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I felt her look down at me. "What is it sweetie? Did my mean, scary mommy almost suffocate you? You poor thing…" Avril said, using that baby talk that honestly made me feel relaxed.

But, I was really struggling here, so I weakly flailed my arms around, until Avril seemed to realize that I was slowly wasting away in her grasp.

"Sorry!" She apologized, fanning me as I was limp in her arms.

"D-Don't be…" I said weakly, before I fully closed my eyes.


I saw myself, younger, sitting in a field surrounded by hills and flowers, next to a girl in a white dress and white sun hat.

I saw how nervous I was, as I kept on shifting around in place. Finally, I looked at the girl and I kneeled to her.

She seemed caught off guard as I began to mutter some words to her, before I presented and opened up a jewelry box.

She put a hand over her chest, before she cried out in joy and hugged me, happiness just seemed to be in the air.

It was absolutely perfect, so perfect that I wanted to watch it over and over.

"Ngh…" A moan cried out, very far away.

I frowned. That wasn't supposed to be in here.

I tried to ignore it, but it kept on coming back in, gaining volume everytime.

But before I knew it, I was slowly gaining consciousness.

I grunted as I opened my eyes slowly, my left hand touching something very wet, while my right hand was touching something very familiar.

My eyes widened as I fully woke up and saw that I was touching a panting and moaning Avril, who had her eyes tightly closed in pleasure, her hand covering her mouth.

I quickly retracted my hands and sat up right, my heartbeat rising dramatically.

Avril also sat up, catching her breath, and starting to cover up her slightly sweaty body, seeing how I apparently began to undress her in my sleep.

"A-Avril! W-W-What're you doing in here!" I stuttered, crawling away from her a little bit.

She looked over her shoulder and gave me a plain look.

I met her stare dead on, and instantly wished I hadn't. "D-Did I…?"

"Yes." She replied, no anger or any emotion in her voice, as she continued to stare at me.

I rubbed the back of my head as an uncomfortable silence filled the air between us.

"So….sorry." I apologized, thinking that was the right thing to say.

Avril instantly grew a tick mark, and pulled some sort of maneuver that allowed her to roundhouse kick me straight in the face.

I flew out of the window of the room I was staying in, and plummeted two stories to the road below, scaring a lot of pedestrians who were doing their early morning routines.

I twitched on the ground, blood spurting out of my nose where Avril had kicked directly.

I looked up to see Avril with an annoyed glare pointed directly at me.

"If you're going to do something to me, then do it you idiot!" She yelled, slamming the remainder of the window closed.

"Yo-You've got to be kidding me…" I muttered, slowly getting up and dusting myself off, a lot of the civilians sweat dropping at the fact that I stood up after falling from such a height.


Sitting at breakfast where someone is overly friendly with you, and another one who's angry at you from not continuing to molest them is not fun at all.

I had to deal with being ignored by Avril, who would keep on humphing at me when I tried to talk to her, and then her mother, who I had learned to call Elaine, who kept on trying to hug me, or seduce me, as I was trying to eat the pancakes she made me.

"Oh Andy, would you like some more syrup for you pancakes?" Elaine cooed, pressing her giant bust against the back of my head, almost causing me to choke on the fluffy breakfast in my mouth. She had a small pitcher of syrup in her right hand, and continued to try and get my head in between her breasts.

"N-No thank you…" I replied, trying desperately to ignore the clouds touching my neck, my face feeling like it was on fire, my ears trying to melt off my head.

Elaine began to purr as she put her mouth next to my ear. "Then maybe you would like some of me~?" She asked sweetly, licking her lips deliriously. I blushed really hard, and dropped my fork on my plate, landing with a loud clink.

Avril got a huge tick mark and picked up the salt shaker. "What the hell do you think you're doing to him!?" She yelled throwing the shaker hard.

Time seemed to slow down as the glass holding the tiny white crystals of sodium chloride flew right into my face, which was still throbbing from its earlier beating. Time began to fast forward as I fell out of my chair, Elaine dodging me as I tumbled backwards.

"Ha, missed me!" Elaine teased, before she was hit by the black twin projectile that I was pegged with.

Elaine fell to the floor next to me, and sat up, the pepper particles flying in front of her face. She began to sneeze violently, her ears and tail coming out, except they were orange and had black stripes on them.

I stared at them for a few seconds. 'Is she a cat like Avril? I've never really heard of an orange and black cat…wait, what about big cats?' I thought, before realization hit me like Avril did earlier this morning.

Elaine was a Tiger.

Avril got out of her seat and walked by the both of us to her room, Elaine still sneezing.

"No fair! Pepper is my weakness!" Elaine complained, trying to swat the particles out of her airspace. "ACHOO!"

"Maybe you should have thought about that before you tried to seduce my fiancée!" Avril scolded, walking back in to the room with a backpack and my belongings.

She set them by the door that led downstairs to the café portion of the building. She began to put on her orange sandals that went well with her orange sundress.

"Hurry up and get ready, we're leaving!" Avril ordered, and I quickly got on my feet and put on my jacket and tennis shoes.

Elaine put on a slightly sad smile. "Is it already time to go sweetheart?"

Avril nodded, seeming to calm down a little. "Yeah, but my next break will be in two months, so I'll be sure to visit then. But for now, I'm going to work for Jade."

Elaine's smile grew a little. "Give him my regards, as well as to Arthur."

Avril nodded, and motioned for me to get my things and go downstairs.

