She was gone, she was no longer a Nobody, no longer a person. No one would remember her. As it should be, there was no room for someone like her, who was only a copy made up of broken memories. So...why does he still remember her presence?

Do You Remember Me?

Riku angrily swung his Keyblade at the target, severing the straw dummy's arm. Sora, who stood behind him, whistled as he saw his friends ferocity. He'd seen Riku angry before, and wondered what had brought all this on.

In truth, Riku hated to admit it, he was just cranky from a sleepless night. Every time he closed his eye, it seemed, he saw the face of someone he once knew, but he couldn't remember her name! And it was driving him absolutely insane!

He finished the dummy off by slicing the thing's head clean off the shoulders. He banished his blade and crouched over, breathing deeply from the exercise. Sora came over and tossed a towel over his head, "Wanna talk about it?"

"About what?" Riku asked, wiping the sweat away.

"Whatever's bothering you." Sora said, worriedly, "You've acted strange lately."

Riku groaned, "Nothing gets past you, does it?"

"Not when it's about my friends. Come one, Riku, what's eating you?"

"That's the thing, Doofus," Riku griped, "I don't know!"

"Then perhaps I can help you?"

The boy whirled around to find Yen Sid standing behind them. The old wizard smiled gently at the keyblade bearers, "What is it that ails you, apprentice?"

Riku looked uncomfortable, "Dreams." He said, "Well...not really dreams, they're more like memories."

Yen Sid stroked his beard, "Describe it to me."

"It's when I was working with Organization XIII." Riku said, guiltily.

"Go on," Sora urged him, "No one's ever gonna blame you for what you did back then."


"Please continue." Yen Sid said.

"Well there was a girl there. I can't seem to remember her face, or even her name." Riku said.

"Would you like me to have a look?" The old man asked, "I might be able to piece together the fragments."

"If they're really memories." Riku said, "If always feels unreal every time it happens."

Yen Sid stepped forward, bring his hands to the boy's head, "Try to relax. This won't take long."

Riku closed his eye as he felt Yen Sid's power flowing through him, sifting through his mind. His memories formed a girl in the black robe of Organization XIII. Her hair and eyes were the same shade of dark blue. Her face resembled Kairi's but their was a longing in her eyes that set her apart. Her face was hardened by a fierce scowl, almost like she was about to scold someone, as she'd once done to him, "X-Xion?"

"That's right!" Yen Sid yelled, "That's who you're trying to remember!"

"Yes, b-but she died!" Riku protested, "Roxas killed her!"

"Ah," the old man said, stroking his beard again, "But she was created from Sora's memories of Kairi, which is why she resembles her so."

Sora, who had no memory of any of this, gaped at his friends, "So, she was a clone?"

"No, not quite." He said, "She was nothing like Kairi, she was on a whole other level when it came to her personality. Having no memory of who she was when she was born, she was a dark-minded girl."

"You figured all that out just from a few fragments?" Riku asked.

"No longer fragments, Riku," Yen Sid said, tapping the boy's head, "Think of her, see how clearly she appears?"

"Y-yes," Riku said, feeling that the old man was right, he did remember her more clearly now.

"It should also make your day to learn that she is now unconscious in Twilight Town."


She woke feeling strange. Numb almost. And cold!

She sat up feeling the rough ground under her body. She looked down Ack! She didn't have any clothes! Covering herself she backed against the only shelter she could find, an old dumpster, and let the shadows hide her.

Where am I? She thought, Why am I even here? All of her thoughts were jumbled into a mass of confusion, leading her to one question, Who am I?

Riku and Sora flew toward Twilight Town in their gummi ship at top speed. He couldn't believe Yen Sid had done that! After sifting through his mind, he'd used his magic to recreate Xion as a human, and she was capable of wielding a keyblade of all things! For the first time since he'd known the old man, he felt like punching him right right in the face!

"So what's so special aout this girl?" Sora asked.

"Just shut up and fly!" Riku ground out.

"Come on," he whined "give me a little info!"

"I said shut up!" He put on more speed, making Sora nervous.

"I'll get a hold of Cloud, maybe he can find her." He suggested.

"You do that." Riku said, not really paying attention, Roxas was in Twilight Town, if he saw her, he didn't want to think about what might happen. Roxas had become human after everything he'd gone through and now lived happily with Namine, who was Kairi's Nobody for a time. Both could use keyblades. And Xion would be afraid of him, and possibly attack him if given the notion.

"Riku, I have Cloud on the line." Sora handed off the comlink to him, "He asking for a description of the girl."

"Right," he took the com, "Riku here, come back Cloud."

"Cloud here, good to hear from you guys," Cloud said, "What's the prob? Something about a rogue Nobody?"

"She's not a Nobody!" Riku yelled, nearly blasting Cloud's ears off on the other end, "She's now a human girl, thanks to Yen Sid! She looks like Kairi and has dark blue eyes and black hair. We need to find her and keep her safe!"

"Roger that," Cloud said, rubbing his ears, "I'll have Yuffie and Tiffa on the job as well as Roxas-"

"Not Roxas!"

"Jeez!" Cloud groaned, "Give a guy a warning! Okay, I won't send Roxas, but I will send out Axel, he's good, right?"

"They used to be friends, so yeah, but be careful, she's a key bearer."

"Great," Cloud killed the link.

"Axel, we have a little errand for you." Cloud said.

"Sweet!" Axel jumped up, "I was getting bored."

"Then how about doing some work?" Cid growled.

"The last time you said that, you nearly took my head off with a wrench when that motor blew up." Axel reminded him, "And you said to never touch another piece of machinery again."

"He's right, Cid," Cloud smiled, "Axel we need to find a girl that might be here in Twilight Town. She looks like Kairi except she has black hair and dark blue eyes."

"A girl?" Axel said uncertainly, "Who'd lose a girl?"

"Riku, apparently," Cloud laughed, "Seems she used to be a Nobody like you were, but Riku almost went ballistic when I said that, so she must be pretty important."

"Huh, sounds like its more than that, but okay," Axel said, "I wouldn't want that kid mad at me."

"No kiddin'," Cid said, "I heard that boy shoutin' clear over here and I was hammering on a new motor for the air ship!"

Aerith was just returning from shopping when she heard a soft sobbing sound. She turned around and found that it was coming from the alley way. "Hello?" She called out, and there was a rustling sound, "Is someone there?" More rustling. She stepped into the alley, not quite sure what to expect. The sobbing got louder as she neared.

It was coming from a dumpster. With two quick steps she rounded the dumpster, and nearly dropped her groceries. Sitting there was a sobbing, shivering girl! The girl looked up at her frightened out of her mind as Aerith crouched down, setting her groceries aside. She took off her coat and wrapped it around her shoulders.

The girl flinched at the strange touch, but the woman wrapped her arms around her, soothing the frightened girl, "There, there, dear, its alright." She whispered softly to the girl, stroking her hair as she shivered. The girl calmed herself after a moment, seeing that the woman wasn't a threat. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Name?" The girl asked.

"Yes, that's right dear," she said, "Can you tell me?"

"X-X-Xion." She said, "I-I think my name is Xion."

1: Memories Brought To Life

Well, this turned out to be a little more than the short story I was intending it to be. With Xion brought back by Yen Sid, she has no memory except for her name. What's going to happen when Riku arrives?

Next Time: Who Are You?