This was exhausting to write, but really fun. I've had a lot of requests for Rory/Doctor kink as well as so many of you wanting me to put my money where my mouth is regarding certain mentions of light bondage. I hope you enjoy what I did here, it's kind of unfamiliar territory but I did my best. The mention of Rory not wearing pants when the Doctor first met him comes from a gif I saw on Tumblr of a scrubs wearing Arthur Darvill in a scene from the 11th Hour. It's um...revealing and bulge-y. So lemons await you! Slashy, slashy, slashy lemons! Oh and a flashback strap on session marked by italics! And we finally arrive at the chapter I teased way back when. This was a lot of fun to write like I said but it wasn't easy. I hope it's ok. I don't know if Amy's chapter will be quite as long and the Doctors might be very, very short. We'll see. Again, don't get hung up on linear time. I'm not concerned about it at this point in the story and neither should you be. These tales don't necessarily happen in the order they're written. Please excuse obvious and awful grammatical errors, I gave this a quick proofreading readthrough but I always miss things. They'll be corrected in the coming days as they jump out at me. Ok, allons-y!

Vulnerability: Rory

Up until that moment I hadn't even known the Doctor could vomit.

In record speed he had bounded from the TARDIS console to the door and flinging it open he bent over and seemed to rid himself not just of breakfast but perhaps the last five meals we'd eaten. I grimaced as I walked towards him. Amy, poor thing went green and bounded in the opposite direction. For a second I didn't know who to follow, nauseous pregnant wife or puking husband. Amy made the decision for me, waving me away as she hurried towards the loo.

I got to the Doctor just as he was leaning in the doorway of the TARDIS.

He raised a hand at whoever was outside.

"Sorry about that. Lovely wedding, beautiful bride. My apologies about parking a police box in the middle of your aisle and vomiting on your flowers. I'll be going now."

I hastily pulled him back inside, muttered a sorry to the assembled guests, It really did look like a nice wedding and shut the door.

"Baby, are you ok?" There was a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead and a few chunks of his hair were stuck to the slickness.

"Mmmm." he said noncommittally as he leaned against the frame. The Doctor closed his eyes and placed a hand over his belly which I was certain I could still hear making gurgling noises.

"Come sit down." I said putting my arm around him and leading him to the nearest chair. He stopped for one second to input a coordinate so that the TARDIS made her way back to the time vortex and away from the stunned bridal party. He then unceremoniously flopped into the chair.

"No need to coddle me. I'm fine." But he didn't feel very strong in my arms.

"I didn't know you could do that."

"Do what? Vomit? Well I have a stomach, Rory." he said with some irritation. "Where's Amy?"

"Seeing you set her off. You know she's an emetophobe."

The Doctor nodded. Some people couldn't handle blood, Amy flipped out over puke, the sound, the sight, the mere concept and being nine months pregnant and battling valiantly through morning sickness didn't help.

"You should go check on our wife."

"She waved me away, I'm checking on you right now. Darling, are you sick?" I said crouching down in front of him. I put my hand to his forehead and he raised his eyes to watch me.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"You're right. I'd grab a thermometer but I don't want to leave you alone. This is a rubbish way to take a temp." I stood and pressed my lips to his temple.

"If you're trying to kiss me your aim is a bit off, my love. Not to mention you might want to wait until I'd had a moment to brush."

"You're warm." I said frowning.

"You don't even know what I normally run."

"Love, I've had your body pressed to mine enough to know how you should feel. You run cooler than humans, I'd say you're normally about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But you feel like you may be about mid-70's at the moment. And as I said, you're warm. What's going on?"

"Nothing, Rory. Everyone is entitled to get a little space sick."

I put my hand to his cheek and he pressed his face against it making it clear that despite his irritated tone he relished the affection.

"What's wrong?"

"Everything is fine."

"What's wrong? You've been pretty subdued lately. You weren't really hungry at dinner. You didn't want to make love last night."

"I was tired." He huffed as he folded his arms. "Is our entire marriage built on sex?"

"Ok, one final time and let me warn you, if you lie to me or just dodge the question I'm putting you to bed. So help me God, I will throw you over my shoulder and put you in bed until you either tell me what is wrong or you feel better. Trust me, that's my best offer if you don't want to tell me the truth. And guess what, mate, I'm talking quarantine because you're not going to infect Amy or the baby."

"You think you're capable of quarantining me on my own ship?"

"I do and I think the TARDIS would help."

He looked worried for a moment and I knew I was onto something. I'd felt a sort of unease from the ship or at least I thought I had. An almost imperceptible change in the atmosphere.

"So, last time. What. Is. Wrong."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked tense but brightened when Amy appeared.

"Amy, how are you feeling, dear?" he asked.

