A/N: Hi guys, so the concept I'm going with now is something I mentioned in the original story. The idea that the Doctor would leave records for their child, Time Lord basics that he would want him or her to know in the event of his death. My intent now is to separate each group of chapters into a certain theme, interspersed with the Doctor's messages and have the stories play out from there. Don't worry, he's not dead, these are being recorded by him in "real time". At this point I think it will just be little slices of life, kinda linear and I'm not sure how smutty. But rest assured there will be some sex. Oh and it never even occurred to me you guys would think from the teaser the Doctor is pregnant. LOL! He's not. This is not turning into an MPreg, I swear. So, once again the Doctor is neither pregnant nor dead. There's a sentence I never imagined myself writing...

Oh and "Man About The House" is the title of the britcom that "Three's Company" was based on. Get it?

Man About The House

An unexpected sequel to "Come And Knock On Our Door"

Hello my little love,

It's me, one of your Dads. Though I suppose if you're watching you probably have a pretty good idea of who I, in fact, am. Off to a rubbish start aren't I? I'm much better at leaving immediate, desperate sort of messages, ones about imminent attacks and Weeping Angels and not blinking and Chameleon Arches. This isn't going to be anything like that.

I'm very happy you're here, love. Well, you're not actually here yet. I mean, you exist, but for now you're safely inside your mothers womb, a complicated group of cells replicating and dividing over and over again. DNA strands writing themselves. Important things like blood type and eye color and dominant hand are being decided. In that respect a human and a non-loomed Gallifreyan aren't so different. Except, my dear, that you're not simply human. Your Mum and your Dad, they're human, two of the best humans I've ever known. But I'm a Time Lord which means you are also part Time Lord.

You're going to be different, dear. And right now, I'm not sure just how different. You are entirely new! Never been anything like you before, Human plus Human plus Time Lord. So you are going to be special and unique and amazing and I cannot wait to meet you.

I decided to make these recordings to tell you a lot of things that only I can. Things about your heritage and your people. Things about me. These are for 'just in case' purposes. I have a lot of just in case things lying here about in the TARDIS but this is the the most important. My life is...complicated. One of the things that remains an ever present is the fact that... I might not always be around. But that's why you've got a bang up situation because if something were to say, happen to me, you've still got your Mum and Daddy-Rory. I'm not sure how I feel about the title Daddy-Rory, I suppose that would make me Daddy-Doctor. That's got kind of an odd feel to it doesn't it? Doesn't really roll off one's tongue. I suppose if we're on Earth I might just be Daddy-John? Or maybe we'll just let you decide what you want to call us, how's that?

What were we talking about? Oh, yes, my possible death! Wait, no...that's not how I wanted to phrase this...but honestly that is what we're talking about. There's a possibility that I might die before I get to tell you, in person, all the things you need to know. That would leave you adrift and in some respects that are uniquely Gallifreyan, all alone. I know how that feels, to be alone. I know the weight of it and I don't want that for you. I couldn't bear for that to happen. So let me try and answer as many things about my species, our species as I can.

First things first, I love you. I've been told I don't always say that enough and I've left far too many people wondering, so why not clear it up right off the bat. Currently we're about five weeks in and you're no bigger than a kidney bean inside your Mum. She hasn't even started to show yet but I scan her, everyday just to check on you both and to make sure all is well. Each day I become a little more enamored and a little more intrigued with what you're to become. Even though I don't know you yet, the TARDIS does and she says you're an absolute delight. Yeah, she's met you and everything. We won't have that privilege for another ten or so months. I will be able to hear you in there though. You see, part of being a Time Lord means you're born with a natural telepathic ability. Every so often I'll be able to get little glimpses of what you're thinking or what passes for thought at this stage. I speak baby and I also speak fetus. I speak everything. Even that's a ways off and I have a sneaking suspicion your Mum might interpret that as an unfair advantage on my part. The three of us will probably have to work that out at some point.

Now, I'm unlikely to ever be invited to Career Day at your school, I think Daddy-Rory might be a better choice for that, much more respectable, much easier to explain. In any case, what I do, where my travels often take me can be dangerous. I suppose if you're seeing this something has happened to me. It must have been something quite bad to have prevented regeneration. For that, I'm sorry. I am so very, very sorry. My intent was to be with you forever. All of you. I love your Mum and Dad and you more than anything in this universe. I can guarantee that no matter where I was, my last thoughts were of the three of you, my family.

Not very cheery am I? Sorry about that. This isn't supposed to be about depressing you. This is about telling you how great you are and all the wonderful things you have ahead of you. You are going to live an amazing and fantastic life whether it's on earth or whether you walk among the stars. I know this for a fact because I am exceedingly clever and I'd wager you're going to be remarkably clever too.

You are going to be loved more completely than anyone has ever been loved. Honestly, I hope you never have to see this, any of it. But I hope you'll bear with your old Dad. Give me your ear even when I start rambling on. I want to show you everything this universe has to offer. It is vast and impossible and wild and amazing and filled with such breathtaking beauty and I want to be there with Amy and Rory to watch you take it all in. I hope that will be possible, but I would be remiss to not plan for the opposite. Even I'm not that careless. Well, not anymore.

Ok, let's get started. Like I said, you are very busy at the moment getting prepared to grow fingers and toes and a brain stem and readying to absorb your vestigial tail which is a very smart thing you humans do because who needs a tail nowadays anyway? I take that back, I'd love a tail now that I think about it. But here are some of the differences which I think I can predict. Alright, basic physiology...

A/N: The full credit for the artwork for this story goes again to OddTheSunGod who runs/ran a very remarkable tumblr filled with fantastic artwork. She graciously allowed me to use her art for another of my stories "The Power Of Threesome"(and I mistakenly referred to her as a he in my intro for that work, something I need to change when I re-upload it). I hope she doesn't mind me using this image but if she does I'll take it down and find something else. But she hasn't been on tumblr in awhile now so I haven't had an opportunity to ask.

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