I picked up my things, and turned to the tiger demon. "Thank you for having me Elaine. I hope I wasn't too much troub-ACK!" I began, only to have Avril drag me by my hood down the stairs and out of the café doors.

She let go of me, and I dropped my belongings as I grabbed my neck and coughed.

"What's up with you today!?" I yelled, frowning at the cat. Avril turned away from me and humphed once more before she kept walking down the road.

"Come on, we are going to HQ." Avril called, turning the corner, disappearing from my sight.

I sat there on the ground for a few seconds before I raced to catch up with her.

'This is going to be a long day…'


3 hours of walking later…

We had been walking for a while and were currently approaching what appeared to be a small town or village.

Avril, who still hasn't said anything to me, slowed down her pace with every step we took towards the town, until finally, she stopped.

She turned and looked at me and unfortunately for me, I looked her straight in the eyes.

Avril glared at me, and began to advance towards me, so as I thought I was going to be killed, I put my hands up in front and backed up. Or at least I would've if a tree didn't block my retreat. "W-Wait a mi-minute!"

Avril was soon in front of me, her angered face scaring the shit out of me. She raised both of her arms slowly, and as I thought about where demons go when they die, I closed my eyes in preparation of being hit.

I waited. And waited. And waited some more before I slowly opened my eyes, and saw Avril standing there, her arms outstretched, and her face having tears rolling down her cheeks.

"A-Avril?" I asked gently, and as soon as I finished that sentence, Avril had me in a hug and clung onto me for dear life. "I-Is there something wrong?"

She looked up from my chest and put on her angry face again, the tears gone, but it seemed more pouty than before. "You won't touch me."


She sighed and pushed me further into the tree. "You won't say anything loving to me either." She slowly inched herself up my body until her arms were around my neck. "Do you….hate me?"

I quickly shook my head. "No! But… I'm not the kind of guy who touches girls unless they want to be, so I thought I was molesting you, so I wanted to get rid of any bad notions quickly, and I was asleep when I was, and- huh!?" I replied, trying to explain why I didn't continue, until Avril pressed her body all the way against mine, her long, soft black hair tickling my nose. 'It smells like strawberries…'

She pulled back a little, and gently moved her face to my neck, and began to lick it tenderly, my face going blood red as her saliva was slathered on me.

"You're such an idiot." Avril muttered, pulling back and wearing a small smile. "I will always let you do whatever you want with me. I'm yours and yours alone." She cooed, snuggling her head in my chest.

"Avril…" I whispered, before I awkwardly returned the hug.

Avril let me go and began to walk towards the town. She turned to look at me, wearing her beautiful smile. "Let's go home together. I have a few surprises to show you!"

I stared at her and tilted my head to the side slightly. "Home? Surprises?"

Avril ran to me and grabbed my hand, and began to pull me towards the town. "Yeah, this was where you were born after all."

I was stunned when she said that, but she quickly shook me out of my trance as she dragged me down the hill to what appeared to be the gate to enter.

As we approached it, I saw what appeared to be four people around my age sitting by the gate, but what caught my eye was that one of them had turntables.

Avril's face visibly brightened, and she let go of my hand and ran towards the group of people, who saw her and went to meet her.

The group consisted of a blonde haired girl with a ponytail, and was wearing what appeared to be a ninja outfit, with a katana on her back. Another one was a huge black individual who was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and green cargo shirts, he had the turntables, and was wearing a red baseball cap. There was a grey haired guy with some nasty scars, and he was wearing a biker outfit, complete with sunglasses. The last one was another black individual, lighter colored, who was shorter than the others, had a chubby face, and was wearing a red and gray sports jersey as well as some basketball shorts.

Avril and the group met up and they all hugged each other and greeted each other, while I stood back at the entrance of the trail.

"Hey Avril, looks like you brought back a tail." The Short one said, looking directly at me, him and the others forming what appeared to be a defensive circle around Avril.

"Huh? Oh that's not a ta-" Avril began, but the blonde girl interrupted her by pushing her closer to the town.

"Don't worry cat, we'll take care of him. You just sit down and watch us do the dirty work." She said with a smile, drawing out her blade.

"Uhmm, I don't what's going on, but I can assure you that I mean you all no har-" I began, but I had to dodge Shorty as he moved with amazing speed towards me. I barely had time to move as the blonde girl did a side swipe, which I managed to jump above.

I leapt away from the group, who had regrouped. "Man you guys are fast…"

The largest of the group stepped forward slightly. "You're not so bad yourself… what's your name?"

I met his curious gaze with one of my own. "Andy, yours?"

He smiled and nodded his approval. "I'll tell you if you can defeat us."

I smirked a little. "That seems like a fair trade."

I moved over to my bag and pulled out Truth and began to twirl the blindingly white sword in my hand a few times, trying to get used to the movements.

Blondie came over and used her katana to remove Truth from my grasp. "No blades of any kind, but abilities are allowed. We don't want any blood spilt today. Only victory." She explained, setting our blades against a tree.

I nodded, and I took off my jacket, revealing my white shirt with golden patterns. I noticed that I was still wearing my necklace that the elementals gave me when I graduated my training.

I focused myself to access my consciousness and I found myself sitting at the table where the elementals and I first met.

Everyone that was there was surprised when I came out randomly. You see, Arceus didn't want me to leave without taking a few with me, so I took four elementals and left the rest back at the hall.

"So, who's ready for a four vs. one?" I asked, the elementals staring at me in shock.

