Punishments of Order-66

Clones were never meant to be the pawns of the Separatists or the 'Dark Side'. We died fighting for the Jedi. My name was Captain Rex, CT-7576, I was a clone, loyal to the true Republic. Then came the Order. Order-66. It was telling us to kill and betray the men and women we followed for so many years for an unknown cause. Many of my 'brothers' followed through, saying it was what we were made for. I didn't believe them and for that, they tried to silence me. CC-2224, Cody, silenced me himself. After firing on General Kenobi he said to me and smiled, "It'd be nice to have his light saber, wouldn't it Rex?"

I screamed at him, throwing off my helmet and grabbed him, "Why'd you do it Cody? He trusted us and you killed him?" he glared at me, pushed me back and looked at me,

"It's what we're made for Rex." those were the last words he said to me before raising his blaster and shooting me in the chest, I stumbled back and fell into the sinkhole. General Kenobi saved me, he used the Force to slow my decent and it saved me. I never got to thank him though. I waited and waited until I drifted from view and then I moved. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't breathe. I found a ship and a cloak. I used them to my advantage, I disguised myself and fled from the planet. Few Jedi initially survived the attacks and I can only tell with my simple knowledge, that more will die in this bloodbath of a war. There are only two Jedi, I know that knew Anakin Skywalker well. Obi-wan Kenobi and Ashoka Tano. I'm not sure what became of Ashoka after she escaped a Jedi cruiser in hyper-space. I've been searching for her, hoping she doesn't try to kill me after many of the men under her command tried to betray her. Thirteen of the men she had come to know protected her escape and all lost their lives doing it. Sadly I was not there to protect her too.

It's been almost a year now since Cody "killed' me. I've been living on Coruscant, in the shadows, performing minor acts of sabotage on the Stormtroopers. I've dyed my hair and let a beard grow out, ha, Gregor would get a kick out of it. Poor Gregor, killed while trying to protect a Jedi Padawan from the 501st. My own men, attacked the Jedi following Darth Vader. I would have never thought it to be possible, but again I was proven wrong. Storm Troopers raid the undergrounds of Coruscant, killing and pillaging anyone and anything. My apartment is on the and thirty-seventh floor of a building in the undergrounds. The Stormtroopers have raided my apartment before, finding a blaster and some credits. They took them both, luckily they didn't find my secret compartments where I store my Clone armor and 'other' supplies.

Tomorrow, I will begin my war on the Republic…