Uh oh what happened? here well let's find out.

Sasha went into the prision to tell Bella that she is sorry but Bella was gone "Bella I'm sorry about..BELLA!? oh no Taylor!, Misty!" said Sasha as she ran to tell her friends.

At the Vampire house

"ok Bella have a look in the mirror" said Tasha "why?" asked Bella.

"you are now one of us" said Tasha as Bella saw herself as a vampire "sweet I'm a vampire nothing can stop us" said Bella "yeah and Vampires drink blood and we need your help" said Dawn.

"ok what can I do?" asked Bella.

"you see our mates are coming soon and we need childern here to make the vampire pack bigger" said Stacy "so are your mates coming?" asked Bella "very soon they will" said Tasha "when?" asked Bella "we don't know yet" said Stacy "ok I'll keep an eye out for them" said Bella "it's a deal" said Dawn.

"but first we need to kill that Sasha, Misty and Taylor to put them out of your misery" growled Tasha "we will do this" said Bella and the other vampires agreed.

At school

Sasha said to Misty and Taylor "ok girls we need find Bella and bring her back" "ok Sasha let's go find her at night" said Misty.

At night

"aahh girls this is one of my best nights of my life" said Bella.

"so you like our house?" asked Dawn.

"oh yes I do" said Bella.

Until a knock was at the door.

"I'll get it girls you stay down here" said Bella as she ran upstairs and opened the door but there was no one there "no one here" said Bella until she heard a sound "what was that?" asked Tasha peeking out of the door "Tasha I'll check it out you go back and enjoy the party" said Bella as she closed the door.

Bella looked all around the house until she saw Sasha "Bella I'm sorry for all this happened last night" said Sasha "yeah but I'm not one of you anymore" said Bella.

"why?" asked Sasha "because I'm a vampire now" said Bella then Sasha stared at her like what "oh my god who turned you?" asked Sasha "the Vampire Sisters you know there website? I came here because I hated you anyway" growled Bella.

"but Bella your friends are worring about you" said Sasha "too late I'll kill you for after that fight last night" said Bella "but Bella please I take it all back let's be friends again" said Sasha but Bella will not lissin.

"after all that we've been through well I am not like you anymore Sasha I'm a Vampire breeder" said Bella as she went in the backyard "come on Bella you need to come back with us" baged Sasha "Sasha lissin if I come back with you the Vampire Sisters will kill me" said Bella.

"why would they do that?" asked Sasha "lissin we may have a plan waiting for you so if you leave you'll be safe but if you stay you'll die" said Bella "please come back I missed you" said Sasha "I may be in big trouble for that and I never liked that school anyway" growled Bella with her teeth.

But Sasha didn't say anything and lefted and Bella walked back in side.

The next day

Bella was on the couch watching fat Albert while the Vampire Sisters were hanging out up stairs until she heard a knock.

"girls I'll get it" called Bella from downstairs "ok" said one of the Vampire Sisters.

Bella then opened the door and saw a man "hello are you new around here?" asked the man "why yes I am" said Bella as the Vampire Sisters rushed down stairs.

"good work Bella" growled Dawn.

Bella smiled at the Vampire Sisters.

"so is she new?" asked the man "why yes she is she just came like 1 day ago" said Stacy the Tasha smelled blood and her stomach let a lould growl that made Bella and Stacy jumped "oh my god" said Bella "Tasha was that you or Dawn?" asked Stacy "that was me sorry" said Tasha "now Bella" whispeard Dawn as Bella got her knife.

"so young lady what are you doing?" asked the man then Bella shoved the knife into his heart and was bleeding and the Vampire Sisters smelled the blood and was drinking it.


"good girl Bella" said Dawn stroking her hair "yes what would we have done without you?" asked Stacy "you're the best teenage Vampire anyone can have" said Tasha as Bella was drooling blood "what is that?" asked Dawn Tasha saw blood "she's drooling blood it's not bad news" said Tasha looking at her sisters.

Then a door was knocking Tash aran to get the door "hello Tasha" said Victor giving her a hug he was Tasha's boyfriend "ok Victor it's been a while" said Tasha kissing him.

Then Dawn's mate Edward came in and then Stacy's mate Ethan came in the house.

end of chapter3