What's great is that we have the afternoon free as there was the presentation of the new director. And I decided to take the air, take the air at a particular place, a place where I'll find someone, find her. I arrived in the small way that only very few people, namely me, she and some other people knowing, borrow. I know I feel it, I recognize the smell in a snap. Well, it's easy you say, with an instinct like mine and power, it is even a breeze. I sit and I wait, I know she does the same thing, it is so predictable for me.

- Get out of your hiding place, I know very well that you're up there.

I mean jumping from a high tree behind me, its not snapping the leaves on the ground.

- You always catch me, Tommy Flynn. How do you easily whether the game I play. You know I hate it, I hate that we can read me like you do! she said and gave me a friendly blow on the shoulder.

- You're too predictable, I replied by giving her a shot. I know you well.

We laugh both fine. It remains friends for a very long time, a year since she arrived, it was not much, but yet it is understood as if it had been years. We talk a lot. Despite his strong personality she is always talking about what's wrong.

- So ready to start your second year here?

- Is this really a question?!

- HaHa, do not tell me that it is that bad! Well I'll give you, people are not always great and the tension between us, you, werewolves and witches, all this is not great. But hey it's still fun!

- You're a regular you eh ...

- Absolutely!

-Not ME! I'm quibbling because I dry half of my classes!She said angry.

-Well, you still have not realized that you had to go! Laughed I heartily.

-HaHa! Very funny you know I do not like this school and the people in it!

-Here, You upset me a lot! I said in a tone of theatrical.

-Ok! You know I appreciate YOU as a friend! She reply a bit lazy.

-I think you woke up ill! I said in a tone that sometimes more theatrical.

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