome. In the back, a group of green onions were playing soft music on a guitar. The tables were set with beautiful napkins folded into doves, and the plates were decorated with lovely flower paintings.

"This place is definitely worth the price," Larry said, looking at his menu.

Petunia looked surprised. "You know about the price of getting in here, Larry?"

"Yeah. It's over a hundred dollars to eat here!" he said. "It's a good thing I saved up a lot of spare change to pay for it." Petunia giggled, and just then their waiter arrived. They both gasped as they recognized him.

"Jean-Claude? You work here?" Larry asked.

Indeed, Jean-Claude was there, wearing a tie, and a beret. "Why, yes. I work here on ze weekends. I must admit, I'm making a lot of money with zhis job," he said. "So, what would you like to have tonight?"

"I'm looking at number 34," Larry said. "What about you, Petunia?"

"I'll have the number 65," she replied.

"Alright then. I'll make sure that the orders are brought out as quickly as possible. Please enjoy your evening, you two!" Jean-Claude said, and the end of that sentence a small smirk came upon his face.

"Thanks, Jean-Claude!" Larry and Petunia said as the French pea left to place their orders. The two then turned to each other.

"So, how are the plans for the new Boyz in the Sink album going?" Petunia asked.

"Oh, it's going great. Junior wasn't here today, so Mr. Lunt, Jimmy and I were the only ones there. We were talking about our new single," Larry said.

"Oh, really? What's it called?"

"Actually, we didn't really decide. Mr. Lunt and jimmy were too busy raiding my pantry," Larry said, and Petunia laughed.

"That's just like them, isn't it?" she giggled.

"Yeah, I sent Bob an email about it. Last year, Bob had the others over at his house, and he said that he had to buy enough food for a football team," he replied. "He's still a little mad at me for it, though." Just then, Jean-Claude came back carrying a tray of hot food.

"Your food, my friends. For you, Petunia, the number 65: stuffed ravioli covered in tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese," he said, handing Petunia her food. "And for you, Larry, the number 34: Italian sausage soup with tortellini." He handed Larry his plate.

Larry looked down at the food and back to Jean-Claude. "All of these foods were made with regular vegetables, right?"

"Oui. The restaurant uses only regular vegetables," the French pea replied. Larry sighed, relieved.

"Well, then, enjoy your meal!" he said, and then left to go to another table.

Larry slurped a spoonful of soup, and gasped. "Wow, this is really good! I don't even really care for sausage."

"I really like this stuffed ravioli. It has just the right amount of cheese, meat and sauce," Petunia commented before dabbing her mouth with a napkin. Just then, she spotted someone at a table three tables back. The moment she saw the white hat with the roses on top, she knew who it was.

"Larry, look over at that table back there. Lovey's here with Archie!" she said. Larry turned around, and saw that it was Lovey, and Archie was there with her as well. They appeared to be talking and, judging by Archie's behavior, flirting.

"Well, who would've guessed?" Larry said, smiling.

"Mr. Lunt will be pretty happy to see this if he was here," Petunia said, and they both turned around to eat their food.

"Anyway, Archie, how are things going with the movie?" Lovey asked.

"Oh, everything's going rather slowly, actually. The producers announced the roles we would be playing, but they have yet to come up with the name changes. As for now, you and I are going to be minor characters in the movie," Archie replied, eating his steak.

"Really? I think Bob sent me the list, and we're supposed to be the husband and wife," she said.

"Yes, that's correct," Archie replied.

"Hmm….that's about the third or fourth time that we've been paired together as a couple," she mused.

Archie paused mid-bite to ponder on her words. "Come to think of it, you're right. I wonder why the producers keep doing that," he said, and ate some more of his steak.

At this, a small blush came upon Lovey's cheeks. "Well, if you don't mind, I think I have a theory for that," she said.

"And what is it?" Archie asked.

"W-Well, I don't know if I can put into words well, but…perhaps it's a sign that we're meant to be together," Lovey said. Archie's eyes snapped up to hers in an instant.

"D-Do you disagree?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, no, I didn't say that at all. It's just that Mr. Lunt said the same thing, and so did Khalil," he replied.

