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"So you're all telling me, you're going to help me and the small group of rebelled Clones fight the Empire?"

"Pretty much." Lexa turned to me, "Don't you have Jedi help?"

"Very few…Ahsoka Tano and a few others."

"Okay. Where's this Ahoka?"

"Ahsoka. AHsoka. Get it?"

"Sheesh…think I struck a nerve." Storm turned and held up his hands

"Anyway. Ahsoka is on a Republic ship attempting to find alliances across the galaxy."

"Well that's something that could be helpful. The attack on the Jedi temple. Weren't you there?" Lexa looked at me and then sheathed her viroblade.

"No. I was with CC-2224..."

"Who?" Alava looked at me with confusion.

"Commander Cody."

"How did you know him?"

"He's the scumbag that killed my daughter. Mercilessly, point-blank. It was after the whole Jedi execution."

"When they attacked?"

"Yes. It happened four months ago, on Mandalore. They attacked our village in the night and my daughter was a Padawan. Three years old, never did a thing in her life that was bad…I wanted to kill that…that bastard and watch him suffer. He killed my wife too. I was forced into a transport by our leader. He died in my arms after being shot in the back. I've been seeking vengeance ever since. So…count me in, I'm wanting to rip the Empire a new ass." he stuck his arm out. His good eye filled with hatred.

"Me too." Lexa put her hand in.

"Same here." Alava did the same.

"Well you can sure as hell count me in." I put my hand in and looked Storm in the eyes, well eye. His pure black eye haunted me.

"So how are we going to do this?" Alava asked and looked me in the face, I smiled and grabbed Storm's helmet, tossing it to him. "We're going to make a call." I flipped my holographic-communicator in my hand and turned. "And, we're going to win."


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