Hello everyone that reads this! So I recently re-watched the sci-fi show Alice and this glint of inspiration for this story was born. I am aware that I have yet to update for my other story but I will get to it...I hope (I always have this problem of having great ideas in the beginning but having them wane when I actually pursue them) Oh well, I'll just keep persevering! Anyway hope you enjoy-Disclaimer: I do not own any characters except my OC


Many people know the story of Alice in Wonderland, right? How a bored girl was teleported into a magical world only to find that she had been dreamt the whole thing. I always found the tale very entertaining, but that was all I thought it to be. Just a tale. A story that could only be imagined and found in nighttime books to read to children. That perspective changed for me. One moment. One choice. That was all it took for my whole world to be turned upside down. And I wouldn't have changed anything for the world.

It all began on that day….that seemingly ordinary day.

It was a cool summer afternoon, the sun shone brightly as I walked through the city streets towards the martial arts studio. I didn't take lessons, but with my good friend Alice teaching there, the place became a frequent place I visited. Of course, the significance of Alice's name didn't quite hit me until much later…but I'm getting ahead of myself.

As I reached the studio doors, I crashed into someone. That someone being Jack Chase, Alice's boyfriend of several months. The man in front of me looked concerned and quickly rushed forward to ensure that I had not gotten hurt. I graciously took his open hand and pulled myself up from the sidewalk, thanking him and inquiring that he was okay. From the couple months Alice and Jack have been dating, I could tell they were serious, from the way they looked at each other. I was glad Alice found someone, ever since her father vanished on her when she was only ten years old. That was one thing we had in common with each other: Alice's dad disappeared, while my mother left me and my dad when I was eight. I still thought about my mother and the many reasons why she left us and wondered sometimes whether I would ever find someone to love me as much as Jack loved Alice.

"Hello, Ellie. How are you? Alice is still upstairs. We just finished my private lesson," Jack greeted, a smile upon his face.

I realized I forgot to introduce myself. Silly me. I'm Elizabeth "Ellie" Grannel. Age: 23. Height: 5'3''. Lover of pie, animals, and nature in general. Pleasure to meet you!

"Hello there, Jack! I'm good. As I hope you are, since your leg kicks need work," I said with a smirk, "I'll just go right on up." I slid past Jack and started ascending the stairs.

"It's true you know," Jack answered, "my leg kicks do need work. Why do you think I take extra lessons?"

"Oh, I don't know…you're dating the instructor," I shouted over my shoulder, gradually distancing the two of us as I came closer to the grand studio filled with the musky scent of sweat, the place where Alice worked.

"Well, that too! I suppose!" Jack exclaimed, before I heard the sound of the door closing behind me. I could distinctly imagine him smirk as he said that. Oh, how the two were perfect for each other.

At the top of the stairs stood the dojo. Various mats of black were spread out on the floor as I approached. Many times I arrived towards the end of lessons, watching as different people grab and strategically cause their opponents to fall down on the mats. It was very interesting to watch, but not something I would engage in.

I walked further into the room and spotted yours truly on one side. Alice was crouched down zipping her gym bag closed, dressed in her casual wear consisting of a purple shirt, brown leather jacket, and red jeans. As silently as I could, I tried to sneak up on her….to no avail. Alice looked up and smiled at me.

"Hey Ellie!" she exclaimed, before throwing her arms around me in a great big hug. I returned it, as a friend should. When I was released, a playful pout was plastered on my face.

"Why did you turn around? I wanted to scare you," I questioned, folding my arms across my chest.

"I'm sorry, maybe next time you'll have more stealth," Alice playfully slapped my arm, chuckling a little afterwards.

"Anyway, I just saw Jack on my way in. You guys are still on for tonight right?" I teased, at the same time poking Alice everywhere.

"Yes! And will you stop poking me," Alice laughed, squirming away from me.

"Never…until you promise to tell me all the juicy details afterwards," I replied, a mischievous grin on my face.

"Fine. Now come on, I have to lock up. I have to buy food to help my mom prepare for tonight."

"Why didn't you say so? You have to hurry and get ready for Jack."

Alice didn't respond but I saw a slight blush grace her cheeks. Like I said, awww! They so liked each other.