"H-H-How did you?" Lola asked, bewildered at my sudden entry.

"I'll tell you later, but I think I'm going to need two of you. Anyone want to fight?" I asked again.

Lola raised her hand, Delia stared at me thinking, Skyeler shook her head no, as did Silver.

"So Lola and Delia it is then." I muttered. They didn't seem so willing, except for Lola, ever since they came back into my body.

I slowly left my consciousness, and saw the group staring at me from afar with confused faces.

"Sorry, just had to get something situated." I apologized, my shirt changing to a deep purple with the gold patterns changing to a extremely bright yellow. (A/N: He can have two types equipped at maximum! So in this case, he's electric/dragon) "Who wants to have some fun?"

Blondie stepped back and the short one stepped forward and took an offensive stance.

"I'll take you out before you see me coming!" He gloated, throwing punches in the air.

"Bragging doesn't win fights." I replied, standing perfectly still as I anticipated him to come at me.

He glared at me and ran at me head on, but I could tell that he wasn't going to attack me, so I didn't move. He jumped up and over me, trying to get me in the back, but I side stepped and caught him and sent an electric shock through his body, knocking him out.

I gently set him on the ground, as he was groaning in pain.

"Hmm, maybe I should've toned it down a bit… oh well. Who's next?" I asked.

The biker one stepped forward and began to crack his knuckles, a huge grin on his face. "Let's see what you got."

I could easily tell that he was going to be much more of a challenge than Shorty, who was still twitching from the remaining electricity coursing through his body. I took a defensive posture as he circled around me, licking his lips hungrily.

He smirked as he grew gray dog ears and a big bushy tail, his blue eye piercing with intensity. "I see you can tell the difference in skill Troy and I have. That's good." He said, chuckling slightly at the end.

"He rushed in without assessing, which is what I am guessing you are doing right now." I replied.

His smile grew wider as he suddenly rushed me. He threw a left hook, and I blocked it, kneeing him in the gut.

He leapt away from me, his smile growing by the second. "Nice…"

I decided to go on the offensive, so I took a powerful lunge at him, slamming him into a tree with my leg. I then threw a few punches, before he grabbed me by the shoulder and slammed me into the tree.

His face was bruised slightly, and he began to punch me repeatedly in the stomach. I grunted as I took each hit, before I finally broke his hold, and kicked him in the gut. At least I thought I did, before he howled out in pain and grabbed his groin.

All of us sweatdropped as he rolled on the ground holding his sac in pain, his tail wagging hard, a huge grimace on his face.

"Did I win?" I asked, but Blondie threw what looked like a mantis strike at me, narrowly missing me.

"Against him you did. But against me," She said, grabbing me and flipping me on my back. "You'll lose."

I grunted in pain as she put me in a mercy hold, and put pressure on my arm.

She sat down on my back and leaned over me. "Why don't you just give up? I'm surprised you even got past those two amateurs, so if you be a good boy, we can just go our separate ways and forget all about thi-" She began, before I began to resist her.

I couldn't explain it, but I felt a huge burst of energy go through my body. I slowly began to get up with her still on my back, resisting her all the way as she struggled to get me back in her control, but I eventually broke her hold on me, but before I could grab her, she had flipped over to my front and wrapped her legs around my neck, trying to suffocate me.

I began to struggle, but not because I was suffocating, but because my face was literally shoved into her panties. I began to try and tell her to get off, but all I managed to do was make things awkward for everybody here.

She began to moan loudly as I mumbled into her crotch, and I lost my balance and we both fell down.

She rolled off of me, panting hard and blushing. I was blushing too as I had practically kissed her lower lips. "H-He dd-ddiscovered my weakness!~" She moaned, some drool hanging off her lip.

I quickly stood up as she laid there on the ground, both of us breathing heavily, trying to get oxygen back into both of our lungs.

"Andy…" Avril's voice called, slow and menacing from behind me.

I slowly turned my head to face Avril, and was instantly kicked in the face, which sent me flying into the wall that surrounded the town.

She came over and picked me up by the collar of my shirt, and began to shake me back in forth. "What the hell do you think you're doing, fighting people when you first meet them?! And just as I was about to forgive you for not touching me earlier, you go and touch another woman! My best friend even! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!" She shouted, beginning to punch me as I just sat there and took the intense beating.

After fifteen minutes straight of being punched, kicked, and stomped by Avril, she finally stopped beating me.

"T-That's unfair…they picked a fight…with me.." I gasped, sitting still while the pain faded, surprisingly fast.

"A-Avril?" The big one called out. Avril quickly turned to face him and stared him down.

"What is it?"

"Why did you get so upset over that? It was an accident I believe." He said, cowering behind Biker boy who had ice on his crotch.

Avril sighed and shook her head. "He's just being a neglectful fiancée." She replied, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"Eh!?" The group shouted, as Avril began to fix her hair as it got messed up during the beating I received.

"Yo-You mean the kind you m-marry?" Shorty asked, who suddenly recovered from his shock.

Avril grew another tick mark and stamped her foot on the ground. "Yes! This man right here!" She shouted, pointing at me as I sat up right rubbing my head. "Promised to marry me!"

The big guy just turned and stared at me, and I gave him a nervous smile. "Do I… still have to fight?" I breathed, getting up to my feet.

He chuckled and walked over and outstretched his hand. "I've seen enough. My name's Tyrone, pleasure."

I took his hand and gave it a firm shake. "Same here."

