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Ding dong

I rang KP's doorbell hooping she would answer and we could just head off to the fair, but when have I ever had and form of luck? Well I guess you could say Kim kissing me today in the hall today was lucky, and well knowing and being best friends with her was luck in itself . But in this moment my luck was far from good.

Mr. And mrs. Dr. Possible opened the door and mrs. Dr. P excused herself to get Kim.

This isn't good, I thought, I know how mr. Dr. P. handles Kim's boyfriends. I'm Kim's boyfriend. No I'm her best friend / date for the fair. But she did kiss me today. My first kiss. Okay so not my first but the first one I care about.

Mr. Dr. P went on about how he'll find a black hole with my name on it if I even think about hurting his "Kimmy-cub", but I was trying to figure out if KP and I dating was a good idea. If we broke up then that could mess up our whole friendship. Do I even feel that way about her? I mean I never thought any of the guys she dated were good enough for her. But is that because she's my best friend or is it more then that?

"I felt like dressing up. I hope that's okay..." I looked up at the sound of Kim's voice. She was wearing a short black dress and red high heels. She also had red bracelets on each wrist and red earrings. She looks amazing. I felt Mr. Dr. P. closing my mouth and I did the same to Rufus

"Come on Ron we should be getting to the fair" she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out the door. She seemed slightly different from earlier but her moods have been a little off today.

- Kim's POV-
Ron Stoppable. Kim Possible. Kim Stoppable. I was getting read for my first date with the most amazing guy in the world. Awkward, clumsy, blond, hazel eyes, Ron Stoppable. I was brushing my hair when I notice something on the back of my neck. I detach it and instantly begin to feel dizzy. The device was small and circular and on the tiny screen there was a pink smiley face with hearts around it.

"Wade I need you to analyze this device and tell me what it does." I said to my super genius friend.

"Got it!" That was quick "It's called a 'moodulator'. It effects the emotions of whoever is wearing it."

"So a pink face with hearts around it?"

"In love. Where'd you get it anyway?"

"Off the back of my neck..." I said this quietly thinking of how I'd been all over Ron today.

"We'll then there's something you should know about it. The 'in love' setting only causes a person to act on feelings they actually have for someone." I gasps and wade realized what he had just said "You actually have feelings for Ron!"

"No that can't be! Can it? I don't have feelings for - " then on que the doorbell rang and I wasn't ready! I could hear my mom starting to come up. The first flight of stairs "Gotta go Wade. Ron's here and I'm not ready for our date!"

"Alright Kim but you can't tell me that when you two kissed it didn't feel right... Have fun on your date" he continued when I didn't answer then clicked off. I began rushing around my room putting on my black dress and red strappy heals. When my mom came in I was attempting to put on my make up and jewelry simultaneously.

"Ronald's here Kimmy" she came over and began helping me with my earrings while I finished up my mascara. "You know I'm happy you and Ron are finally going out. It seems like just yesterday you two were in preschool."

"What do you mean finally?"

"We'll honny I could see that you care for Ron. You and him remind me of your father and I. You look at him the way I've always looked at your father." No I didn't, did I?

"I should probably go save Ron from the Boyfriend talk." The boyfriend talk. I wonder what Ron thought of all this. Well he didn't seem too upset about our kiss in the hall earlier, and he did say yes to going to the fair.

"Like I said Ronald, your a great kid and I think you and my Kimmy-cub are a perfect pair but if you hurt her, just remember: black hole."

I could see that Ron wasn't even listening to my father. I fact I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was thinking of the fair and our date.

"I felt like dressing up. " Ron heard my voice and when he looked up his jaw dropped, so did Rufus'. "I hope that's okay..." My father smiled and closed Ron's mouth who did the same for Rufus.

"Come on Ron we should be getting to the fair. " I grabbed his wrist like I always did. Why hadn't I had grabbed his hand instead! We hopped on Ron's scooter and we were off to the fair.