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"Andy…" She whispered, her face still bright from embarrassment.


"Promise me we will stay together, forever…"

I looked at her in surprise as the words she said caught me off guard. I made the mistake of looking into her eyes. Those happy, bright eyes that shone with the brilliant light of pure joy.

"Yeah." I replied, grabbing her hand with mine and gave it a firm squeeze. "I promise."


Chapter 28: "A Deal"

I groaned as I sluggishly woke up, yawning as I tiredly rolled over. Onto Avril.

I felt Avril's body tense and I was launched off the bed and onto the floor, where I hit my head. Hard.

I groaned in pain as my eyes readjusted and I caught my breath back. Avril shuffled and peeked her head over the edge of her bed, her face flustered.

"I'm so sorry Andy, you scared me!" She apologized, leaping out of the bed and to my side. I sat up and rubbed the back of my head in pain, while Avril bowed her head in apology.

"It's fine…ow." I replied, giving her a small smile that seemed to convince her I was fine.

"Okay then, I'll make us breakfast…" Avril answered, getting up and opening her door.

"Alright…" I muttered, standing up to face my curse who was leaning against the wall behind me, "What do you want?"

Insanity snickered as he flashed his casual smile. "I don't know, what do I want?"

"Cut the crap and tell me already." I responded angrily.

Insanity laughed, patting me on the back jokingly, before his face suddenly became serious. "Listen, I came here to warn you." He said, catching my attention with his tone.

"Warn me? About what?" I asked, not noticing that I was actually conversing with a curse that lives in my eye. I turned away from him to look out the window, waiting for him to continue.

"Be wary of Four, he may be planning something that involves you." Insanity said, his words having a heavy sense of dread attached.

"Who's Four?" I demanded, but Insanity had disappeared. I searched the room for him, before I heard his voice in my head.

'Remember hero, Four is to be watched. Stay away from him if possible, and stay close to a crowd as well."

'Why do I have to look out for this Four guy!?' I replied quickly, getting frustrated with being ignored.

After a minute of silence, I cursed from the lack of a response and sat down on the bed, just as Avril came in the room.

"Breakfast is ready Andy…what's wrong?" She began, before she came and sat down next to me. I was shocked that she seemed to know I was troubled, but I quickly recovered and gained my composure.

"Nothing, what's for breakfast?" I asked, trying to change the subject to something else to avoid a confrontation.

"Eggs and sausage. Now what's the matter?" Avril replied, stubbornly sticking with trying to find out what's pissing me off.

"Like I said nothing is wrong!" I lied again, hoping that Avril would give up. Thank Arceus she did. Or at least I thought.

With an unsatisfied huff, Avril nodded, and I sighed in relief. "Alright, should we eat or wha-?" I began, before Avril pulled out a wooden spoon from behind her back. I don't know why, but seeing that utensil made me feel fear, true fear.

"Umm, what's with the spoon?" I asked quietly. Avril took a step closer to me, causing me to crawl a bit more in the bed.

Avril crawled in over me, effectively pinning me down to the bed, resting her body on mine. I blushed as she looked me in straight in the eyes. "Fine. But next time if you don't tell me…" She began before she slammed the spoon down right next to my head with a loud smack. "I'll make you tell me." She finished, quickly getting off of me. "Let's go eat, it will get cold if we don't!" She said merrily, her mood and tone changing drastically in a second.

"O-Okay." I replied releasing the breath that I was holding. 'Note to self; don't lie to her unless it's absolutely necessary.'


I yawned as I stretched, walking into the living room. As I sat down on the couch, my mind began to wander back to my conversation with Insanity. I barely talked with my curse, but what I want to know how he knew about this "Four" guy before me, and why he's so dangerous.

A few seconds after going over the conversation, I noticed how fast I had adapted to staying here. "And it's only day two." I mused.

As I was thinking, a knock on the door caught my attention, and before I could react, Avril had ran to the door, wearing a crimson school jacket and a black skirt. She had put her hair up into a ponyta-tail, (A/N: LAME JOKE!) holding it in place with a pink bow. I couldn't help but be captivated as her waist-long hair seemed to flow behind her like a river.

