Teef: HI! How are you guys?! I hope you are having a great summer! Me not so much, anyway! Our dares for today are short! But cool! Hehe, and our first dare Is for…ZIM!

Zim: What is it you nagging human!

Teef: First, I'm not nagging, second, guys I had to send the tallest to the massive for this…now…Zim…you have to do a prank call to this number… -hands min a piece of paper and my cell phone- And you have to read this –hands him paper-

Zim: I! The amazing Zim! Have hacked into the system of this number

Teef: Yes yes…now call…wait…YOU DID?! –too late he is calling-

Zim: Hi! Can I talk to Mr. Wall?

The Other side of The Line: Mmm…no, there is no Mr. Wall in here

Zim: Oh, and Mrs. Wall?

The Other Side of The Line: Hmm…neither

Zim: So there are no walls in there

The Other Side of The Line: No

Zim: So what the hell is holding up your ceiling you idiot! MUAHAHAHAHA! –he puts some codes in the phone and there sounds and explosion- MUAHAHAHA!

Teef: ZIM! What was that?! You blew up the Massive!

Zim: The…Massive?

Teef: That's not the first idea of a prank call you know!

Zim: It is Zim's idea! –he stands on the chair so we are on the same eye level

Teef: Now we have to send somebody to pick up all the corpses!

Zim: Let them float in space! They will eventually explode!

Teef: UGH! You are and idiot!

Zim: And you human! Are annoying!

Teef: -pushes him off the chair- Hmph I'll see you later guys! A friend pushes me into telling you…if you want…I can receive a…guest from another show…would you like that? How does the idea sounds? BYE! BE AWESOME!