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Barriers That Divide Our Hearts: Chapter 7

Shinji stared at the door in front of him, reading the name on the small silver plaque carefully to make sure he was at the right address. After confirming that it was indeed the apartment of his fellow pilot Rei Ayanami, he looked up and down walk way to see if anyone was looking in his direction. Even though he was "ordered" by a slightly drunk Ritsuko to drop off Rei's new Nerv I.D. he still felt very nervous about being there.

Sighing to himself he lifted his hand to knock on the door, but before his fist could make contact with the door it swung open suddenly revealing the blue haired girl he was seeking. Shinji was stunned by the girls sudden appearance, so much so he forgot the why he was even there. If the blue haired girl was surprised by her fellow pilots presence at her doorstep she hid it well.

After a few brief moments of silence as Shinji struggled to find words Rei brushed past him closing her door as she left. The click of the door closing finally snapped the young pilot out of his confusion. "A-aren't you going to lock your door?" Shinji asked.

Rei stopped short and turned to face Shinji regarding him with her piercing red eyes. "I have nothing of value to steal." She replied simply. Now even more confused Shinji jogged to catch up to the departing figure of his fellow pilot as she continued on her way.

As they boarded an elevator to take them to the ground floor of her apartment complex he observed the blue haired girl out of the corner of his eye. He had not had many interactions with Rei before today. This was the second longest time he had even been around her since the first day he arrived in Tokyo 3. He had never met anyone like Rei before, to him she seemed strangely serious for a teenage girl. 'Not like I know that much about teenage girls.' He thought to himself.

Exiting the elevator he continued to follow behind Rei at a short distance not really feeling comfortable walking beside her. He felt a bit jealous of the blue haired pilot as he thought about all of the times he had seen her and his father talking to eachother. 'I don't understand why he talks to her so easily, but won't even give me the time of day.' he thought bitterly.

"What's my father like?" Shinji asked suddenly slightly surprising himself with the question. As the pair continued to walk the young teen almost thought that she hadn't heard his question. "He is kind to me." Shinji was taken back by her response. "How can he be kind to you, he tried to make you pilot the Eva when you badly injured!" Rei stopped and turned to face the brown haired boy. "Eva is all I have and commander Ikari was the one who gave me that purpose, I would do anything he would ask of me."

"How can you say that? That man is a monster, he cast aside his own son because it was inconvenient to keep him around, and he wouldn't think twice about sending me to my..." Shinji was cut short as Rei's hand connected with his left cheek. "Do not speak that way about commander Ikari."

Stunned by the blow Shinji was at a loss for words. As the initial shock began to fade he could feel his cheek starting to pulse with pain from the blow. He slowly dug Rei's replacement ID card from his pocket and dropped it on the ground. "Sorry, Ritsuko wanted me to give you new ID card since yours expired."

With his eyes downcast he turned around and headed in the opposite direction of the blue haired girl. As he walked away Rei continued to study her fellow pilot because she was confused by his behaviour. No one had ever said anything bad about the commander to her before. After Shinji was out of sight the girl picked her new ID off of the ground and continued to make her way to Nerv. Maybe everything about Ikari was not as they seemed.

"Where the hell is he?" Misato fumed as she stalked the corridors of Nerv central. After many unreplied texts and several unanswered calls she decided to go find her young ward in person. According to section two Shinji was last seen entering Nerv central several hours ago and had yet to be spotted leaving. His isolation wasn't anything new to the purple haired woman, but he had yet to not show up for sync testing.

After checking all of the locker rooms, both of the cafeterias, and as many of the men's restrooms as she could manage she had yet to find the young Ikari. "The only place I haven't checked is the gym." she said aloud to herself.

As she turned a corner and began to make her way to the gym, she thought back to the last few weeks she had spent with Shinji. Most of the time they had spent their time working out and training. While he had no natural talent he was still picking up on the concepts of hand to hand combat pretty quickly. His gunplay on the other hand was terrible, he would be lucky to hit the broadside of a barn...that was right in front of him.

In between all of that though she had finally managed to get him to loosen up a little bit, 'the kid is wound way to tight, he needs to lighten up before he snaps.' she thought to herself. She smiled to herself as she recalled how red his face was when she bought him a new apron that had "Kiss the Cook" embroidered on the front.

She was so lost in thought that she almost walked right past the entrance to the gym. While this was the last place to look she still did not expect to find Shinji here. Throwing open the door she was shocked to find her ward in the gym viciously beating on a training dummy. Shinji was facing away from the door and was so focused on pulverizing the poor dummy that he didn't even notice Misato burst into the workout area.

Approaching from behind she slowly made her way toward the brown haired boy. Judging by his sweat soaked clothing he had been at this for several hours. As she circled around the training mat she managed to catch a look of intense hatred on the pilots face as he jabbed at the wooden contraption over and over again. In the time that he had been living with her she had seen Shinji upset and even somewhat angry, but the look on his face was a whole other level. "Shinji-kun are you alright?" she asked while trying to get his attention.

The sound of Misato's voice seemed to snap Shinji out of his intense assault on the wooden dummy. With one last punch he collapsed to his hands and knees breathing heavily. In the times that she had been training him Misato had pushed the pilot very hard, but not any harder than she thought he could handle. She was very concerned because she had never seen Shinji push himself this far. "How long have you been going at it like this?" Misato asked.

It was several long minutes before Shinji started to breathe normally again. After catching his breath, he leaned back to sit on his knees. "I... I'm not sure, I have been here since this afternoon. What time is it now?"

"Well the Sync tests just finished so its a little bit after eight. Have you even taken a break? If you push too hard it will do more harm than good."

Shinji bowed his head to avoid the purple haired woman's gaze. "I'm sorry Misato-san, I know I let you down."