Biker guy came over and pat me on the back. "That was some show there! Name's Lyle by the way."

Shorty walked over and gave me a small punch in the arm. "I'm Troy, you just got lucky." He said, but there was no trace of hostility in his voice.

I felt someone poke me in the back, and I turned to face them, but instantly got slapped, and saw that Blondie had slapped me. She gave me a playful glare and then a quick peck on the cheek. "I'm Piper. A pleasure to meet you." She said, while pulling me into a hug.

"What is with everyone today messing with me and my Andy!" Avril shouted, yanking me out Piper's grasp, and shoving my face into her bosom.

'They are honestly trying to get her to kill me!' I thought, but the fabric of Avril's dress and the softness of her skin felt too good on my hurt face.

"But he's so bold!~" Piper said, putting a hand to her blushing cheeks.

I sighed as I broke free of Avril's hold and put on my jacket. I turned and faced the group, picking up my things. "Listen, it's nice to meet you all, but I have some urgent catching up to do with someone here, so do you think I can pass?"

Tyrone nodded, and tossed me my sword back, which I carefully concealed in my bag. "Come on, we'll take you to the Guardian's first."

That word caught my attention as well as Avril's who got a concerned look. "Are you sure he'll be okay? I mean look at him, closely."

Tyrone seemed confused at first, and began to study me seriously. "Oh Shit!" He shouted, stumbling backwards.

"Huh?" I asked, completely confused, as was Piper, Lyle and Troy, who looked at Tyrone strangely.

Tyrone coughed as he regained his composure, before looking at each of us in turn. "It seems that Andy here is going to be a special case, so if things get too hairy for you, feel free to run." He said, until is eyes rested on me. "Except for you."

"What do you mean by hairy?" I asked, slightly angry that I was still in the dark.

"Let's just say that when the Guardians see something, they fight over it a bit." He replied, before giving me a quick thumbs up. "I'm sure you'll be fine, let's go!"

And with that, everyone, except for me went to the front of the gate, while I simply shrugged off all my pain, and took my bags with me.


From a far distance, the town seemed pretty quiet, even outside it does, but on the inside, it was a whole different story.

Vendors were open everywhere, selling jewelry, food, herbs, and other communities. People were everywhere, whether they were shopping, talking, eating, you could tell that the whole town thing was just a ruse. This place was a city!

As our group was walking within the crowd, I couldn't help but be in awe of the architecture and structure that this civilization has.

I was constantly stared at with curious glances, but a few had some respectful nods towards my direction.

Everyone in front of me would wave to the crowd and the crowd would smile and wave back, and even some would offer them some goods or give them a pat on the back.

We continued walking until we reached what appeared to be the center of town. In front of me was a giant fountain with four beings supporting a larger being on top of a sphere.

I stared at it for a few seconds, and shut my eyes for two seconds, but once I opened them, I saw my younger self sitting on the wall holding the water back in the fountain.

Soon the girl I saw from my dream walked by with what looked like her two parents, smiling happily and holding both of their hands as she skipped between them.

My younger self stared after them for a few seconds, and then hugged his knees and brought them to his chest. His shoulders began to shake, tears splashing on the brick below.

I didn't understand why he was crying, and I was tempted to go closer, but instinct told me to hold back.

The girl from before came back by herself, and looked down at me curiously.

She sat down next to me and took one of my hands into hers, my younger self looking up at her.

The girl smiled and mouthed some words, but I couldn't hear what it was she said.

But whatever it was, it made my younger self smile a little and wipe his eyes.

The image faded as Avril shook me as I just stood there staring at the fountain. "Earth to Andy, you there?" She asked, poking my arm.

I looked over at her and rubbed the back of my head. "Eh? Sorry, I blanked out for a second. Hehe…" I replied.

Avril looked at me sternly. "Come on, everyone's waiting at the Cornucopia." She said, taking my arm and pulling me to a building that looked a lot like the Hall, except smaller.


As we entered, two guards instantly stopped me and ordered me to allow them to hold my items for me during the meeting with the Guardians.

"It's for everyone's safety." He said, holding his hand out for my bag.

I reluctantly gave it to him, and they pushed me through two large doors which opened up to a huge room where the ceiling shone with bright silver, and on the far side of the room, there were four thrones in a row, and I saw the rest of the group waiting outside of the thrones.

"Yo, you ready to see them?" Troy asked, giving me a slight snicker. I nodded, ignoring the fact that he is really rude.

"Alright then, I can't guarantee your safety if they get in an argument, but whatever you do, don't move once they start talking to you. Don't talk until they're finished. Okay?" Tyrone said, holding his arm out in front of me, blocking passage.

"Sure thing." I responded, and he gave me a grin and dropped his arm.

"Good luck!" He whispered as I walked by him.

As I walked into the thrones, figures walked in from a door to my right, and shuffled into what appeared to be their specific seats.

As they all sat down, I felt all eyes on me intensely as I stood there patiently waiting for them to speak.

The throne in front of me had what appeared to be a man with black hair, a yellow eye and a blue eye with the yellow eye having four black squares in them. He was wearing a black business suit as well as black shoes.

He cleared his throat and his deep and rumbling voice seemed to shake the room. "State your business here."

I was caught off guard as I thought about the reasons I came. I came to get help with my blood craving thing, right? I looked him in the eyes as I took a quick breath. "I'm here to learn a few things. I was hoping that you would be able to help me." I replied smoothly.

