For Amber's Weekly Drabbles Comp: Bonus level. Write a freeverse about Alice Longbottom, Cho Chang, or Louis Weasley. You must use three of the following prompts: blue, dance, clumsy, mistaken, stripes, shatter, patches, mirror, balloon, press

Also for the Harry Potter Femslash Project, where I was prompted with the pairing Cho/Angelina.


you are clumsy, stumbling

because you leaned on him

and now he's gone

and you're off balance.


(but then, you've always been more graceful in the air, anyway)

(something about being a part of that blueblue sky)

(something about flying

has always made you feel like you cannot fall)


you've fallen now.

and it's only when you





that you notice just how high you were to begin with.


but the thing is, you're still waiting.

still waiting for the collision

still waiting for the s/h/a/t/t/e/r

still waiting to hit the ground

(because you haven't yet)


she's beautiful

and you hate yourself for thinking that

because you aren't over him

how could you be?

but you hide in her arms because she lets you

she lets you weep, lets you mourn, lets you be.

she doesn't tell you to get over it

she doesn't tell you to stop crying about him


she tells you I'll wait

she tells you be ready

she tells you don't do something you'll regret


you curl up in her arms

she presses her lips to your hair

the kisses on your skin are like patches on your heart

you aren't whole

but you start to function


you love her.

maybe (definitely) not like you loved him.

(he will always have a piece of your heart)

but you are smart enough to realise that he is gone

and it hurts

(but it's still true)

and your heart is big enough to love her, too.

you fall for her slowly

not like your whirlwind romance with him

she's soft and fierce and sharp

he was strong and brave and kind

they are different

but perhaps the most important difference of all

is that she is here

and he is not coming back.