That night, Chris sat in the bar and ordered his usual drink. An unusually strong beer. The waitress , young and the same as always would always attempt to start a conversation with him, but he'd turn her down and just ask to be left alone. He simply sat in that bar, every night because he had sight of what his purpose was. Wesker was dead, the main threat of bioterrorism was abolished, so what was his point?

Did Bioterrorism still loom over the world like a shadow, or was it all in his head? Chris was tired of it all, honestly, his life was going nowhere. He was stuck in the position of running the B.S.A.A, which was something that he didn't really look forward to doing.

His phone rang, causing him to break from his train of thought.
"Hello," He said, answering his phone. "Who is it?"
"Claire." It was his sister, her voice sounded desperate. "We need you, at the B.S.A.A building, there's been a security breach and a breakin."

That was something different.
"What?" Chris placed his drink down. ""
"Come on and find out, and...I think you'll be surprised. The hacker is gone, but they left us a little surprise."

Chris hurried into the main B.S.A.A building and saw the place in turmoil. Interns were running around with papers flying out of their hands while B.S.A.A soldiers were scanning the area for anything strange.

It was Claire who met Chris before he went any further. "We got an image of the woman who breached our security system, but she didn't take anything valuable." Claire said as she led her brother down the hall and into his office. "She goes by the name of...Ada Wong, a top spy official of Umbrella."

The two siblings cast concerned looks at one another as Claire finished her sentence. "But, I don't believe Umbrella is going to respawn."

"Claire," Chris rubbed the bridge of his nose. "If one of their top spies paid us a visit, doesn't that say something? What makes you think they're not going to recreate themselves?"

"Because of this, follow me." Claire was very quick with her steps. She hurried down another series of hallways and down into the basement of the B.S.A.A where they kept prisoners and experiments. For a while, Claire and Piers were married, he was kept down in the testing chambers and experimented on. Jill also had her fair share as well as many other people, one of them being an escaped but infected Ashley Graham.

"What is it you need to show me?" Chris was sounding very urgent, something that tended to annoy Claire.
"We're almost there." The two passed by numerous cells with bullet proof and shatter proof glass windows. Chris was used to seeing troubled experiments within those cells, but they were all either killed or purged.

"Here." Claire reached a cell that read "13". This was one of the few cells that had shades covering the large glass window. Outside the cell door, there was a key pad. Claire swiftly tapped the passcode in and the door flung open. She entered first and dragged her older brother along with her. When the door shut behind them, Chris nearly felt his heart drop when he saw the inmate sitting before them, and looking as confused as ever.

"Wesker!" He said with hate that he thought he'd lost all those years ago. The man, looked at Chris with large blue eyes.
"I beg your pardon." He said, his English accent still stronger than ever. "You haven't been the first one to call me by that name."

"What?" Chris tried to mask his anger.
"Yes, the lovely lady next to you refered to my by that name when I arrived here, though I'm not really I arrived here." He smiled at Chris. "My name is Albert, not Wesker."

"Cut the bullshit!" Chris, filled with rage quickly advanced towards Albert who seemed a bit frightened.
"Chris!" Claire yelled angrily. "Stop, he doesn't remember anything, he was like this when he woke up."
"Yeah, whatever!" Chris grabbed Albert by the scruff of his collar. "Who the hell brought you?"

Albert at the moment seemed too frightened to answer. Causing Chris to let go of him. "You're nothing but a liar, a terrorist, this is probably all apart of your scheme Wesker." Chris glared daggers at him.

"If you believe Wesker is my last name, then it's not," Albert was sitting on the ground. "My name is Albert Sullivan." Claire heard the honesty in his voice and walked towards him.

"Do you remember who brought you, Mr. Sullivan?" She was being as polite as possible.
"No...I remember..." He paused and rubbed his head. "I'm confused, why does this man dislike me?" Both Claire and Albert looked over toward Chris, who continued to glare at them.

"You're a terrorist," Chris said as he walked towards Wesker. "You're not human, you are a lair_" "Have I done something to personally hurt you?" Albert said, cutting an already pissed Chris off. "If so I apologize, but I have no idea what you're_"

With a swing of his fist, Chris had hit Wesker so hard that he made the man's nose bleed. Albert attempted to cover his nose with his hands but Chris only punched him again, and again ignoring Claire's shouts, and until he was down on the floor. "Are you not going to fight back!?" Chris asked, looking at the man before him, who presently groaned in pain.
"Fight...I don't..." Wesker couldn't talk straight, as he was bleeding out of his mouth.
"Fine, if you don't want to give the B.S.A.A information, we'll torture it out of you." Chris looked furious. "Starting tomorrow, you'll go under painful test and interrogation until you give us every bit of information we need."
"But...I don't remember anything!" Albert protested.
"That's your mistake Wesker."

With that, Chris made way to leave before Albert called out to him.
"What?" Chris asked, turning around in the doorframe.
"Do you hate me?" Albert asked in hurt and confusion.
"Yes, and you can't imagine how much." Chris replied, thinking of everybody he'd lost to Umbrella.
"With all your heart?" Wesker asked again.
"With all my heart." And with, Chris left the basement, leaving Claire and Wesker alone.

"That didn't go well_" "Before Claire could continue, Wesker had burst into tears and began to cry. Claire felt her heart sink when she saw his bloodied and teary face.
"Don't cry!" She said. "It'll be fine."

And God, she hoped so.

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