"Fine now, you know how it is. Comes and goes. What about you?"

"Right as rain."

"No he isn't. In fact something is wrong and he's going to tell us right now, aren't you Doctor."

"Roranicus Pondicus." he muttered under his breath. "Alright, fine but may I go clean up first? Would that be acceptable to you?"

The Doctor looked at me pointedly trying to glower his way into getting what he wanted.

"No, I don't think so. Because the next thing I know an alarm will go off and we'll be catapulted into something wild and dangerous and you'll be off the hook."

"You call that off the hook?"

"Alright, Doctor, if Rory is properly worried, then so am I."

Amy walked over to him and sat herself down upon his lap. Placing a hand over her belly she settled in. "There, now you're pinned by an immovable object. Speak."

The Doctor smiled and put his hand over hers.

"Are you well, love?"

"Fine. Now, talk."

"Alright. I am a little under the weather, as they say. Nothing serious."

"Viral?" I asked.



"No, um, biological actually. Our second anniversary is coming up as you must know."

Amy smiled.

"Lucky me, I've got two blokes, both of whom remember anniversaries."

"So, that means we've the little one has only two or so months left to go. I know to you both, especially you Amy, that may seem like a very long time to wait but for me it's barely an instant. For me, it's going to be any day now and in light of that I think there's one piece of our puzzle left unfinished."

Amy's face grew serious and she reached for my hand.

"Do you mean...your name? Your real name?"

He nodded hastily.

"Doctor, awhile ago we told you, we both told you that if you wanted or needed to keep that to yourself you could. We won't demand it. You're the Doctor, that's your name. We feel no distance there, understand?"

"She's right, Doctor. As much as we can, we get that you have to keep your true name a secret. We would never ask you to violate that. Ever."

He smiled at both of us but his features looked a little pale, his eyes seemed tired and there was a general weariness about him.

"You are wonderful, the both of you, but I'm afraid it's out of my hands. Gallifreyan marriage simply a legal venture, it's a physical one as well. We are bonded, the three of us. You have both altered my biology. I no longer think in terms of I, but rather we. It's not fair to keep this from you but beyond that, its not healthy for me. As I said the intensity of our bond isn't simply emotional it's an absolute truth, a biological fact. Refusing you the most intrinsic part of me, denying you my name is actually making me quite ill."

He looked embarrassed admitting that and Amy put her arm around his neck.

"I thought you'd looked a bit peaked lately. Honestly we figured it was the TimeLord equivalent of sympathetic pregnancy."

"No...and it's not just me, it's the TARDIS as well, withholding this from short term lovers is one thing, but from spouses is quite another. I'm just not built to function this way."

"But...if it's been making you sick and you knew it would, why didn't you mention it? Why didn't you tell us in the first place?" I asked.

"Because I was scared, Rory. Because I was looking, hoping for way out of it. because it's my name."

I reached out and put my hand on his knee.

"That's not what I meant, Doctor. Not why didn't you tell us your name. But why didn't you tell us what was bothering you, that's the secret you should have shared with us.

"Doctor," Amy began, "You don't have to explain or apologize for anything to us."

"But it is something I need to do with each of you on a one-on-one basis over consecutive nights. I know it's silly-"

"Not silly at all." Rory said quickly. "When would you like to start?"

"The sooner the better actually."

"Ok, am I right in assuming there's a bit of ceremony invoved here?"

"A bit yes. I really would like a little time by myself alone to prepare. " He admitted.

"Right. Rory, would you mind going first?" Amy asked.

"Not at all. But are you ok? We don't want to leave you alone if you aren't feeling well." I put my hand in her hair, letting it thread through the strands.

"No, I'll be ok. I'm just not...ready yet. If that makes any sense. Plus I started on a few project in the nursery that I'd like to get back to."

"How about this," I began. "I make us a romantic dinner for three then-"

Both the Doctor and Amy made a face.

"Nope. No dinner. No food, again, ever." Amy said with a dramatic fold of her arms.

"I must side with Pond on this I'm afraid. Not really feeling all that hungry at the moment."

"Ok, then maybe just some soda crackers." I offered.

They seemed only slightly more agreeable to that. Sometimes it was hard being nurse to these two patients.

"Maybe we'll have a late dinner, very late but for now, I'd really like t clean up a bit and get my head on straight." The Doctor said.

Amy stood to let him get to his feet.

"Amy, we'll see you later this evening." He said. "Our bedroom will be all yours. Rory, will you meet me in another one of the TARDIS bedrooms in about an hour or so. She'll direct you."

I inhaled deeply, suddenly nervous.

"Sounds lovely. I'll see you then."

The Doctor gave a tentative smile to both of us before leaving the console room.