"Can you be specific about what it is you wish to learn?" A woman to his left asked. She had really long blonde hair and was wearing a purple dress and sandals.

I kept my attention on her as I responded. "I wish to learn how to control a recent craving of mine, as well as learn some things about my family."

She went into deep thought as she tapped her arm on the chair she sat in. "Can you be specific as to what kind of craving?"

"Blood." I responded calmly meeting her gaze.

"Blood? A common demon such as yourself shouldn't have a hunger for blood…unless you meant that as you like to kill?" Another suggested, sitting to the right of the one in front of me. He was also wearing a black suit and had nice clean brown hair that matched his blue eyes.

"But then again, he hasn't told us what kind of demon he is, has he?" The last one said, wearing a formal outfit of a white dress with a golden necklace. She also had emerald green hair that went down to her waist, her eyes a deep brown. 'Almost like Avril's hair style…' I thought, before I ended the thought there.

"Indeed he hasn't. May you please tell us what you are?" The blue-eyed one asked, gesturing towards me.

"I…don't know to be honest…" I replied, feeling embarrassed that I didn't know what I was.

The blonde one sighed. "We'll have to use the fire won't we Arthur?" She asked, staring at the one in front of me.

"I object! He should have known at birth what he was." The green haired countered.

"I believe it is worth knowing what he is so we can decide how to handle this more accurately, don't you agree, Sven?" 'Arthur' asked, looking over at his right.

'Sven' looked deep in thought as he rubbed his chin while staring at me. He took his hand of his chin as he readjusted himself in his seat. "I have no objections."

The one in front of me clapped his hands together. "The movement passes!" He declared, before he stared deeply at me. "Are you ready…er…your name please?"

"Andy." I replied, never taking my eyes off him. 'His eye is like mine…'

"Well then, Andy, be prepared and place your hand in the flames when they appear in front of you."

I nodded, and a guard walked in with a bronze brazier , and placed it in front of me and the four "Guardians".

They waved him off, and they all rose out of the thrones and walked down towards me.

They each took a stick out of the open bowl and blew flames out of their mouths onto their personal sticks.

Arthur's had a red flame, while Sven's had a ghostly teal-blue color, The emerald haired woman's was a dark green, and the purple dressed woman's was a deep violet.

I stared in wonder and awe at them when they each placed their stick back in the bowl, the flames coiling with each other to form a pure white flame.

I stared at it for a few seconds before I placed my hand inside the flame, letting it crawl over my skin. The flames didn't hurt or burn, in fact, it felt warm and comforting to me.

The fire grew in size, but I kept my hand inside, as the four stared at me intently. The flame suddenly launched into the air, and expanded into a blob, that formed four limbs….two wings….a tail with a triangle tip…and a head with razor sharp teeth…

The guardians frowned at the flame, and looked amongst each other, before moving back to their seats.

"Well, that explains the craving, but what's more interesting is how did we never know?" Sven muttered, staring at Arthur, who was deep in thought.

He looked me directly in the eyes suddenly, and I was slightly intimidated by him. "Stand up boy." He ordered, and I quickly stood up.

He walked straight towards me, only being about two inches taller than me. "Let me see your eye."

The other three frowned slightly and stood up.

Arthur grabbed my shoulders and forced me to look him in the eyes. His yellow eye began to spin, and I felt my right eye beginning to hurt, so I quickly covered it.

The Emerald haired woman stood up and moved towards Arthur. "That's enough, you'll kill him with that!" She warned.

Arthur's eye kept spinning as he waved her off. "He'll be fine! Watch how he's covering only one eye!" He exclaimed excitedly, trying to move my arm off my face.

The pain was really starting to hurt, but I was determined not to cry out in pain, so I grit my teeth and pushed him off me.

We both panted as he stood there, his eye slowly spinning to a stop, his stare unwavering.

He took a deep breath and stood up straight. "I'm sorry I put you through that. I guessed that you were someone else."

I panted, suddenly pissed off that he tried to apologize after causing me pain. I clenched my left hand into a fist. "You want to see my eye?"

Arthur stood there, still breathing hard, and nodded slowly.

I removed my hand and showed it to him, all of them. "Here you go! Satisfied!?" I shouted.

The four just stood there and stared at me with a large amount of fear.

Sven stumbled forward next to Arthur. "I-It's him…" He stuttered.

Arthur cracked a smile at me. "So my son finally appears… it's been a long time Andrew."

I glared at him, and I heard the voice of Insanity laughing in my head. 'Isn't this a nice father son reunion?'

"Shut it." I whispered harshly, when I heard stumbling behind me. We all looked behind me and saw that Troy and Lyle were both on the ground, Tyrone, Avril, and Piper shaking their heads.

"Well if it isn't squad three, what brings you here?" The Blonde woman asked, seemingly amused at the group.

"We were the people who brought him here, so we wanted to figure out what he was doing here, so we decided to stick around." Troy said, trying to explain, but only ended up confusing the four in front of me.

"Avril, dear, would you mind explaining the situation." The emerald haired woman ordered.

Avril stepped forward and politely bowed. "Of course. My fiancée, Andy, came here to meet his father and help us by joining our squad. He also came here to make our marriage official." She stated, with a completely straight face.

"I never said any of that." I said plainly, but the Emerald haired woman nodded her head.

"Interesting, I guess we will have to allow this request." She replied.

"You believed her!?" I asked, sweatdropping.

"Is she wrong?"

