Author's Note: I was really happy with all the positive reviews I got, so thank you for those of you who like the story. I'll add that they are a bit OOC, mainly because they've all been thrown in a strange situation. There's Claire, sweet and kind hearted that believes in second chances,while there is Chris, a person who lets the events of the past get to him. Now, for you angry birds out there, this is a slowly progressing, mostly short chapter story.

As Chris made his way downstairs into Albert's quarantined cell, he paused when he saw the nearly dead looking man sitting strapped in the chair. His clothes, white hospital scrubs, were bathed in his own blood while his skin had visible cuts and open bruises. For a while, Chris felt his heart flood with guilt and he wondered if he was doing the right thing.

"Wesker?" He asked, his voice was barely hushed.
The man slowly lifted his sagging head and stared into the eyes of the B.S.A.A. captain.
"Yes." He replied so dryly and so emotionless that Chris believed he had retrieved his senses. But his eyes were still the same dark shade of blue, leaving Chris rather angry inside.

"You still refuse to give the B.S.A.A. any answers? Not even the whereabouts of Umbrella?" Chris asked, he stood directly in front of Wesker. "Tell me something."

"All I can remember from my past is a young girl whose name was Ada Wong," He stopped suddenly and managed a painful cough. Chris could tell he was in pain but chose not to address it.
"Continue." He said.
"I remember sirens." Albert said. "Loud sirens."
"Police Sirens?"
"Not quite...after I heard the sirens, from what I can remember, the ground would shake, things would fall from the sky and_" "Now you're playing with me." Chris had no more sympathy left. "Do you think this is a game? Do you think you can fool me with your tricks?"

"I, am, telling you Mr. Redfield, what I know." Albert made that clear.
"You think I'd believe a word you'd ever say? After all you've done?" Chris asked.
"You, are the judge of that Chris." Albert retorted. "It seems to me, like you've held on to every ounce of hate you felt for this man, Albert Wesker. If truly, I am that man, I only hope my suffering satisfies you."

Chris, who wasn't sure whether to feel insulted or not, made his way out of the cell. Games had gotten in his way to much and in turn, had ruined his life. No matter what the circumstance, he wasn't going to let his heart get in the way.

On Claire's quick coffee break, she stumbled upon a book store and had wound up in the science section. A book, over a subject that would've aroused Albert Wesker in the past, caught her eye.
"Book of Advanced Biology and Organic Chemistry (Biochemistry)." She read aloud.
"I see someone has an interest in Biochemistry?" A woman next to her said. She turned around and saw a female wearing a red sundress, and black flats. Her hair was black and she was of asian descent. Claire thought she knew her from somewhere but brushed the thought to the side.

"For one of my friends actually." She said. "He loves stuff like this."
"Is that so?" The woman asked, crossing her arms. "Mind telling me a bit more about him?"

The woman let off a strange vibe, and Claire could've sworn she knew her from somewhere. Black hair, jade eyes? There was only one person, but that woman...she hadn't seen her in many years. Claire thought she'd vanished after Leon's recent engagement.

"Nevermind, if you can't tell me I can understand." The woman waved and walked off, Claire watched as she left the bookstore without saying a word.

Jill, after seeing the footage of the man tied up in the chair, began to quickly change her view on hatred. It was true, she had hated the man who made her into a monster, the man who was a monster. But the man in the video, in the footage, she had trouble distinguishing whether he was truly a man who yearned for forgiveness or just a man who lied, and who was a monster.

Nevertheless, after seeing her partner, she feared that if she held onto emotions of her past, then that same hatred would eventually consume her.

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