"Do you have any idea what to expect?" Amy asked.

"Not in the slightest."

"Fun isn't it?" She grinned.

"Oh yeah."

A little over an hour later after cleaning up a bit myself and bidding Amy goodbye for awhile I found myself outside a door I'd never seen before. I knocked tentatively and from inside the Doctor called, "Come in."

I walked in not knowing what I'd find but it was just an ordinary bedroom. Generically decorated with a spacious bed, plush looking bedding and nightstands that I was certain held everything under the sun we could possibly need. The Doctor was seated on the edge of the mattress looking a bit better than when I had last seen him but not by much. I went and sat down next to him, tilting his chin for a kiss.

"Are you sure you're up to this?" I asked him scrutinizing his tired features.

"Oh yes, I'm fine, Rory, I promise you. And once I tell you my name I'll feel markedly better. You'll see."

"So..." I began, searching for the words. "How do we do this? Is there some sort of procedure? Candles? A prayer or something."

The Doctor chuckled softly.

"No, dear, we do this any way you would like. We can lie quietly and chat and when I feel it's right I'll tell you. You can ask me questions-"

"You know you don't want to answer questions." I said with a laugh.

"You're very clever. But still it's only polite to offer."

"Well, must it be serious?"

"As I said, it can be anything we both would like."

"Ok then," I took another deep breath. I was doing that a lot lately. I exhaled slowly before I spoke. "Can we maybe explore a bit of kink? Some light bondage, maybe?"

He looked immediately interested.

"How much kink?"

"I don't know. You tell me."

The Doctor looked positively predatorial as he started to speak. "Well, I could have you in a shackle and neck collar with wrist cuff. And your cock would look so handsome in a chastity cage. Oh! Or I have a positively ancient cat o' nine tails that would make the most delicious little pink marks rise up on your skin." He mumbled all this against my neck as he kissed me and it both turned me on a terrified me. It wasn't until I heard his laughter that I realized that was his point.

"You think you're so damn funny don't you?"

"Actually yes."

"And what if I had agreed?" I challenged.

He pulled back and gazed at me, his eyes sensual, dark and frightening all at the same time. When he spoke his tone was warm but serious.

"Then I would have gone and gotten everything I mention. I would have had you bound and gagged on all fours, your cock and balls locked tightly in the cage I mentioned so you would have no trouble remembering just who it is you belong to. Then I would have flogged you, gently, until you begged me to stop and just fuck you already. I would have helped you discover, my dear Rory, that there is exquisite pleasure to be found in pain."

My heart was beating wildly and erratically in my chest as I imagined myself the way he was picturing me at this moment.

"Ummm...maybe we could try some lighter bondage."

"Of course, happy to!" He said brightly.

"You're a right kinky bastard, aren't you?"

"Oh, Rory, you have no idea. So you trust me, right?"

"Of course I trust you."

"Good. Then tell me what you'd like."

"You keep saying that but shouldn't tonight be about you?"

"No night is solely about me or you or Amy. They're all about all of us. Now, what would you like?"

When we had moved from sitting to lying on the bed I hand't noticed and I really didn't care. All I knew is that he was on top of my and I was already hard.

"I think I'd like you to master me."

"Like Master and Slave."

"Not quite that severe. Lighter."

"You just want me to be...commanding." He clarified.

"Yes." I breathed.

"The way I have been with Amy?"


"A bit detached?"


"Do you want me to spank you? I can, you know. I'll paddle that delicious bottom of yours until my hand gets tired. Until you spurt thick and hard against my leg."

How did he do that? How did he make everything sound so incredibly hot?

"Would you like that, my love?"

He suddenly flipped us over. He was really good at that. I was now on top of him and I felt his hand creep down to my arse.

"A test swat maybe?" He asked.

"Maybe, just one."

The Doctor loosened my trousers and pulled both them and my pants down. He then drew back his hand and brought it down sharply.

I gasped. My brain couldn't quite process how good it felt.

"Again, baby, again."

He gave me another spank and I started to grind my pelvis against his.

"I never knew I wanted this."

"That's one of the best things about being married. We still have so much to discover about one another. I just discovered both Ponds love a good paddle, eh? Shall we proceed?"

"I...I'm not sure." I felt greedy and unwilling to settle on the first thing he offered me.

"Ok, if you're not sure then we'll save that possibility for another time. Now, we won't do anything you're uncomfortable with, nothing that makes you nervous or frightened. You are completely and absolutely safe with me."

We were kissing between his words, soft probing kisses that were working me up into a frenzy. I pulled him closer and he seemed in no hurry to change positions or move on.


"We can start whenever you like. Just give the word."

"I just...I want to be vulnerable with you. Does that make sense?"