Nothing exciting happened afterwards. I joined Alice on her 'adventure' of grocery shopping and we soon parted ways so she could ready herself for her date. I decided to take a walk around the city, enjoying the great outdoors. Though many disliked the lack of scenery besides the vast amount of buildings and the sound of cars honking, that's what I loved about the city. Though I did I occasionally found myself craving a change of atmospheres, I wouldn't be anywhere else. I basically lived here all my life and still there was so much to see. New restaurants popping up, the many people rushing by and the thought of one day meeting someone new. Oh, the excitement.

I continued walking like that until the sky grew dark. Streetlamps began shining and my curiosity of how Alice's date was going took the best of me. 'I shouldn't crash their romantic date. But…' And that's all the defense I had before I turned towards Alice's apartment, not knowing what would soon happen afterwards.

As I stood in front of Alice's door, I gave three short knocks before I heard footsteps approaching. As the door opened, before me stood Alice…but no Jack. I knew something was wrong. I walked in and after Alice shut the door, she began telling me and her mother (who was also there, she came back from a show a couple minutes before-yes Alice still lived with her mom, nothing wrong with that) about what happened. Everything was going great right up to the point Jack's phone beeped, signaling a message. Suddenly Jack was spewing things like how he wanted Alice to meet his parents (understandable) but at that very moment. Then he presented a very elegant and valuable-looking ring to give to Alice. I thought the whole thing was romantic but I understood Alice's wish of taking things more slowly. She didn't want to get hurt.

"So after weighing all the pros and cons….you kicked him out," Alice's mother questioned.

Alice sighed. "Mom, I don't need the lecture."

"Honey…even though daddy left, doesn't mean all men will."

"Exactly, I mean I see the way Jack looks at you. He's a keeper," I pitched in.

Alice didn't respond. She dug into her pocket and emerged was an antique looking box.

"The ring, he must have slipped it into my pocket. There's no way," Alice explained, before darting out of the door.

Alice's mom stood there, looking as her daughter disappeared through the door. She then turned towards me, sort of pleading.

"No need to say more, I'll make sure she doesn't do anything illegal." With that I followed Alice.

By the time I emerged from the building, I had no idea where Alice took off.


Alice! I ran towards the direction of the voice. I saw Alice but also a man with long white hair in two pigtails circling around her.

Who is that?

I tried to go as close as possible without either of them noticing I was there. I faintly heard the conversation going on between them.

"Jack took something that didn't belong to him….we need it back," said the strange man.

"What are you talking about?" Alice responded.

"The ring, Alice."

How did that man know Alice's name? What's going on?

I missed some of the conversation as many questions swarmed inside my brain. But as I focused back in I heard, "So you do have it," and saw the man try to attack Alice. I sprung up to try to help, but before I did, Alice used her martial arts and grabbed onto the man's collar, pushing him against the wall.

The man pushed Alice's arms off him, throwing the ring box from her hands. It landed a couple of meters away from them. The man completely pushed Alice off of him and grabbed the box before taking off down the alleyway.

Alice got up from the ground and followed him. Oh, not again. I immediately took off after the two. Several paces behind Alice, I could hear her occasional "Hey, stop!" She stopped one time before turning to the left and climbed up a flight of stairs. I also went up and continued following after her. I was lagging behind and was quickly losing sight of her. As she turned a corner, all I heard was a "Whoa, oh". I turned the corner and before I could stop myself, plunged straight towards a large looking glass placed against a wall on the ground in front of me.

I shut my eyes tightly, expecting to crash and feel the pain of many shards piercing my body. But it never happened. I opened my eyes and shrieked. It seemed as though I were plunging down, down a tunnel of brightly colored lights. I couldn't distinguish any of my surroundings. I could feel my heart beating sporadically in my chest.

What is going on?

That was all I could think of before I landed. It took awhile to get my senses back in order but when I did, I gasped. I looked around me. I pinched myself, but I was in no dream. I somehow landed on a patch of grass….in a middle of a run-down building with faulty lights….which was flooded with water.

So that is all so far. I'm trying to stay within the series but also adding my own bits and pieces here and there. But no I don't own Alice (but I wish I did)-all ownership goes to Nick Willing and everyone else associated with the production of the series. I hope you liked it. If you have time please review and tell what you think. Either way thank you for reading! Until next time…