At first all Shion can see is blood. So much blood. It's all around Nezumi. He sees Nezumi, lying there in the blood. His emotions are rushing through his mind all at once. Fear. Anger. Sadness. They threaten to overpower him. He yells Nezumi's name, hoping that he isn't already too late. He runs to Nezumi. He knows that he should slow down, think rationally, but he can't. He kneels down and pulls Nezumi onto his lap. He knows he shouldn't, that doing so might hurt him more, but he his emotions are overpowering his logic. He can't think. He can't see. All he sees is red.

Nezumi is crying. Partly because of the pain, but he's faced worse. He's crying because now Shion is here, holding him. He is happy that he gets to see Shion one more time. But he knows that he is about to leave Shion alone again, something he promised he would never do. And he hates himself for it. He can see the pain in Shion's eyes and cries because he knows it's all his fault.

He starts to apologize to Shion, starts to say he's sorry, but Shion gently shushes him. Shion has to put on a brave face for Nezumi. He has to show him that he will live. He has to. So Shion doesn't let him apologize. Shion doesn't let him apologize for leaving because he knows he won't leave. He shushes Nezumi, and tells him that the wounds aren't that serious. That Nezumi is going to be fine. But they both know that Shion is saying this to himself more than to Nezumi.

They both know it's a lie.

Shion knows it's hopeless if he doesn't find help. He knows that he has less than five minutes to find a doctor. Less than five minutes to save Nezumi's life. If he leaves now and moves quickly, he could make it. If he leaves now, he could get back in time. He could save Nezumi. He tells Nezumi to hold on, that he is going to go get a doctor. Shion tells him that there is still time, that he will find someone to save him. Shion tells him to stay there, and not to move. He says he's going to be right back. He's going to be back in time to save Nezumi.

Nezumi knows that's not true. He knows that there is no time. His time is up. He's only managed to stay alive until now because he wanted to see Shion. That wish was granted. Now he wants Shion to stay with him. There's no time. If Shion leaves now, he won't ever see him again. So he stops him. He puts a hand on Shion's face, smearing his blood on Shion's cheek.

Talking is difficult. He is weak from pain and blood loss. But he manages to speak. To tell Shion not to go.

Shion is trying not to cry now. He knows that Nezumi wants to live, wants to survive. The only reason he would stop Shion from getting a doctor is if he knows he is too late. Shion doesn't want to lose Nezumi. He's lost him before, and doesn't want to go through that again. Because this time will be different. There is no promise of reunion. He can't leave his bedroom window open in the hope that one day Nezumi will come through. Shion doesn't want to lose him. He can't. He tells Nezumi. He says that he can't lose him, that he can't imagine life without him.

Nezumi looks at him. He seems almost peaceful now. There are no traces of the pain from just moments before. It is a struggle to keep his hand on Shion's face. He wants to tell Shion something, something he's known for a long time. Something he never had the courage to say. He wants to say it now, before he loses the chance forever. He can barely speak now. He can barely be heard. And for the first time, he says the words to Shion.

"I love you."

Shion can't hold back the tears any longer. He knows this, he always knew. He tells Nezumi. He is somehow able to form words through his crying. He tells Nezumi that he loves him, too, and that Nezumi never needed to say because he's always known. Nezumi doesn't need to respond. Shion already knows what his response would be.

Nezumi wishes that he had the strength left to give Shion a proper farewell, but he can feel his life rapidly draining away.

"You're…" His hand slips off of Shion's face, slowly falling to his side, leaving behind the smears of his blood on Shion's cheek. "going to be…" His eyes are closing. He can feel all of the muscles in his body start to relax. "fine…"

Nezumi's body goes limp in Shion's arms. "No," he whispers. Then he turns his face to the sky and screams, the sound of his voice ringing through the night.