"Absolute sense."

"It's not an easy place for me to put myself. With anybody, but especially with you. But I really, really want to."

"I understand." He said and when I looked into his eyes I felt that he really and truly did.

"One more kiss and I'm ready."

The Doctor smiled and obliged we snogged a bit longer and then he pulled back.

"Shall we?" He asked.


"Alright then." His demeanor changed immediately. He dropped his arms and removed his hands fom my body. "I want you to disrobe. Quickly and quietly, in fact I don't want you to utter a word. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded and got to my knees and he slipped off of the bed. Grabbing a nearby chair, which I could have sworn wasn't there initially he pulled it to the foot of the bed and took a seat. I started to undress stripping down until I was completely naked. Putting my clothes to the side I stood down and waited for further instructions.

"Your body is stunning, Rory."

I nodded and smiled, unsure as to whether or not I was allowed to speak.

"You're already erect." He said approvingly. "Now, I want you to lay back down on the bed and masturbate for me, alright? You can answer."

"Alright, Doctor."

I laid down upon the bed and let my legs fall open. His gaze on me was intense and I admit, I felt just what I'd asked him for, vulnerable.

"Stroke yourself, love." He said sitting back and crossing his legs. "Let me watch you."

I wrapped my hand around my cock and started working it up and down. The groan was out of my mouth before I could stop it.

"Quiet down. Focus on the feeling. Think about the pressure building up in your balls. Think about how your abs tense and release. Think about the skill your hand exerts . Think about how no one quite knows how to get you off like you. Do you want to say something, Rory?"

"Should I...can I come?" I asked.

"I'll let you know. Keep going."

I did as he requested, quickening my pace and letting my body relax a bit more against the propped up pillows. I wanted him to touch me, I wanted his hands or his mouth or his body on me. And yet I wasn't unsatisfied as the weight of his eyes upon me, his aloof interest was so much more erotic than I could have imagined.


He stood up suddenly and began to crawl towards me on the bed.

"I'm here, dear." He said softly. "Let me handle you."

The Doctor settled on the bed between my legs and without preamble his mouth descended on my cock. I gasped, wholly unprepared as he enveloped me. I put my hand in his hair and without any encouragement I felt him deepthroat me.

"Holy fuck, Doctor. I can't...I can't...I..."

I came so hard into his mouth and it took all my effort to not shoot my hips off the bed. I was grunting and groaning loudly as he kept his lips tightly sealed around me. I thumped my fist into the mattress my other hands still moving through his thick head of hair. His attention was overwhelming and I still found myself spasming into his mouth, little tremors shaking my body. It was nearing the point of discomfort and I was just about to ask him to stop when he pulled back.

I lay there, gasping beneath him, closing my eyes and trying to settle my heartbeat. I barely noticed as he secured something around the base of my penis and balls.

"What's that?" I asked.

"No worries, Rory. I'll explain. Mmmm, you taste lovely by the way."

After placing a lone kiss to the tip of my penis he stood, removed his jacket, bow tie and shirt and seated himself in the chair facing the bed.

"What now?" I asked and suddenly felt a small jolt of electricity shoot through my genitals before winding it's way around my body. "Shit!"

"That was a warning. You won't get another." The Doctor said calmly. "From this moment on you don't speak unless I give you express permission to do so, is that understood. You may answer me with an affirmative nod of your head."

He was serious, deadly serious and I was already impossibly turned on.

I nodded quickly.

"Good boy. What I have fitted you with at the moment is called a triple cock ring. An ordinary ring fits around the base of your penis to restrict blood flow. This, as you've no doubt noticed also fits around your testicles. You understand, I'm sure, that prior to orgasm your knackers draw up sharply towards your body, this disallows that action. I have a remote control here in my hand. I am in charge of not only the tightness of the triple ring but also I have the ability through this to administer a very slight shock as you just recently felt. It's not electricity, it's concentrated TARDIS energy. And even if it was electricity it's not enough to injure you. I would never, ever do that. It's really only enough to sting and I will only use it as a corrective measure. In truth, you're in charge of it, Rory. If you do what I ask of you, you won't feel it again. Remember how curious you were about orgasm denial? Well, now is your chance to have that curiosity sated. Now, you may ask three questions. Choose them wisely and once you've finished I don't want to hear your voice again, is that clear?"

I nodded again.

"Now, ask."

"Are you not going to restrain me?"

"Restraints are for amateurs, Rory. Remember our first night together? Roman and slave? You didn't need restraints to keep me in line. Just a firm voice, a firm hand, a firm cock. You'll discover soon enough what pleases me and what displeases me and you'll learn where I'll allow your hands and where I won't."