"I think she's just pulling your leg, I really came here just to learn about this," I said gesturing to my right eye, which was now back to its former green color, "And learn how to deal with my blood craving. Which reminds me, why did you say 'that explains it.'?" I asked.

Sven gave me a friendly look. "Well, it seems that you take after your father, and us I guess…"

"I'm not following." I replied, crossing my arms.

They all smiled at me, the guardians each surrounding me. I got a little tense and took a small step back, uncrossing my arms in case I needed to defend myself.

"You see child, you are not the only one who has a taste for blood." The blonde one said, her eyes squinting slightly.

"Our demon type is one of the few that can get a power boost from some life essences. Raw meat, blood, plants, demonic energy, but the best is pure, raw life force." The green haired woman said, her brown eyes getting slightly brighter, as were the other fours.

"You should feel proud of being what you are, it truly is hard for a demon to have child be an exact match in species." Sven said, his pupil changing into one that represents something like a dragon's.

"Could you just get to the point already?" I asked, getting really impatient. The Guardians smiles grew more, their pupils changing to match Sven's.

"Andrew," Arthur said, walking up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "My son, you are of my own blood, you are of our kind, you are a dragon."

The room went completely silent, the flame slowly dying in the brazier. I took a deep and shaky breath, feeling an intense pressure being lifted off my shoulders.

"Well if that's it, I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of it." I replied, shrugging my shoulders, everyone sweatdropping, except for the Guardians who stared at me in disbelief.

"Ho-How can you brush off this honor like it's no big deal!?" The blonde woman nearly shouted, her dragon like eyes wide in confusion.

I looked her dead in the eyes. "Because I really don't care. I'll choose what I want to be, but for now, I guess this is a start." I replied, before looking at each of them in turn. "If it's alright with you all, I'm going to go explore a little." I began to turn and walk out, passing everyone,

"Just a minute young man, we still have to discuss what to do with you! Now, I think he should be put in with a squad in order to grow properly." The green haired woman argued, the other three nodding their heads in agreement.

I sighed and pointed to Avril. "I'll just stick with her if that's what you mean." I replied, too bored to care, also a bit too anxious to get outside.

All eyes instantly went to Avril who stood there with mock surprise on her face. "Um…if that's what he wants, I don't mind it at all…"

Arthur, who was leaning forward slightly in his throne, eased back and put on a smile. "I see…very well, I vote that Andrew joins squad three's captain until he sees it fit to leave. That is, if you plan on leaving of course." He stated, raising his hand.

Slowly, the other three raised their hands, but Sven seemed a little eager.

"Then it's decided. Andrew, your right arm please." Arthur said, gesturing for me to pull up my sleeve.

I pulled it up, revealing my tattoo to everyone, and it began to literally move on its own as it rearranged itself so it had a three inside of the scythe.

"I look forward to working with you young man." The emerald haired woman said, dipping her head in respect, as did the others.

"Same here…" I responded, staring at my tattoo intently.

Little did I know what was going to go on later that night.


"You want what?" I asked, walking out by the fountain with Avril and co in tow.

"To move in with us at our quarters. Is there something wrong with that?" Avril replied, waving at a small group of children running by us.

"I don't know…maybe I can find a place to stay for a couple of nights…" I muttered, before Avril wrapped both of her arms around my right arm.

"Oh come on! Please?" She whined, putting on a puppy face, her lip trembling slightly.

'Don't look, don't look…' I thought, desperately trying hard to not look at her, but she reached up and put a hand on my cheek, my body flinching slightly.

"Pretty please?" She asked, her ears and tail coming out, slightly wagging.

My wall broke down as I slowly looked down at her, and she pulled my face closer to hers.

"I…I…fine…" I replied, my head dropping in defeat, our lips only two inches apart. Avril instantly brightened up and pat my head a few times.

"Okay! Follow me, and we'll get you set up!" She cheered, smiling victoriously. The rest of the group snickered at me, but Avril quickly stopped them with a cold glare.

Tyrone came over and nudged me in the arm. "What was that, huh?" He pressed.

"I don't know…" I replied, dragging a hand down my face. I stared ahead at Avril, who was now happily skipping with us following behind her.

Lyle came over and patted me on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, but let's go get you a drink, kay?"

I nodded, and I slowly dragged my feet and items behind me as I followed the group of demons.

It was strange to me, I just met these guys today, but I was already so comfortable in letting them guide me and make decisions for me. I looked between all of them individually, before I cracked a small smile.

'This wasn't the worst day I've had…'


After about five minutes of walking, Avril lead us into what looked like a small mansion, it's front yard filled with flowers and a great oak tree.

She turned around and looked me in the eyes. "Welcome to squad three's living quarters! Welcome home." She finished, a big smile plastered on her face.

Avril opened the door, and Troy and Piper went in first, followed by Lyle and Tyrone. Avril motioned for me to come inside, going in before me. I shrugged and walked in, and my jaw dropped instantly.

The inside was absolutely stunning, a bright chandelier, a dining room, kitchen, living room, all in an open concept floor.

Tyrone and Troy both plopped themselves down on the couch, and flipped on the TV, while Lyle and Piper went into the kitchen and grabbed a few things.

Avril spun around and faced me, putting her hands behind her back. "Well, what do you think? It may be a little dusty from us being on break, but it still looks nice, right?" Avril asked, Piper coming over and handing us both a drink.

"It's amazing! You guys really live here?" I complimented, opening the lid to my soda, and taking a small sip. It tasted a lot like a vanilla root beer mixed with a cherry coke. It was a weird combination at first, but it tasted delicious.