I caught myself staring at her, and quickly adverted my eyes. But, even in doing so, I couldn't get the image of her out of my mind. And when those images came, so did the thoughts of last night. And then the promise. I sat still, repeating the thought in my head several times over. I could've sworn that Arceus's instructions were being repeated to me right in my ear, causing me to flinch with each sentence.

"You will probably learn more when you arrive there, but make sure to not make any promises. Demons have a way of holding onto those promises for a long time."

I sighed, before I was tapped on the shoulder. I looked up to see Avril standing next to the green-haired woman from yesterday.

I stood up and faced them both, puzzled as to why the woman was here.

The woman bowed her head in greeting, giving a friendly smile. I returned the gesture giving her my own smile.

"Good morning young prince, how have you adjusted to life in Haven so far?" She asked.

"Haven?" I asked her, not sure what she was talking about.

The woman tilted her head to the side at my response. "My, my. I do believe that you may have not learned the own name of your home." She began before she pulled me outside into the cool morning air.

She gestured broadly with her arm to the whole of the city, which was beginning to awaken. "This is Haven, young prince."

I nodded as I marveled at the sight. The vendor owners were busy opening their stands, and early customers were eagerly getting the first picks on the merchandise.

"Wow." I muttered, the woman grinning joyously.

"Now, to the matter at hand!" She declared, going back inside with me following behind her.

"What is this matter?" I asked, curious as to why she would come to a home so early in the morning.

"The matter is, that a Deca has been spotted, rampaging throughout the day in the Kanto region west of the Virdian Forest. If you didn't know already, it is Squad Three's job to erase these creatures from the face of the earth." She explained, my brain linking the pieces together slowly.

"So those giant white things are called Deca's?" I asked, the woman nodding her head in response.

"Sometimes they can be categorized into classes. For instance, our source has described the Deca as a large flying animal that has feathered wings. We tend to call these types Deca Avialae." Avril added, the woman smiling slightly and nodding her head.

"What you would expect from the daughter of Sven…Anyway, gather your team, we will distribute the passes and supplies equally and send you outside of the area where it was last seen. After you complete the mission, your group will take a train to Saffron City. More details will be in the pack. Good luck!" The woman said, making her way past me to the door, before she leaned into my ear and whispered, "I'll be watching you."

I made quick eye contact with her as she walked out the door, where Lyle moved out of the way.

"Mornin' Boss!" He greeted her, the green-haired woman patting him on the head.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call Avril your boss, and call me by my name?" She said jokingly, continuing her way to whatever destination was on her agenda.

"Yeah, yeah, I know Miss Jade." Lyle replied waving after her, before he jogged up to Avril and I. "Mornin' Captain! Andy!"

"Morning." I greeted, but Avril was already on her way out the door.

"Come on, we need to get everybody. We got a job."


After we had met up with all of the others, they led me to a raised platform were some guards gave Tyrone a duffel bag and a few slips of paper.

Tyrone distributed the papers out to each of us, the paper having a red pentagram with some markings on the side.

"These are our initial means to travel to regions overseas, and after we finish the mission, we take a trip to a small colony to get return passes." He explained to me, before Avril went into the duffel bag and pulled out a map.

"Okay guys, we will be appearing here," She said, gesturing to a small gold star in a giant circle, "The Deca we are after has been seen flying around in this general location…"

"A Deca Avialae? That's going to be tough to bring down…" Piper observed.

"Yeah, you'd need a pair of wings to even get close to the thing while it's in the air! They should've just given the job to Squad Two!" Troy complained, sighing loudly.

"I have wings…" I muttered, but the others didn't hear me, as they began discussing a strategy to bring down something the size of the S.S Anne out of the sky.

My comment went unheard.

"Umm, guys?" I asked, but they still didn't pay attention to me.

"Maybe we can use the trebuchet?" Piper suggested.

"No way, last time it was us guys lugging that thing around, while you two just sat on it!" Lyle argued.

"Guys!" I shouted, startling the group out of their conversation.

"What is it? Have any bright ideas freshie?" Troy snickered.

"Not an idea, but I do have these…" I replied, changing into the Flying-type, my white wings spreading out of my back.