I digested this information while searching his face. It didn't betray anything further. He was cooly patient, waiting for my next two questions.

"Can we have a safe word?" I said trying to force down my nerves and keep them the tremor from my voice.

"Of course, love. You really shouldn't have wasted a question on that but too late now. What would you like the safeword to be?"

"Colosseum." I blurted, though I wasn't sure why.

"As you wish. Colosseum. If I hear that word I will stop immediately, release you and we will proceed as normal. Last question."

I searched my brain, wanting to make certain I had covered every worry.

"Are you going to fuck me later?"

He quirked a smile.

"Normally I would I would tell you you'll have to earn that. But just this once I will give you a guarantee. Yes, Rory, I will fuck you later and then I will tell you my name. You've run out of questions which means it's time to begin. Now, I'm going to tell you a story. A true story. But before I do, understand this. You have on your body essentially an instrument meant to subdue you and give enjoyment to us both. This is a journey to help you discover all the sub layers of pleasure that lie within slight pain and denial. So, enjoy yourself. Now, let's begin. I was showering, alone, this was a few months back, mind you and I was letting my mind wander. Thinking about you, actually. Would you like to know what was running through my head?"

I nodded enthusiastically.

"I was thinking about your body against mine. Your chest, the way your pecs feel pressed against me. The way we jostle for power in bed. The way you bite into my neck when we make love. The way your muscles flex when we fuck."

I let out a low moan and was instantly punished with a jolt to my cock. The ring tightened around me and I felt the blood and pressure in my penis. I'd never worn a cock ring before, it was on my sexual bucket list though. Suppose after tonight I could cross it off.

"It's rude to interrupt someone when they're speaking. But you're new at this so I'll proceed. If I quiet my mind and imagine, I can feel you inside me. That stiff cock of yours."

I watched as the Doctor let his hand drop down to squeeze the outline of his rigid erection through his trousers.

"Sometimes, Rory I just need to feel you inside me, I just want you to kick my legs apart, bend me over a table and fuck me as hard and as thoroughly as you can. That's what I was thinking in the shower. I was imagining your hard, thick cock deep inside me and it was making me ravenously horny. So I started to stroke myself. I wrapped my hand around my cock and- Well why don't I just show you."

With great aplomb he made a show of unzipping his trousers, slowly, too slowly for my liking, he removed his cock from its confines. He apparently hadn't bothered with pants today and the thought of that made me salivate. He started a slow, graceful, motion of his wrist. He was hard, solid and deliciously thick and I had flashes of putting my legs on his shoulders while he fucked me into oblivion.

"So, as I said I was imagining you stepping into the shower. I was imagining that you stepped into the shower and caught me masturbating. You teased me, gently, about being so horny and we laughed. You put your arm about my waist and pull me back against you. I could feel your cock pressing, hard and eager against me. You whisper in my ear, Let me take care of you, baby. Let me work that big cock of yours."

I started to squirm as I let myself sink into his fantasy. I allowed one of my hands creep up to my chest, running it across my nipples. I wasn't punished with a shock so that was apparently allowed. I was erect again, hard, pulsings and little pearled drops of precum were dribbling down the head of my cock. I wanted to touch myself so badly but I didn't dare.

"In my fantasy, I can feel you behind me. You take my cock in your hand and you start to jerk me off. Then you whisper in my ear, 'I want to make you come so hard, I want to watch you spurt against the shower wall and see it drip down. I want to feel you hot and hard in my hand. I want to exhaust you. I want to leave you a trembling, pliable, neat little mess before I fuck you.' That rather describes how I've got you now, doesn't it?"

I nodded and keeping eye contact with him I let my fingers brush against my cock. I'd been dropping my hand down slowly, inching it ever closer. The second my fingertips touched my erection I got another jolt.

"Naughty, naughty boy." He said with a half of a smile. "Did that hurt? You may answer."

"Yes...yeah it hurt."

"Do you want me to stop. Just one word is all it takes. Flavian Amphitheater."

"No." I said through gritted teeth. I would not say Colosseum. At least not yet.

"No." He repeated. "Then I'll continue on with my story. As I was standing there I pleasuring myself, thinking about you, I heard the bathroom door creak open. I called your name, thinking I had conjured up my fantasy into reality. But it wasn't you. It was Amy."

"Mind if I join you?" She asked.

"Of course not."

"Looks like you've got your hands full. don't turn around."

"I was instantly intrigued. I knew she had something planned so I waited calmly as she stepped into the shower."

"The TARDIS told me you were in here. It's nice to have another girl aboard. How we love to gossip."

"I then felt goose-pimples start to rise up all over my skin. What were my girls up to?"

"As I said, she told me you were in here and she also told me what you were up to. She suggested I join you."