"Well, the cat actually lives here by herself a majority of the time, but sometimes we'll stay the night. Rarely for fun though." Piper responded, before she let out a small yawn. "It's getting late, I think I'm going to leave. See you all tomorrow!" She curtsied, but on her way out the door, she leaned into my ear and whispered. "Good luck."

I stared at her confused, before she giggled and went out the door, waving goodbye as she walked outside and down the path.

'Good luck? For what…' I wondered, before Avril pulled me into the living room and sat down on a love seat, patting the seat next to her.

I nervously sat down next to her, and she grabbed my hand with her own and intertwined our fingers.

"So, where do you plan on sleeping Andy?" Lyle asked, a small smirk on his face. Tyrone and Troy both chuckled slightly at something, which I presumed would be about me.

"I-I guess I'd be sleeping her-" I began, before Avril quickly interrupted by hugging my head to her chest.

"In my room. With me. Alone…" She answered, her voice going soft as she began to run her fingers through my hair.

"I-I see…well, I guess we'll leave you to lovebirds alone. Let's go hit Nale's, my treat!" Lyle replied, walking out the door with Troy and Tyrone, who were both slightly drooling.



I was twitching nervously, as I noticed that it was just Avril and I alone under one roof. I couldn't explain it, but my heartbeat began to rise when I realized the situation, but it felt surprisingly good.

"I'm going to go shower, help yourself to anything if you're hungry." Avril told me, getting up and walking towards the back of the home.

"S-Sure." I replied, sweating bullets as I stared after her. She turned a corner into what I assumed was her room, and I sighed in relief.

"This has been one weird day…" I muttered to myself, staring at pictures of squad three on the walls. There were a few where they were all in smiles in vacation photos. But there were also some single shots of them next to a gigantic carcass, each one different per person.

Some of these things were huge, at least I assumed they were, because in a picture of Tyrone, the arm of the creature behind him was at least twice his size.

While I was looking at the pictures, my thoughts drifted back to my last talk with Arceus before she sent me here.


Three Days Ago…

"Listen Andy, you don't have to go, so if you're forcing yourself, tell me now." Arceus demanded, walking me towards Palkia's chamber.

"I'm not doing anything of the sort, but I'm a little worried if I do it again there." I replied, before a thought crossed my mind. "Hey, can I ask you something?"

Arceus looked at me out of the corner of her eye. "Yes."

I gulped as I noticed how serious and annoyed she was today. "What are Hell Scythes?"

Arceus looked a little surprised by the question, but continued to look straight ahead. "They are ,what I guess you could call, your father's version of the champions. Since there are only four 'Guardians', they have a different structure, consisting of four squads, each ran by a Guardian. Each squad is made of up of about five or six demons, one captain, a scout, a heavy, a lieutenant, a main, and rarely, a stealth recon. They have excellent teamwork, hardly fail at their jobs, and are most certainly deadly."

I nodded, and I noticed that we were walking through another corridor, one that I have not seen before since I had arrived a few months before. They looked almost identical to the other hallways, except this one had more doors and a starlight ceiling.

"So, do they do the same work as us? I mean like helping?" I asked, staring up at the ceiling.

Arceus raised an eyebrow. "You seem a bit interested." She replied, turning left down a shorter hallway.

"I'm just curious about what I should expect." I countered, shrugging slightly.

"You always were eager to learn about anything…but, I guess Champions and Hell scythes are quite similar. They take care of demons, and we take care of Pokémon and human relations. It was just some sort of unspoken agreement." Arceus answered, before she stopped outside of a door that seemed to be made of a blanket of stars, planets spinning in the background. "You will probably learn more when you arrive there, but make sure to not make any promises. Demons have a way of holding onto those promises for a long time."

I nodded my head. "Anything else I should know?"

"Not really, but we are only letting you go for about two weeks, but if something comes up, use this to contact us." Arceus replied, handing me what looked like a slip of paper with a golden star on it."Good luck Andrew." Arceus whispered, before she turned around and walked away.

"Thanks…mom." I replied under my breath, before I shook my head. 'She's not mom, mom's dead.' I thought, just before the door opened and Palkia appeared.

"Are you ready, young champion?" She asked, her eyes full of what looked like over excitement.

"I-I guess so…" I replied, nervous as Palkia began to chuckle darkly.

"Goodie!" She yelled, before she chucked me through a portal in her room behind her.


I shook my head of those thoughts, and I sat back down and grabbed my drink. I took another sip, and found myself already hooked on the stuff.

I chugged down the rest in a heartbeat, suddenly thirsty, and I sighed in content. "This is going to become a habit…" I mused, setting the empty can on the table next to me.

"Andy!" Avril's voice called from down the hall. She scared me with the intensity of her voice, that I leapt out of my seat.

"Y-Yes!?" I called back, a faint thudding echoing through the hall, gradually gaining volume.

About three seconds later, Avril ran around the corner, wearing her blue pajamas, her hair still wet slightly. As she skidded to a stop in front of me, I couldn't help but stare at her breasts as they jiggled to a halt.

"We are going to engage in the act of love making!" She claimed, looking at me with a determined stare. "Prepare yourself!"


"What!? Lo-Love making!?" I asked, but Avril had already grabbed me by my collar and dragged me back to what I assumed was her room. "D-Do you mean Se-Sex!?"