The group went silent for a second before they erupted into an uproar of complaints.

"You should've told us you imbecile!" Piper huffed, the others nodding in agreement, except for Avril.

"Well, this can work. How good are you at chopping wings off of something traveling at approximately 100 miles per hour?"

I grinned as I pulled out Truth and began to touch the tip tenderly. "I don't know, but I guess we'll see."

"Right, let's go people!" Avril ordered, holding her paper to the sun, until the pentagram evaporated, as did Avril!

"Cool." I muttered, as I watched the others do the same, smiles on all of their faces.

I held mine up to the sun, and I experienced the feeling of slipping suddenly, then I was suddenly surrounded by trees.

I looked around slowly, seeing Avril and the others surrounding the duffel bag, passing a pair of brass knuckles to Tyrone, a large amount of knives to Troy, and two .44 magnums to Lyle.

Avril gestured for me to come closer, and I did, when they handed me a chainsaw.

I raised an eyebrow at them, and slowly handed it back. "I won't need this. It will only slow me down."

Avril looked a bit unsure, but put it to the side, and pulled out her own weapon, a cavalry saber.

"So, get flyin' up there dragon boy." Lyle said, gesturing for me to get up in the air.

"Right." I replied, sheathing Truth and putting her on my back, spreading my wings out, a few white feathers floating softly to the ground.

"I'll be back here if I don't see anything." I said, before I quickly leapt in to the air, shooting off at a high speed.

Before I kicked up the wind, I heard Avril say "Like an angel…"


About 12 minutes flying later...

I. Am. Bored.

Flying around in the clouds is great and all, but when you are looking for something the size of a luxury cruise ship, and you can't find it, is kind of disappointing.

I sighed as I continued glancing down towards the ground, before my "Problem eye" began to twitch.

I groaned as I heard Insanity beginning to chuckle.

'What's wrong Mr. Hero? Lost your little birdie?'

"Fuck off! I'm busy here!" I replied aloud, not caring that I was having a conversation about 20,000 feet in the air.

'You know, I've seen quite a few Deca's from the moon myself. And the description that other dragon gave us doesn't add up…' Insanity commented.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

'Deca Avialae are typically the kind of Deca's to remain nocturnal…'

"And that means?"

'It's not an Avialae…no, it's something much bigger and deadlier.' Insanity continued.

"You know you're less annoying when you are somewhat serious." I observed.

Insanity ignored me and continued, 'Avialae are surprisingly nocturnal, which means that this Deca doesn't match up with the original description of daytime rampaging. It has to be a-!' Insanity began, but the world's loudest screech erupted from above me, a huge shadow encasing the trees below me.

I stopped midflight and saw a huge skeletal creature of pure white coloring flying above me.

'You think you can handle a Deca Draconicus?' Insanity asked, as I stared wide eyed at this huge chunk of armored flying lizard. (A/N: Think of the Curse of Dragon card from Yu-Gi-Oh!, but white with torn wings and tentacles. Gotta have the tentacles…)

"Holy shit." I whispered, before I sped off back to the clearing where the others were.


I tumbled into the clearing through the trees, snapping branches on my way down towards the other squad mates. I landed on my back softly, the others rushing towards me to see me out of breath and eyes filled with fear.

"What's wrong, we could hear that screech from here!?" Tyrone asked loudly.

I had flown so hard and fast to get here, that I could hardly speak, so I motioned for Avril to lean in.

After she was close enough I said. "Hu-not…huff-a Deca…Huff-Avialae…Deca…Draconicus…"

"What!?" Avril shouted, but I couldn't say anymore as I struggled to get my breath back.

"What?" The others asked simultaneously.

Avril paced for a few seconds, ignoring them, before she snapped her fingers. I saw her run to the bag out of the corner of my eye, and she returned quickly with a water pouch with some red tape on it.

"Drink this, Andy." She ordered, unscrewing the cap and placing the carrier in my hands.

I immediately latched the opening to my mouth, greedily gulpeing it down, not caring as to why it tasted so sweet, but whatever it was, it was good and rejuvenating.