"I felt her press against me from behind, just her upper body at first. Her breasts brushed lightly against my back and she started to kiss my shoulder. Her hand slipped down my chest, slowly, winding its way until she came to my cock. Are you enjoying my story, Rory?"

I nodded vigorously. He'd released the pressure on the cock ring even more and I was furiously rubbing my inner thighs and wiggling on the bed dying for him to touch me. What he'd said earlier now made so much sense. Restraints were for amateurs.

"Good, glad it meets with your approval. Anyway, she drops her hand to my cock, bats my hand away and starts to stroke me."

As he speaks I keep my eyes riveted to him, he's talking so casually as he masturbates in front of me. I want to leap off the bed, call it all off and just ride him in that chair but I also want to hear the rest of the story. I've started to sweat, I can feel beads of perspiration streaking down my forehead and I hope it doesn't get into my eyes.

"What else did she tell you?"

"She told me what you need..." She said and then I felt her press the rest of her body against me. I felt the slight curve of her belly, she wasn't very far along at this point and then I felt something else."


"She also told me what you want and then she gave it to me."

"I felt the toy press against my cheek, firm. As you well know we'd only talked about strap on's in passing. Just something we might all like to try someday. But here she was, with the help of the TARDIS and she was determined. I felt her other hand squeeze my bottom.

"You've got such a nice arse, Doctor. So tight and firm."

"I chuckled, nervously if you can believe it. Amy is a bit intimidating sometimes, even to me."

The Doctor and I shared a smile and I nodded with a knowing eyebrow raise.

"I want to fuck you, Doctor."

"And I really want you to.."

"Lean forward and brace yourself against the wall."

"I did as she asked glancing back over my shoulder. She urged me to spread my legs and I obliged."

"It's self lubricating, Doctor, so you don't have to worry."

"I'm not worried. I trust you, love."

"I felt the toy penetrate me and-" He paused and it was absolute agony.

"And what, Doctor!?" I demanded. I braced for another shock but it didn't come. Instead he just gave me an amused smile.

"I was just about to compliment you on you well behaved you were. I thought you deserved a treat. Should I revise my opinion?"

"No, please, Doctor. I'll be good. I promise, I promise." I begged desperately.

"What would you like?"

"Touch me. Please, Doctor, touch me." I pleaded with him openly, not in the least bit ashamed. "Or let me touch you. Can I taste you? You're so hard. Please? Please?"

I saw his eyes go sensually dark at my words and he was off the chair in a flash and stepping out of his trousers.

"Shall I let you come, Rory?" He asked as he settled down onto the bed. "You may answer me."

"Yes, please."

"Alright, let's get you out of this, shall we?"

He lay down next to me, head to foot.

"Oh, darling," he cooed. "You're so hard and strained. Look how I've made you wait."

I felt him unfasten the triple crown first and the relief I experienced was impossible to put into words.

"May I suck you, Doctor."

"If you like." He said amicably and I whimpered gratefully before putting my mouth on him.

"My poor, hard, so ready and willing to come. Shall I get you off dear?"

Despite the calm of his words his voice was strained and I knew I was doing him in a bit myself. I gave him a muffled "Mmmhmm" and he shuddered a little as the vibrations moved through him.

He didn't get more than a handful of licks on my cock before I started to come.

"I'm sorry, Doctor...I-"

I orgasmed in his mouth, harder, stronger and more copious than I can remember doing in recent memory.

"I'm sorry, love, I'm sorry..." I breathed out.

The Doctor made his mouth even softer and wetter offering me a few more licks as I trembled beneath him.

"No reason at all to apologize, darling. I'm very proud of how you've held up so far. But I need you to put your mouth back on me."

"Gladly." I felt I could swallow him whole and I did my best to accomplish just that.

The Doctor groaned and threw his head back while still loosely stroking my cock. I felt drained and a little exhausted but so incredibly relieved to have finally been allowed to come.

"Suck me, Rory, suck me."

He was aching for it, aching for me and I put a two hands on his bottom holding him close. He moaned but just as quickly as I felt him start to sink into the pleasure he spoke.

"Slow down, baby. Taper it off a bit. I don't want to come yet."

I groaned irritably but did as he asked, relaxing my lips and pulling back. As I did so I felt him fasten something new to my cock. Before I could ask he answered me.

"This, my love is a vibrator. No, vibrator is a bit too crude. It's more of a pulsator. Let me demonstrate."

Using a different remote he turned the toy on and the pulsing made my eyes roll back into my head.

"Fuuuuuucck." There were beads on the inside of the clear, rubber device which ran from the base of my penis to the tip. They undulated in a blissful rhythm and I rolled over onto my back and clawed at the bedsheets.