She tossed me on the bed with such force, that I'm sure I broke a rib or something of the sort. She pounced and pinned me down, her hair tickling my cheeks as they brushed them. Her pajamas were starting to slide off, revealing a bit of her shoulder as she leaned in to my face.

"I-I know what I'm asking is a bit much…but!" Avril began before she looked away shyly, a large blush on her face.

"But?" I pressed, wondering why she was suddenly so embarrassed. 'Oh wait, she just asked me to have sex with her.'

"I-if you d-don't take responsibility…I…I might never get rid of this pounding in my heart!" She replied, her face turning a deep shade of crimson.

"Pounding?" I wondered, staring at this beautiful woman holding me down.

Avril sighed frustrated. "Here!" She said, thrusting my head in between her cleavage. "D-Do you hear it?"

My eyes widened as I heard a strong thumping, but it was out of sync, it had no pattern. I then realized that my own heart was pounding intensely, so much that it almost hurt, but yet…it felt nice.

"Avril…" I whispered, retracting my head from her chest. "Are you…lonely?"

"…Yes…" Avril whispered, before she suddenly latched onto me, rubbing her head into my chest affectionately. "But you're here now! You and I are back together after all of these years, and I'm so happ-Mph!" Avril began, before I silenced her with a kiss.

I pulled away gently and looked into her shocked eyes. "I promise, I won't let you be lonely anymore." I vowed, her eyes starting to water slightly.

"Oh…Andy.." Avril sobbed slightly, before she smiled and wiped away her tears.

Her expression changed into one of fierce determination and confidence, it was almost blinding. "Alright! Let's proceed." She whispered seductively, before she leaned in and kissed me quickly, her rough tongue providing a new sensation that was incredibly stimulating as her tongue quickly asserted its dominance with mine.

She pulled back, some saliva on her lip, which she greedily licked up. She slowly slithered down my body slightly, lying down on top of me as she licked at my neck once more.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as I gasped at the sensation of her tongue dancing on my skin.

I hissed as Avril slowly trailed one of her soft hands into my pants, chuckling softly at my helpless expression.

"You're just as cute as you were back then…Always getting into these types of situations…" Avril muttered, her hand wrapping around my semi-erect member.

I couldn't respond as the pleasure from being licked and stroked stole my voice. It wasn't just the physical stimulations that got to me, but the sounds as well.

The purr from her throat, the wet and lip smacking noises from her tongue and my neck…it was all too much!

"A-…Avril…" I whispered, before I flipped us, me pinning her down by her wrists.

"Take me, my sweet prince…" Avril trailed off, giving me a loving gaze. I slowly slipped us out of our clothes, my member standing at full attention, as I took in the amazing figure of the girl before me.

"D-Don't stare so much…it's embarrassing…" Avril complained, before I slowly kissed her from her cheek, and trailed them down her body, right above her crotch.

I stared at her moist love tunnel for a few seconds, slowly sliding my hand around the edges.

"HHHaahhnnn…" Avril moaned out, her legs slightly twitching as I slowly inserted a finger inside her.

"To think…you got this wet from a little bit of foreplay…you're quite honest with your body aren't you, Avril?" I teased, slowly pumping my finger in and out.

"Th-That's because, hah, I ma-may be in heattttt!" Avril replied, panting and gripping at the bed sheets.

'Heat, huh? Isn't that when cats need to mate and have children?' I thought, before I shook my head. 'I'll think about it later, but for now, I will have sex with this wonderful goddess bestowed upon me…'

I slowly pulled out my finger, Avril whining slightly as she gazed a me with a look of pure lust.

I lined myself up to her entrance and gave her one last look for reassurance. She nodded slightly and braced herself for the pain as I slowly inserted my member into her.

"A-Andy's dick is going inside mmmmeeee~!" Avril moaned, her breath erotically in my face. I finally hit her barrier, and I once again looked up at her, just to make sure.

She glared at me, and forced me to thrust into her with her legs. She hissed in pain, sinking her nails into my shoulder from pain.

"Are you okay?" I asked, concerned that che pushed herself too far. She gave me a small smirk.

"O-Of course I am! Who do you think I am?" She boasted, her body obviously still in tremendous pain.

"Then I won't hold back then~!" I replied, beginning to thrust violently into her.

Her eyes widened as she was thrust into so roughly for the first time. "Ah! I-I take it back! Go a lit-little bit slower!" She yelled, her eyes shutting and getting slight tears on the side of her eyelids.

I chuckled slightly and slowed down instantly, Avril's eyes opening slightly. "Of course." I whispered, before I once again kissed her.

I began to pump into her slightly faster, Avril's mouth open as she was constantly moaning and gasping as my member hit her in all the right places.

I began to slam into her with as much force as I could muster as her walls began to tighten, signaling how close she was to orgasm.

"I-I'm going to cummm~!" Avril breathed, biting lightly on one of her fingers. "Andy's dick is going to make me cum~!"

I began to grunt as I felt my own release approaching fast, and I slammed one final time into Avril, both of us moaning loudly as we came together.


We both panted as I pulled out of her, and rolled over next to her, Avril holding onto her chest.

I looked over to her and smiled, as did she.

"Andy…" She whispered, her face still bright from embarrassment.


"Promise me we will stay together, forever…"

I looked at her in surprise as the words she said caught me off guard. I made the mistake of looking into her eyes. Those happy, bright eyes that shone with the brilliant light of pure joy.

"Yeah." I replied, grabbing her hand with mine and giving it a firm squeeze. "I promise."


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