"Thanks…" I said, licking the left over liquid from my lips, smelling a familiar scent. My adrenaline and the situation quickly put the scent away from my head, as the screech came back, and the Deca flew over us, knocking a few trees down with the force from its wings.

"Andy, I know you're tired, but I need you to chop off its wings. Do you think you can do it?" Avril asked me as the huge thing flew over for another pass.

I was scared. More scared than I had ever been in my life; This was a life or death situation! I slowly got up on my shaking legs, and slid Truth out of her sheath.

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" I muttered as I once again flew out of the clearing. I quickly pulled out my ipod and selected my offensive playlist, and shoved it back into my pocket.

Now Playing- xKore: Beast Mode

As I cleared the trees, I spotted the Deca banking to the right to make another pass.

'It can sense your Demonic Energy, and since you just had a little blood, your energy has increased even more since the time I got you a storage.'

"That stuff was blood!?" I yelled, all fear gone as I snapped. How dare they make me drink blood!

'Bank left!' Insanity shouted, which I quickly did as a black sludge was shot at me from the passing Deca.

I shot after it as it passed, just as the bass dropped and I got right on its back. I thrust Truth into the joint where the wing was connected to the body, but she didn't even leave a scratch.

The Deca seemed to have felt me on its back, because a small tentacle on its back swung and hit me off its back.

I grunted as I was launched back into the air, but I recovered quickly and propelled myself after it once more, and repeated the same maneuver.

I was thrown off its back once more.

'Fool! It's armor is about twenty times stronger than titanium! You're going to have to use a lot of force or power to take this sucker down!'

"What should I do then!?" I shouted, flying above the creature, its tentacles snapping at me as I trailed it.

'You have that Steel-type girl with you right?'

"Yeah, but what would Silver help accomplish?"

'Use her and get as high up as possible, build velocity and then plunge your sword into that thing!' Insanity screamed in my head.

I winced at the loudness of his voice, but I quickly turned into the Steel-Flying type. My wings became armored and heavier, but still usable.

'Alpha, you know you can only use two types for about five minutes, right!?' Silver asked from deep inside her necklace piece.

"How long will it take me to get the necessary height!?"

'About two minutes.'

"Shit!" I shouted, turning my direction of flight to straight up in the sky. As I was flying up, I noticed that the Deca was circling where I was flying, but it wasn't gaining altitude.

"The hell's it doing? I thought it could sense my energy or whatever!"

'Your energy to that thing is like a beacon, it can't sense how high or low you are, unless you are right in front of it'

Another minute went by, and I quickly looped back down towards the white flying skeleton.

"How much longer do I have?"

'About 10 seconds, Alpha! You won't make it!' Silver and Skyeler said simultaneously.

"Watch me!" I joked, the air around me whistling as I pumped my wings and weight at full force towards the dragon-like creature.

I was about 100 feet from its head, when it screeched, sensing that I was nearly its height. It turned towards me and flew up to me. But it was slightly too slow as I aimed to the best of my ability and I pushed myself.

Faster. Faster. Faster! I thought, my wings pumping air with tremendous force behind me.

I was maybe a foot away when the beast twirled its body around and weaved out of my intended target, Truth slicing through its underbelly.

The creature screeched as I tore its weak skin, but I could care less as I felt all my power leave me in an instant, Silver, Skyeler, Lola and Delia and I freefalling through the air.

"Damn it Alpha!" Silver cried as we crashed into a much smaller clearing towards the edge of the forest.

As we tumbled through the trees, grunts of pain echoing from each of us, I was bewildered at the speed of such a gargantuan creature and as to why the Elementals were expelled from my body.

As we finally got below the canopy, I hit a branch on my back really hard, causing me to cry out in pain.

I finally landed in a heap on the ground, banging my head on a tree root as I came to a stop, immediately knocked out.


I groaned as I opened my eyes, sitting in an open field of plain grass, the sun lighting the horizon beautifully.

I sat up, confused as to where I was, before I noticed Insanity beside me.

'So you've decided to wake up?' He asked, his face void of all expression.

"Where are we? I thought we were fighting that Deca-" I began, before Insanity held up his hand.

'We are in your conscious, and it is true that we are currently engaged in combat with that monster. However, you are unconscious at the moment, but that's beside the point. I wish to make a deal with you.'

