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Nora POV

It's been three years... Three years since I killed Dante. Since devilcraft was eliminated. Since Scott's Death… Since I got Patch back. Since Patch and I made our oath. To love and cherish each other as long as we both shall live. I thought that would be true, until this happened. I doubted everything, even Patch's love and commitment to me. We had been through so much. Our past come back to haunt us and everything takes an unexpected turn for the worst, but was he ready for this? Was i?

A few weeks earlier…

Patch and I escaped from Vee's wedding. Well, we didn't escape exactly… we just cut it short a little. Vee was my best friend and all, but I hadn't seen Patch all day; it was killing me. We hopped on his motorcycle and drove to a motel not too far away. I checked us in, while he parked. The motel was small and quiet, as soon as I walked in I was awe struck. The motel was vintage style with dim, romantic lighting. The washed out wood floors were beautiful with the old, green pattern rugs. The walls were a dimmed red brick with a black fireplace that cracked quietly in the waiting area. I walked up to the desk in my bridesmaid dress. A young British guy, probably 20s, was reading a magazine. My heels clicked on the floor, which got his attention. He jumped up and looked at me, a flirty smile crept up on his face.

"Welcome to the Strand Palace. What can I do for you, love?" He winked.

I smiled patiently. "A room for two."

"A friend?" He asked.

"Um.." I hesitated. What was Patch? My boyfriend? Fiancé? I awkwardly said, "yea.."

"Ah. One room with a king sized bed." I handed him my credit card. He swiped it and pressed a few buttons on the screen. I start to look around the hotel at the beautiful tapestry hanging delicately around the hotel. The lobby's ceiling was about two stories with stairs leading to a loft. A group of 4 were chatting quietly with coffee cups in hand next to the fireplace.

"Here you go love." I jump and look back at the guy. "Room 304."

I nodded my thanks. "And if you get lonely tonight, I'll be off." He winked again. I turned and started heading outside. Patch was walking up to the front with his black jacket from his tux over his shoulder when I came out. A sly smile crept up on his face. I smiled back. He came up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close.

"I got us a room." He started to kiss up my jaw. His kisses were my ecstasy. I broke away and handed him the key. "Save that for later." I winked at him. He looked at the paper the card was in. He raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"I don't think that's the hotel's phone number." He turned the card for me to see. Sure enough, there was a phone number written sloppily in blue ink on the paper cover of the keys. I groaned and hit my head on his chest. He sighed. "I can't leave you alone."

"Stupid British guys.." I mumbled. He let out a chuckle. A hit him on the chest. He grabbed his chest and acted hurt. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh like you aren't hit on every time you go somewhere." This time, he rolled his eyes. "I'm just saying, when was the last time you paid for food?"

He laughed again and pulled me closer. His warms lips lingered at my ear. His breath tickled on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Let's go get our room." He said in a seductive voice.

We headed up the elevator to the 3rd level. I opened the door to our room and flicked on the lights. The room was elegant. A king sized bed with a white down comforter and brown drapes at the headboard. Matching brown curtains cover one large window at the back of the room. In front of the bed was an antique dresser with a small flat screen TV sitting on it. A door to my left led to a small bathroom. I was awe struck by the simple beauty of the room.

Behind me I heard the door close, not a moment later Patch's strong arms wrapped around my waist as he trailed kisses up my neck, his kisses leaving hot shivers running down my spine. I twisted in his embrace, hooking my arms around his neck and quickly sealed our lips together. I dug my hands in his soft, charcoal hair, pulling him closer. Our lips moved in a smooth rhythm like a tango. I moved my hands down hastily unbuttoning his shirt, once unbuttoned my hands traveled up and down his chest, savoring the feeling of his very well sculpted chest. I then moved down, undoing his belt and pants as I did one of Patch's sly hands unzipped my dress in one perfect movement. Once my dress joined his pants on the floor, we moved to the bed. He laid me down gently on the bed before moving above me. I was eager to finish what we started, but Patch hesitated.

"Patch?" I say nervously. This wasn't our first time, so his hesitation scared me.

He frowns, then gets up; quickly putting on his pants. I perch myself up on my elbows.

"Patch? What's wrong?"

Someone's at the door. A friend of yours? He says through my mind. Sure enough a second later, a knock. Crap. I look down; I was in just my thong. Patch studies me up and down.

I like the look. He says with a sly grin on his face.

Yea, so will the guy at the front desk. I quickly get up and run to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I hear the door click and swing open.

"Hey lo-.. ohh you're not a girl." The guy from the front desk says. I couldn't help but imagine the guys face when he see Patch. His dark hair messily laying on his face; his intense charcoal eyes, not to mention shirtless and his pants hanging loosely at his waist.

Although I'd love to hear it, I didn't wait to hear the rest of the conversation. I slipped out of my thong and jumped in the shower. The tilted my head up and let the water warm me up. I felt goosebumps on my skin so I turned the water up and rubbed my arms.

I heard the slam of the door. A few seconds later I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. Patch was like a ninja; here one second, there the next.

"Patch…" He pulled me closer. I tilted my head towards him. "What'd he say?"

Let's just say he's not coming back after seeing me.