"Good boy." He said, rising from the bed again and reseating himself in the chair. "Now, back to my story. And I'd like a bit of silence please."

I nodded through firmly pressed lips.

"Now, where was I...Oh, I felt the toy penetrate me. It slipped in so easily. It was bigger than I had figured but I shouldn't have been surprised, the TARDIS knows I like them well sized. I groaned and I heard Amy groan as well."

"Does it feel good to you to, love?" I asked her.

"Yeah, she put in a little vibrating egg and every time I thrust into you like gives me a delicious little buzz."

"The TARDIS does take care of us doesn't she?"

"Amy placed her hands on my hips and started a nice, hard rhythm. Would you like to feel the rhythm?"

I nodded again, sitting up a little on the bed so I could keep eye contact with him and get a better view of the apparatus connected to me. He flipped a switch and the pulsing started to speed up. I was already hard yet again, still a little deliciously sore and almost ready to come for a third time.

"Do you like me fucking you? Am I as good and hard as Rory?"

"Yes, dear, yes."

"Then she rather surprised me." The Doctor had gone back to stroking his cock in front of me and I had no idea how he'd managed not to come yet. "She sort of shoved me against the wall. I let her pin me there and she used her leverage to fuck me harder."

"Didn't expect that, did you? Am I hitting it for you, Doctor. Nice and deep?"

"Fuck, yes." Then I asked her, "May I touch my cock, Amy?" because you see, good boys ask." He said giving me a wink.

"Yes, Doctor. Thank you for asking."

"I wrapped my hand around my penis and started stroking myself again, slow at first." He changed the speed on the toy and I think I made a sound that was less than human. I gave him an apologetic look which he acknowledged and I realized that even with the threat of electricity gone I had learned to be obedient. He'd taught me well.

"Amy was breathing heavily in my ear, gasping and moaning and I was making very similar noises myself. I was getting quite close."

"Almost there?"

"Nearly, very, very nearly. She started pounding into me and- Rory, did you just come?"

And I had, as he was talking I was imagining Amy fucking him as hard as she could in the shower and it was too much. Just before I shut my eyes I watched as my ejaculate streamed down over the snug fitted toy. My hips bucked upwards and I clawed at my thighs and the toy continued working tremor after shaking tremor out of me. Finally the Doctor slowed down the motions of the beads and I was able to catch my breath.

The Doctor waited for me to finish before calmly continuing his story.

"As I was saying, Amy started pounding into me. It was so delicious, Rory, the juxtaposition of that slim frame, her feminine body, her breasts, her soft voice combined with that hard, firm cock. You really, really must experience it someday. I came with her still thrusting inside of me, legs wide, hands splayed on the slick shower walls."

"That's it, come for me, Doctor. Nice and long and hard. Come for me with my cock inside you."

"She came not long after that and rested against me for a moment before pulling out. I let her gather her bearings and then I turned around and fucked her senseless. Are you alright, my love?"

"Fine, yes, fine." I answered quickly.

"I find myself wishing I had restrained you. You'd look so pretty cuffed to the backboard." He mused. "Perhaps next time. So, would you like to be filled, Rory? You can answer, baby?"

"Yes, please." The hoarse weak hunger of my voice surprised even me. "Fuck me."

The Doctor chuckled.

"Oh, I didn't mean me. You haven't earned that yet." The Doctor stood and his erection was bloody magnificent so I kept my eyes more focused on it than his face as he crossed the room. He made his way over to a small desk to the side of the bed and pulled out something just beyond my sight line. A moment later I again watched him creep between my legs and lay flat on his stomach. I heard the flip top of a bottle and knew he'd retrieved some lube. He didn't bother to make eye contact with me until he had finished.

"Knees bent, dear, and open up wide for me."

I did as he asked and waited with baited breath. When he held the dildo up in front of me, my eyes widened.

"Not a dildo, love." He said answering my thoughts. "A butt plug. See the flared bottom?"

I nodded.

"Now, relax and breathe deeply for me, ok? You can moan if you like, this should feel rather nice."

He started to slowly penetrate me with the toy and moan was an understatement. It started off narrow but thickened the farther he inched it inside of me. It felt good. Not as good as his cock but still quite, quite good. When it was fully within he gave it a few taps on the base and the vibrations thrummed inside me.

"That's a good lad. Now, I'm really going to need you to hold that inside you. Clench down, do whatever it is you have to, but I don't under any circumstances want to see that slip out. Answer me with a Yes, Doctor or a No, Doctor."

I was teetering again on that edge of orgasm and the plug so slick and thick inside of me was delightfully unbearable.

"Yes, Doctor or No, Doctor." He said again calmly.

"Yes, Doctor. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." I choked out.