"A deal? Why would I want to make a deal with you?" I asked him. He was acting strangely, normally he would just piss me off, but the paper white copy of me was just…serious.

'I bet you didn't know that most dragons can only use their powers when they reach the age of 20. They develop their survival techniques when they are young, constantly fighting to get stronger, and begin feeding at around 15. It is pure instinct to prepare themselves to live.' He said randomly, looking straight ahead at the sun.

"I did not know that, but why are you telling me this?" I asked him, Insanity turning his head to face me.

'No force, no matter how equipped and large they are, has been able to defeat a Deca Draconicus.'

That statement took me a while to process, before I realized the magnitude of it. I opened my mouth to complain to him, but he quickly continued on with his explanation.

'The only thing known to slay one of these things, is a dragon, normally a small group. But, seeing as you are the only dragon around, you'll have to do it yourself.'

"How? I'm only 17!?" I shouted at him, Insanity standing up to look down at me.

'I can make you able to use your dragon abilities prematurely, but in order to do that you'll have some physical and mental consequences and I'll need something from you as well. Deal?' He asked, outstretching his hand openly.

"What is it I would have to give to you?" I asked, cautious as to making a deal with a shady character such as Insanity.

'I can't explain it, but until they have all woken up, you will owe me one request. Do we have a deal or not, hero?' Insanity asked once more, before he quickly added with a small smile. 'If you don't, that thing is going to kill your friends and more innocent lives. Including us.'

I gritted my teeth as he said those words, Insanity having the leverage here. I grabbed his hand and shook it quickly, hating myself as I did so. "Deal."

Insanity grew his usual wicked grin as all the light around us disappeared completely.

'This is going to hurt a bit, but you were wise in your decision. Hero.'


I woke up quickly, my chest pounding and my body feeling like it was on fire. My mouth was open as I tried screaming, but it was so painful that not a single peep escaped my throat.

I thrashed around on the ground in my silent agony, before it all faded simultaneously, leaving me shaking and panting. I looked down and saw that my body was surrounded with a black and purple aura, waving like a raging fire.

I slowly felt stronger by the second as I struggled to stand up, resting my hand against the trunk of the tree.

I began to chuckle uncontrollably as I felt better than I ever had before, and I pushed myself away from the tree. I saw the Elementals knocked out, lying around our small clearing in collapsed positions.

"Andy!" a voice shouted faintly, before Avril ran to the edge of the clearing. "Are you all righ- Andy?" She began to ask, seeming to be scared of something.

My chuckle gradually grew to a quick laughter as I walked towards the middle in the direction of Avril.

"Hey, Avril. I'm going to go kill that thing." I said, my voice dark and full of menace.

I leapt out of the clearing with such tremendous power and speed, that I was shocked I could do this at all.

'How does it feel hero? The power of a dragon?' Insanity asked me as I whipped through the air.

"It's…amazing…" I replied, my face in a terrible grin. Insanity let out a similar laugh as to what I was doing a second ago, before he quieted down.

'Know that I am partially in control right now, so you are acting completely different than your usual self. Hey, let's go look at your reflection, every dragon has a unique form.' He suggested, and my body unwillingly turned to the direction of a small pond, where I landed on my feet.

We walked towards the water's edge, and I saw that I was in a black cloak, with a chest piece made of a reflective black metal with a purple tint. On my wrists were two gauntlets made of the same reflective metal, but with two large orbs that were both purple. (A/N: Basically, Think of Issei's arm from High School DXD but black and a purple gem :D)

'Not bad, not bad.'


'What is it?'

"What can I do now? I mean, what can I use to kill that thing?" I asked him, staring at the purple eye reflecting back at me in the water.

'Knowing how you'd act as a premature dragon, it would be better for me to do this for you, so it's time to go to sleep…'

"What?" I asked, but I suddenly lost conscious once more as I felt Insanity gain full control of my body.


I stumbled back into control randomly, falling off of some edge and onto the ground. I was confused for a second, before fatigue caught up to me. I felt tired and sore, and I couldn't move, so I just sat there for a minute, before Insanity's voice creeped into my ear.

