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It was a nice day when Sasha, Misty, Taylor, and Bella were at school because every day they go to school.

"ok girls, time for gym" said the gym teacher as the girls got change.

Few minutes later

In the middle of gym time Sasha was yelling at Bella and then Misty Sasha would not stop yelling Sasha chased after Bella Misty and Taylor followed them.

"will you stop!," said Bella as she pumled Sasha to the ground "I have no chose Bella.." said Sasha until Bella's gym teacher was not happy "you have leave me no chose" said the gym teacher.

The next day in gym

At gym time Bella and Sasha were mean to each other so Bella's gym teacher chained Bella up "maybe chain you up will teach you a lesson" said the gym teacher Bella looked sad.

"poor Bella" said Taylor to Misty "yeah I wished Sasha will stop yelling" said Misty.

3 weeks later

Bella was chained up until Sasha came to her.

"Bella I'm sorry about 3 weeks ago" said Sasha "it's ok Sasha I don't know why but everyone seems to hate me and I feel like moving away" said Bella "yeah I was like that when I first came here but now it seems to work out" said Sasha.

"well yeah but why everyone hates me?" asked Bella "well I think they do not know you first it may take a while" said Sasha.

"like what put me on a chain?" asked Bella getting angry again "those are the rules Bella!" shouted Sasha "well whatever I hear are rules rules rules don't do this and don't do that what good are fangs and claws you can use them?!" growled Bella.

"stop that BELLA!" roared Sasha "I don't care vampires yell like that" said Bella "they will be no vampires in this school!" growled Sasha "well maybe I don't want to be here anymore" said Bella "whatever you are you are part of this school and if you start acting like it I'm not your friend anymore until you die every night!" yelled Sasha as she walked away leaving Bella crying.

At night at school

"why did I have to yell at Sasha like that I'll be a vampire and kill her and everything she loves will be killed" growled Bella in anger until the chain snaped and Bella was free.

"so see you guys I'm a evil vampire now" said Bella as she broke out of the school and ran into the forest.

end of chapter 1