"That'll do." He said curtly. "But, despite having had to prompt you you've actually been a rather good boy. So I give you an option, I can remove the vibrator and after awhile the plug. We can make love or fuck or whatever it is that you desire. Or we can go a little further."

What was he offering? A break or truce, was this a competition or a lesson? Were we at war? Either way I was enjoying myself too much to want him to stop now.

"I don't want to stop."

The Doctor beamed at me.

"I must say I'm proud of you, Rory." He moved upwards on the bed. laying close to me, his cool skin pressed against my warmth. "You have held up admirably. Shall I tell you how long I've fancied you?"

I nodded, trying to keep my eyes closed and enjoy the vibrations and his voice in my ear.

"You weren't wearing any pants the first day I met you."

He was absolutely right. Amy hadn't noticed but then again I was only her, how did she put it, sort-of boyfried then. I'd put clothes in the wash the night before but then the phone rang, as a matter of fact it was Amy calling me. I got distracted and never came back to switch it on. Awoke the next morning, no clean pants, no clean socks for that matter. So...I went commando.

"Do you have any idea how distracting it is to try and save the world when you've got a goreous redhead with legs for miles to the right of you and you're absolutely dying to find out if the carpets match the drapes. And to the left you've got a handsome, humble goofball who has chosen today to just let everything hang out."

He kissed my neck in between his words and I turned my face in his direction. He dropped his hand down between my legs, past my cock and grasping the base of the plug began moving it in and out.

"Oh, Doctor, please, please. That feels so good. Please, fuck me. Fuck me, baby, fuck me, fuck me."

"I've wanted you for so long, Rory. You and Amy both, to be truthful. But I know you're familiar with my lust for her. But do you know how badly I wanted you? How I wanted to undress you, please you, service you? My handsome, sexy, masterful Rory."

I was beyond words, far beyond. He started moving both the toy and the vibrator faster and I put my hand on his shoulder to anchor myself.

"I love you Rory. You're perfect, you're beautiful, you're wonderful, you make me impossibly happy. Now come for me, baby. I know you can. Come along, second to last time."

I sucked in a deep breath and held it, I felt my face reddening and I climbed that hill yet again. Then the wave broke, and I crested, descending that gentle slope, orgasming under the ministrations of my husband.

I was whimpering by the end of it all, a few tears had streaked down my cheeks. This had been torture, beautiful, beautiful torture. As he gently removed the vibrator from my cock and the toy from my arse I turned in his arms and curled my body into his.

"Such a good, boy." He said quietly. "Good lad. Are you alright, dear?"

"I'm ok." I said, my voice strained and small. I felt exposed, open, very, very revealed. But it was ok, it was what I had wanted and I felt so safe with him. We lay together and he kissed me gently as I held him incredibly close. We didn't speak, neither one of us, we just let our bodies and our minds settle against one another.

"Doctor?" I asked after I don't know how long.


"I want to make love." I whispered before kissing him.

"Not too tired?"

"Not at all." That was a bit of a lie but I didn't care. "I need you."

"I need you as well."

"Face to face, though, alright. I need it to be face to face."

He smiled as he bridged his body over mine. So much of what happened next was a blur. He entered me, slowly and we moaned at the contact. I was surprised at his will to have held on for so long. We rocked together and I opened my legs for him and he thrust inside and cupping the back of his head I brought him down for a kiss. It was, as always, bliss.

"Once more for me, Rory? Together?"


He started moving faster and only a little harder and I cried out against his lips.

"I'm ready now, darling. It's time. Rory Arthur Williams. Husband. My name is _."

It hit my ear with the same delicate beauty with which he pronounced it. It was lovely, soft and perfect. Without asking, I repeated it to him and I saw that burst of gold momentarily light up his gaze.

"I'm coming, Rory. Come with me."

My body was essentially wrung out, my orgasm was strong but the Doctors was stronger. He had been holding off forever and I felt him spurt thick, generous and full inside me. We kissed. We held each other. We disengaged. And finally he wound up in my arms, cuddled against my chest. He already looked better than he had earlier. His color had returned, his eyes looked brighter, his body felt stronger.

"Thank you so much for telling me, love. That meant absolutely everything." I whispered.

"Thank you for being someone I love so much I had to tell."

"I know it's a secret. I'll never use it without your permission."

"I know, my dear. I trust you."

I yawned and tugged him closer.

"I want to go back to our bedroom and sleep with Amy tonight. But I could do with a rest and maybe a shower first."

"Me too." The Doctor said softly. "We'll just have a little bit of a lie down and then go back to her. Ok?"

"Ok. And I'll tell you one thing, darling." I said pulling the covers over the both of us.

"What's that?"

"Who ever said married sex was boring must be doing it wrong."

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