Two thirty am in time square was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Epecially on nights when it rained and there was no one lurking about except the predators that usually stalked prey in the night. It was cool, but the slight chill in the air did not deter them from their mutual goals. After all, observing humans was the one and only source of learning that they had up until late last year.

But that didn't stop them from observing whenever they could.

Tonight was no different. They each hid themselves in the inky darkness in pairs of two, just shy of the lights- and watched the few humans walking about. There were several pairs with umberellas running for the nearest cover.

There were one or two walking alone, and they couldn't help but notice the differences between some as opposed to the others. They knew that males were usually bigger in build and their frames carried more muscle, and were generally more aggessive by nature. But they weren't sure what to think of the smaller, more slender bodied ones.

They simply weren't built for combat, or- well, much of anything really. They simply appeared to be too fragile.

And it confused them as to why the males would stick so close to them and treat them like delicate treasures. Of course most of the people they fought with at night didn't do this. They targeted the smaller and more fragile 'fellows' and generally wound up hurting them before they could save them.

But that was niether here nor there tonight. Tonight they had taken turns picking humans to observe and the last pick of the night was one of the smaller framed, slender bodied humans.

One that stood at about five foot six with soft tan colored skin and mid back length dark curls that framed an delicate, pixie-like face. The human's eyes were tilted at the tips, giving an exotic look. And the color was a lovely almost glowing teal color fringed by dark lashes. The human was wearing a vivid turqouise colored jacket over a black shirt and jeans.

And he was walking alone. Something that while wasn't rare to see- usally meant that they would have one last job to do before they went home. But for now, they were just content to watch the fellow. He had been active up until a five or so minutes ago. Now he simply stood in the rain, his umbrella slipping from numb fingertips and falling somewhere behind him as he stared blankly ahead into the darkness where they were each hidden.

Almost like he saw them. But that was impossible considering their years of Ninjutsu training.

Still, they would be lying if they said that his stillness didn't unerved them a bit. It wasn't until the fellow just up and collapsed that they all felt concerned for his well being enough to edge their way out of their hiding places and quickly make their way to the fellow's side and check on him. After all it wasn't like they could help him if he had just dropped dead of a heart attack or something.

Something that while rarely happened around them- but did still happen from time to time.

Luckily for them the fellow had fallen partially into the darkness so it was easy for them to grasp pieces of the fellow's clothing and drag him into the darkness where they let their third brother check his pulse and a few other things before he glanced up at the eldest of them with a worried look on his face.

He had no idea what had caused the fellow to collapse. And without knowing why, they couldn't help him.

The eldest of them glances at the others, looking for them to object to taking the fellow to their home but none of them seemed to care. Sighing because he thought their master/father wasn't going to be happy about having a guest but in this instance they had no choice. Nodding his head, he watched as the second eldest scooped the fellow up and frowned as he noted that his brother dwarfed him in size.

The fellow was so small compared to them that it was shocking really. It was almost as if his brother was holding a child in his arms. Which made him wonder about several things as they quickly made their way to the nearest sewer and disappeared.