"Oh," Lovey said. Then she muttered, "Maybe he doesn't feel the same way…"

"What was that, I didn't hear you," Archie said.

"O-Oh, it's nothing at all, Archie." She waved off his concern with a smile, although inside she was a little upset. "I'm having a really great time here."

Archie looked a little confused at first, but then smiled. "I'm glad that you are, Lovey. Tomorrow, would you like to go out on a trip downtown? It's really nice during the summer," he said.

Lovey smiled. "That would be wonderful, Archie. Just wonderful."

Scallion 3 practically collapsed into Scallion 2's truck. "Man, am I bushed! I didn't think we'd be the hit of the barbeque!" he moaned.

His two companions were equally worn out. "I agree, although I did expect a good bit of people coming to our stand since there was a big turnout," Scallion 1 said, sitting on the right while Scallion 3 sat in the middle. Scallion 2 started the truck and drove back towards the neighborhood to their house.

"Well, it certainly didn't help that the director of the barbeque practically advertised our popcorn as the biggest thing on the block," he said. "I'm pretty sure that Jerry's not going to be too happy with us on Monday."

"Too bad he was working by himself-Jimmy should've been there to help him," Scallion 3 said. "But he was doing something with the Boyz in the Sink."

"Well, we can be sure of two things, gentlemen: we came home with a lot of money, and we're going to get a good night's sleep tonight," Scallion 1 said proudly.

"I toast to that," Scallion 3 said, holding up a can of root beer. The group laughed, and then Scallion 2 remembered something.

"By the way, what was it you were going to tell us?" he asked.

Scallion 3 opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it when he didn't respond. "Aw, man. I forgot," he said.

"You'll probably remember tomorrow. After all we were very busy today," Scallion 1 said.

"I say we all go out for some ice cream!" Scallion 3 said. "As a treat for how hard we worked today!"

"Okay then, let's go!" Scallion 2 said, and made a left, heading back towards town to go to the ice cream parlor.

Bob wrote out a note on his calendar for tomorrow, which was a reminder for his lunch with Madame Blueberry. He normally never forgot those things, but it did come in handy to write a reminder for when he should. As he fixed himself a bowl of Oreo ice cream, he then found himself asking the question why Madame Blue would invite him to lunch in the first place.

His talk with Pa Grape and the others came to mind, mainly with their suggestion that Madame Blue's plan sounded like a date. He had assured them that it wasn't, since if they were going out on a date, he would have asked her. Besides, he was personally considering Pa's advice on trying to get a girlfriend, or at least looking for a date on the Internet. Hopefully there were some female tomatoes in town.

Well, at least he wasn't worried about the kissing scenes anymore. Mr. Nezzer had made a good point: he wasn't required to actually fall in love with Madame Blue's character. Still, it was just weird thinking of it.

Bob looked over at the clock on the wall. It was going on 9:30. "Oh, yeah! The movie The Man Who Knew Too Much is on tonight. I guess I can watch one movie before I go to bed," he said, and went in the living room, turned on the TV, and sat down with his bowl of ice cream. He'd always been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock's films, and made it a mission to find a collection of his movies.

"Today was a pretty good day after all," Bob said to himself as the movie started.


Next time on Hugs and Kisses:

Petunia: Okay, everyone, do you want to hear about our date?

Laura and Annie: We've been dying to know!

Archie: Oh dear, it's raining outside. I guess we'll have to change our plans, Lovey.

Lovey: I'm afraid so. How about we go and visit the museum? I haven't been there in a long time.

Archie: That's a good idea!

Madame Blueberry: Oh no. The entire shop is packed! What are we going to do? I have something else coming up next Sunday.

Bob: Well, you can come to my house, and we can have lunch there. But I do have to go shopping…

Madame Blueberry: I can come with you! We can pick out the items together!

Bob (a little confused): Um...okay. I don't mind.

Madame Blue: Well, then, let's go! (drags Bob with her in the direction of the market)

Bob: AAAH!

Stay tuned for Chapter 4: The Weekend, Part 2!

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