Well here's my Destiny story I've been trying to get this uploaded but never had it perfect till now enjoy. The character I think fit these people best and other things I mention in this story are on my profile if you want to see what they look like. - Annie

When I was 5 I told my mom and dad that they were the color of pink and that I could see grandma, who died 3 years ago I had never seen her before. I was sent to a mental hospital and I knew I had to keep this a secret from everyone till something happened 10 years later.

I was at this wild party when I saw a guy who I didn't know so I went over to him. Even though I was a little drunk, but it seem harmless to go and talk to him.

"Hey I've never seen you around her before. Oh by the way my names Elena what's yours", I said.

"Mine is Drake and I just moved here. I'm a big party person who throws these anyway", Drake said.

"Some friends of mine. They always throw one party a year but it's really like 5 but only certain people come to the other 4", I said.

"Really so is this the big group or special people", Drake said.

"Big group but trust me you'll be here a lot more", I said.

"Ok how drunk are you", Drake said as if he already knew I was starting to get really dizzy and I almost fell down when lucky Drake got me mid air.

"Ok let's have you sit down and have some water before you puke ok", Drake said. I was so embarrassed I just nodded my head and went to the barn, it wasn't far from the party, but out of earshot.

When Drake got me to sit down he saw something hit him upside the head and he was out cold. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital next to Drake who was still passed out, no one could tell me why I was in the hospital but my colors that I saw since I was 5 had gotten much worse, when the nurse came in.

"Welcome back Elena. I'm your nurse Julia, how do you feel", Julia said.

"Fine, but what happen? Why am I here", I asked till I saw Drake right next to me.

"Is he going to be ok", I asked nervously.

"Yes he is. He just has a big bump on his head he will be fine", Julia said when I see my Mom, Dad, and little sister Avery. I didn't say anything but they all looked the same color, light blue. I didn't even know what that meant yet, but I could figure out that they missed me because they all were hovering over me.

"Why are you guys hovering over me all I did was go to a party with some friend. I'm fine ok no more hugging", I said trying to breathe.

"We're sorry we were just soo scared because they had to call 911 and we didn't know what happen. Do you remember anything from that night", my mom said. I was thinking wow, I just woke up and she's asking me things I don't know the answer to anyway.

"No I don't remember anything from that night beside Drake, who was being really nice and giving me a water bottle, then everything went black . Ok I don't remember anything else then that", I said as I see my best friend Annie walk through the door.

"You'll still able to do cheerleading try-outs with me right?", Annie asked.

"Yes she'll be able to go home today just don't hit your head ok", Julia said.

"Ok and how long are you going to keep Drake?", I asked.

"He'll be good to go in a day. He should be waking up now, do you want to go see him?", Julia asked.

"Ya thanks bye mom, dad, Avery", I said as they left and I got up to see him. As I went over to him all thought was he might have saved me.

"Just wake up for me please Drake, please", I whispered in his ear and I could see his eyes starting to open.

"Hey, your Elena right? You ok,", Drake said as he touched the scar on my cheek as I leaned into his hand.

"Ya all right what about you."