'Man, that was fun. We sure wrecked it didn't we?'

"You put me to sleep you asshole, so no, you had the fun." I retorted. I was mad that he could easily take over my body at will. Not only that, but he knew how to force me into a deal!

'Yeah, yeah, but I got the job didn't i? Look around and see all of the damage you caused!' Insanity said, laughing.

Back to his old self…

I grunted as I picked myself up off the ground, leaning against the rock behind me. I took note that my appearance was still the same as I saw before, but torn and I had cuts everywhere that were slowly healing with a purple mist.

"What damage?" I asked, coughing slightly as I surveyed the area around me. "It looks pretty normal from my perspective."

'That because it's all behind you.' Insanity replied, his voice seemingly drifting away from my ear.

I grabbed at the rock and turned around, when I realized that the rock I was holding onto wasn't a rock at all. It was the Deca Draconicus's body.

I was too weak to let go of it, but I was still disgusted at the sight I saw. When I had first encountered this thing it was about 900 feet in length, but now it was…in pieces.

Wings smoldering, its torso with a huge gaping hole and a slash where Truth cut into it, tentacles still writhing on the ground, but this thing was still alive. It groaned a deep and mechanical tone from its mouth, and I made my way to where the head of the creature was.

I came to a stop next to its face, where an eye stared straight into mine. In it I saw myself, dark, paler, more badass, and handsome? And then the image turned to that of pure pain as the beast quietly screeched.

'Kill it.' Insanity said, his ghost-like hand appearing on my shoulder. 'It's your kill for the taking. You have power greater than most dragons combined.'

"What?" I asked, not believing what he said. "I-I can't ki-" I began, before Insanity's grip grew tighter.

'Can't kill? I don't think you remember, but I was there when you killed Bryant. I was there when you threw your blade into his skull. I was there when you killed those Pokémon in the clearing. And I'm here for when you kill this thing.' He hissed.

"I-I…" I stuttered, slowly raising Truth which I now felt was in my numb right hand.

The Deca blinked at me and cooed softly, its eyes reflecting the feeling of peace. It knew what was happening, and it was welcoming the soft embrace of death.

"I'm sorry!" I shouted, thrusting Truth into the eye, the Deca screeching in pain and tensing up, blood splattering onto my face as it died. After a few seconds that felt like hours, the Deca became silent and limp, my sword sliding out from its eye.

I heard a quick click of a digital camera, and I turned around and faced the rest of my group, all of them wearing friendly smiles. Avril was holding the camera and passed it to Tyrone who then placed it in the bag.

"Good work Andy, looks like you didn't need our help in the end." Avril complimented.

I kept silent as I stood there while the others were congratulating me on a job well done. I didn't really pay heed to the praise I was receiving, as Insanity came into my view.

'Lick it.'

"Lick what?" I whispered back, looking at him as the others began to walk towards the now setting sun.

'The blade, taste the blood of your enemy, do not let their memories perish.' Insanity explained, before he vanished.

"Memories…" I trailed off, as the aroma of the crimson liquid caught my attention. I held Truth up to my mouth and hesitantly licked at the blood.

My view changed drastically as I was now flying through the air, but with an ocean beneath me. My giant white wings were beating behind me, as I screeched in pure joy at the thrill of flying. I flew faster and faster in bliss as I frolicked in the sky. I would miss this feeling when I died.

The picture was gone in a second as I finished licking the tangy liquid with my tongue. I felt sad, as I realized how much the Deca valued flying. I understood how joyous flying was, the freedom it offered. But now his body is strewn across the ground, never to grace the air again.

"-ady to go?" Avril called, as I came back to reality.

I blinked at her for a second before I realized what she said.

I gave a fake smile and walked up to her. "Let's go."

Avril smiled at me and gave me a deep kiss, the other whistling as they caught sight of her affection.

As she pulled away, she whispered, "That's only a piece of your reward…'


Avril giggled and caught up to the others, who began to laugh and walk again. I took one last look at the scene behind me, and a brief glimpse of the memory showed itself to me again.

"I promise, as long as your memory lives within me, that I will enjoy flying as much as you did!" I vowed, before I turned and left with my new friends. "I promise."


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