"Shinji-kun I couldn't care less about the sync tests, I'm just annoyed that Rits gave me an earful because you didn't show up without a reason. I know you will do great when it comes time to pilot, Rits just wants to run her tests so she can validate her employment at Nerv." she replied with her trademark grin.

Shinji scoffed at Misato's response, but found her smile incredibly infectious. "Now how about you go get a shower, you are all sweaty and stinky." Misato said while pinching her nose in mock disgust.

With Misato's help Shinji got up off the ground and started to do his cool down stretches to keep his muscles from cramping up. "You know Shinji-kun you are really starting to fill out if you aren't too careful you will have to beat the girls off of you with a stick. That is if I don't get to you first." Misato smiled devilishly at her own comment. The young teen blushed a bright red at her comment as images of his guardian flashed through his mind.

Not being able to come up with a reply he made a b-line for the exit so he could grab a shower. 'At this rate I'm going to need a cold shower' Shinji thought to himself. The purple haired woman continued to stare at the door her young charge had just left through. After a few moments she let out a long drawn out sigh. 'I wish I really was joking when I said that.' she thought to herself. "Get it together Katsuragi, he is half your age." she chastised herself. With thoughts of the young pilot on her mind Misato made her way to the exit to go wait for Shinji to finish with his shower.

Ritsuko hated reporting her findings directly to the commander in person, 'I mean really, has he never heard of email before.' she thought angrily. Fuming at the amount of time she was wasting she briskly walked to Gendo Ikari's office. Nodding to the guard she entered into the commanders office she wondered why he even had a guard in the first place. 'The door on the outside looks like the other 500 in this complex, it would be harder to find if the guard wasn't even there.'

She was greeted by Gendo alone sitting at his desk with his hands steepled in front of his face. The glare from the lights hit his glasses just right for her to not be able to see his eyes. She had to give him credit he excelled at creating an intimidating atmosphere. She crossed the distance between the door and his desk in a brisk manner.

When she reached his desk she waited for a few moments to see if he would say anything before she gave her briefing. Like always he remained silent as if to remind her that he only needed her for one thing, her knowledge of the Eva project.

"The dual entry plug system project is proceeding ahead of schedule it shouldn't be too long before we can enter the testing phase." Ritsuko took a deep breath before continuing. "As for the other project we have been monitoring the subjects closely. We have seen a spike in energy patterns in Subject A since the other subject has been introduced."

"What of subject L, we have not dealt with a factor that has been dormant for so long?" Gendo questioned.

"It's energy pattern has been low, only spiking during testing and seemingly random events."

"This is well within the perimeters of our planning. Keep a close eye on both of them and notify me if anything changes." The commander replied with an air of finality. He continued to stare at Ritsuko though his orange tinted glasses as he stood up. He turned away from his desk and made his way toward the back of his cavernous office. This was the part she hated most, she hated it because she looked forward to it. Removing her labcoat and tossing it on one of the chairs she followed behind the commander of NERV.

After getting another shower he felt much more relaxed even though his muscles burned from the intense workout he had. When he and Misato had gotten back from NERV she had offered to cook dinner. He declined as politely as possible, the last thing he needed was a stomach ache on top of everything else. So he set to work and cooked them a quick simple meal. Misato made small talk as they ate asking Shinji how he was doing in school and if he had made any new friends. After a few minutes they both lapsed into silence and continued to eat.

"Hey Shinji do you have anything planned for this weekend?" Misato asked, breaking the silence

"Uhh no not really, I was probably just going to try and catch up on some of my homework."

"Great! Then how about I take you out to dinner this weekend?"

The young teens face turned a bright red in response to his guardians statement. Misato's smile grew even bigger because of his reaction.

"Wh-what for?' Shinji managed to stutter out.

"Well you have been working really hard lately, and you have shown a lot of improvement in your training. I just want to show you that someone appreciates your effort."

Shinji was at a loss for words no one had ever thanked him let alone reward him for doing well.

"That's okay Misato-san you don't have to do anything for me, giving me a place to stay is more than enough." Shinji said while avoiding eye contact with the purple haired beauty.

Shinji was surprise when she didn't immediately start contradicting his decision. He went rigid when he felt Misato gently grab his hand that was laying on the table.

"Shinji-kun I want to do this for you, you may not think it but you have done amazing things and that I am very proud of you. Now I am going to take you out this weekend and you are going to enjoy it."

Shinji blushed furiously at Misato's words but managed to nod his head. Surprisingly to his disappointment she let go of his hand and returned to her food, a victorious smile gracing her face. The rest of the meal was spent in silence neither party unsure of what to say.

After she finished her food she politely thanked the young teen for the meal and deposited her dishes into the sink. As she walked back to her room she paused next to Shinji, she hesitated her mouth slightly open as if to say something. After a moment her face set into a look of determination and she continued to her room leaving a bewildered Shinji at the dinner table. Finishing his meal quickly he cleaned up the kitchen and retired to his room as well.

After the strange dinner he changed into his sleeping clothes and laid down to listen to his SDAT player. He closed his eyes and tapped his fingers to the beat as his thoughts drifted. Lately his thoughts always came back to his purple haired guardian. He couldn't help but smile as he thought of all that she had done for him. Unbeknownst to him the object of his thoughts was standing just outside of his room.

'What are you even doing?' Misato berated herself. She stood at the entrance to Shinji's room with her hand resting on the handle. 'What are you going to say "Hey Shinji I couldn't sleep mind if I crash with you tonight?"' Letting go of the handle she sighed to herself and made her way back to her own room. She laid back down with her arm covering her eyes as she slowly fell asleep her thoughts were of a brown haired eva pilot.

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